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Shortly after releasing the Twingo RS Red Bull Racing RB7 and the Clio RS Red Bull Racing RB7 , Renault is continuing to expand its Red Bull Racing Edition line-up with a new special edition, this time based on the Megane RS . Sales for the Renault Megane RS Red Bull Racing Edition will be available in 24 countries across Europe and will begin in late Summer 2012.

The special racing edition of the Renault Megane is painted in a very cool Etoile Black exterior color combined with the contrasting use of Renault’s Sport’s emblematic Sirius Yellow for the F1-style front blade, door mirror housings, and diffuser. There is also a black checkered flag pattern decal on the roof and a Red Bull Racing logo on the sides.

For the interior, Renault is offering Recaro bucket seats, a specific gear lever knob, and a numbered plaque. The special edition will also come with a Cup chassis, a limited slip differential, and red brake calipers as standard, as well as an R.S. Monitor that takes its inspiration from the on-board telemetry systems seen in motor racing. This system allows purists to adjust the parameters of the driver aids and benefit from the display of data on the dashboard.

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With reports recently surfacing suggesting that Renault may inject new life into the famous Alpine brand, despite our skepticism of it actually happening, a new video showcasing the newly-launched Alpine A110-50 Concept has been released. This video shows the vehicle following in the footsteps of its legendary predecessor, the original Alpine A110 Berlinette .

Before you discount this video, keep in mind that it’s not just simply a short video uploaded to YouTube where both cars were spotted together on the street. It is actually an all-out production conducted by Renault to help promote support for the rebirth of the Alpine brand by demonstrating just how far the French company has come since the Berlinette’s inception back in the ‘60’s.

Even though we have great difficulty in believing that these two Alpine’s were really driving along these mountain roads as the video suggests, it’s a great sight to see with two completely different sports cars, developed and constructed by the same company both of whom were and are extremely futuristic in their respective designs.

Additionally, it’s nice to see that Renault actually created a concept which can be driven, rather than one which will remain stationary for its entire life, only ever shifting position whilst being transported around the world to different automotive shows.

The Renault Fluence was only unveiled back in September 2009, but its youthful history isn’t safe from any early modifications. The French company is already working on a facelift version for the compact sedan, mainly due to the fact that Renault has changed its family identity and most of their models in the process.

As you can see from these spy shots, only the Fluence’s front end has been disguised in its entirety, meaning that that is where we will find the biggest changes. The car’s new front end will get the big Renault symbol in the grille as well as a re-designed front bumper. The headlights will also be redesigned and will be integrated with LED-day-driving lights.

Since the rear end of the vehicle is not entirely camouflaged, we only expect to see small changes. The rear bumper looks as tough it is unchanged, but the fact that the rear lights are camouflaged could mean that they will get some changes in the graphics.

The facelift Renault Fluence will be unveiled by the end of 2012.

UPDATE 09/26/12: If you’re still wondering what’s hiding under that camouflage of what’s supposed to be the new Renault Fluence, wonder no more. Autocosmos.com released a promo video of the new Fluence in all its glory, no less. Check it out by clicking on the photo above!

French automaker Renault has been hard at work redesigning its flagship compact car, the Clio . We actually caught a few pictures of its high-performance variant, the Clio RS, testing with full camo last month . Then, Renault or Ireland mistakenly posted an image of this upcoming vehicle on its website and we were able to get a good look at the future model ahead of schedule.

Renault, of course, did not confirm nor deny that the leaked image was actually of the freshly redesigned Clio, but it is fairly obvious now that they have released official details on this upcoming new hatchback.

Unfortunately, as it has been for the last 23 years, this and all Renault vehicles will not be available in the U.S. The only hope we have of seeing a Renault-built car is the possibility that the upcoming revival of the Alpine brand may make its way to the U.S.

So how does this compact hatchback’s redesign stack up?

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Renault Alpine A110-50 Concept

We love gossip just about as much as a 16-year-old schoolgirl, but our gossip is about [ahem] manly stuff; you know? Things like the rumor out of France that Renault will in fact re-launch the Alpine brand that it shuttered up a little less than two decades ago. You read that right, the Alpine sports car brand is returning… if the rumors are true.

According to comments made by Renault chief of design, Laurens van den Acker, the French automaker is trying to develop a car that is more similar to the A110Berlinette from the `60s and `70s and that it is trying to do with Alpine what BMW has done with MINI . Now, before you go getting all excited about seeing a production model of the A110 concept, you can scratch that, as Renault wanting a design similar to the `60s and `70s Alpine A110 nixes that possibility.

To add some validity to the reports, Jean-Pascal Dauce, Renault’s motorsports department head, was reported saying that they anticipate producing 5,000 to 10,000 Alpines per year. Rumors also point to this limited lineup of sports cars running between €35,000 and €40,000 ($44,000 to $50,000), which makes them relatively attainable.

The final tidbit of info leaked is that Renault is anticipating its release to occur sometime in 2015. Unfortunately, there is no information on whether the new Alpine lineup will be available in the U.S. or not. We are certainly hoping that it does, given what we have seen from the A110 concept.

