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Non-polluting driving is this year the principal topic at the Geneva Motor Show. In cooperation with Rinspeed, Saab Saab will be showing with the "9-5 BioPower Rinspeed" how vision and reality can harmonize. The model is equipped with a Bioethanol-engine and demonstrates that already today is possible to reduced CO2 without giving up the pleasure of driving. The latest climate report a clear change: humans by their collective behavior are primary contributors to global warming. The (...)

Is it just a clever 3-D projection or maybe a mirage of a four-wheel art object? Or is it actually a real car sitting there? Some visitors to this year’s Geneva Auto Show (March 8th thru 18th) will ask themselves just these questions when faced with the new fully transparent Rinspeed creation “eXasis.” The insect-like body and even the floor pan of the seemingly “glass” concept car from the renowned Swiss powerhouse for new designs and ideas actually consist of a transparent high-tech plastic with a tinge of pale yellow.

Carrera 4 or Carrera 4S, Coupe or Convertible: Rinspeed is offering its aerodynamic package Indy for immediate deliveries. The