We’ll keep you posted on anything else that comes across the rumormill.

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When one thinks of a drift car, an electric-powered urban transport vehicle definitely doesn’t fit the bill. In an ideal world, one would want a rear-wheel drive car powered by a front-mounted engine producing as little as 200HP like the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ . That being said, the Renault Twizy does have at least one of those aspects with it being rear-wheel drive.

It’s almost hard to believe just how little power the Twizy has when one really thinks about it. Any car below 200 or even 150HP is often viewed as underpowered in today’s modern world of automobiles, but the Twizy only pumps out 17 horsepower from its tiny electric motor which also produces 70Nm of torque which can help propel it to 75 km/h.

However, Autocar set out to find out if the tiny 1+1 vehicle could drift when thrown around a drifting circle covered in water, and what would you know, the car turned out to be quite the drift machine.

However, due to the fact that the Twizy is almost laughably underpowered, it genuinely seems like the Twizy is drifting in slow motion and the presenter goes onto reveal that under these conditions, its battery would only last 10 minutes.

Now we’re sure no one out there is going to purchase a Twizy for its drifting capabilities, but it’s definitely interesting to know that almost any car out there can drift.

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Renault Alpine A110-50 Concept

The Goodwood Festival of Speed is the ultimate expression of speed, power, and noise when sports cars, supercars, hypercars, luxury cars, and hot hatches tackle the legendary 1.16-mile hill climb. Additionally, the Festival of Speed also gathers a huge collection of current racing cars and their drivers and past racing cars and their drivers together.

Despite Renault’s recently launched Alpine A110-50 concept being one-of-one, Renault recently announced that it’ll be tackling the legendary hill climb in the car.

This announcement comes in line with Renault’s recent announcement that it’s planning a ‘big surprise’ for the Festival, but we can confirm that that big surprise is not in fact that the Alpine will be competing.

Nevertheless, the French brand also confirmed that an extensive list of other racers will compete at the hill climb, including the R5 Maxi Turbo, Megane trophy racer, Alpine A443 and two of the brand’s most historic Formula One cars, being the RE40 and RS01.

We can confirm that Renault obviously won’t be attempting to break the current hill climb record as the A110-50 ‘only’ pumps out 400 horsepower whereas other racers competing will produce in excess of double that.

Either way, it’s certainly going to be a very special sight to see and will hopefully be the first of many racing events the Alpine A110-50 Concept will take place in the coming months.

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Most people may not remember the Captur Concept Renault unveiled at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show - we didn’t either - but AutoExpress refreshed everyone’s memory by reporting that this concept was actually a preview for a new Mega Mega ne SUV that will be added to the French company’s line-up starting 2015. The Renault Megane SUV will serve as a competitor for models like the Peugeot 3008 and the Nissan Qashqai .

The new Megane SUV will be built thanks to the recent collaboration between Renault and Nissan. It will share most of its design components with Nissan . The SUV will combine design elements from the DeZir concept car, the ZOE electric hatchback, and the recently unveiled Alpine concept car.

Under the hood, Renault will place both petrol and diesel engines, including a 113bhp 1.2-liter turbo and a Nissan 1.6-liter turbodiesel combined with both six-speed manual and dual-clutch auto transmissions. The model will only be offered with a front-wheel drive system.

Prices for the Renault Megane SUV will start from about $25,000.

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Earlier in 2012, Renault unveiled the Clio R.S. Red Bull Racing RB7 Edition in order to celebrate the 2011 Formula 1 Constructors’ world title. Now the company is continuing the party with a new Twingo RS Red Bull Racing RB7 and an announcement for the production of a Megane R.S. This special Twingo will only be offered in 10 countries in Europe and will go on sale in June 2012.

Just like the previous Clio R.S, the new Twingo will be distinguished by design cues from Renault Sport including a forceful front-end styling and a large, vertically-mounted logo set to a black background. The front bumper gets a Formula 1-style blade, while at the rear there will be bigger wheel arches, lip spoiler, and diffuser. The model is painted in a very cool Pearlescent Black combined with Sirius Yellow on the F1-style blade, door mirror housings and lip spoiler.

The interior gets yellow stitching for the steering wheel, seats, and dash cowling, plus gloss black inserts for the dashboard and audio console.

Renault Clio

The 2013 Renault Clio went out testing just the other day, but it seems the French company wasn’t very happy about the results as they took it out again for another round of testing. As you can see, the car has been rid of some of its camouflage here and there and that nasty engine bump we’ve seen in the previous prototype is also missing.

The 2013 Renault Clio will benefit from a new exterior design that includes new headlamps, a redesigned front bumper, and a new rear. The interior will also receive some important changes, including the addition of higher quality materials, new safety features, and, of course, some of the latest technologies.

As for the engine line-up, customers will get a choice of 1.2 and 1.4 turbocharged tCe four-cylinder engines along with a new 900 cc three cylinder engine producing 85 HP. Diesel fans will enjoy a 1.5 dCi i4 which produces between 75 to 105 HP, plus a new 1.2 L turbocharged three-cylinder engine delivering 80 and 98 HP.

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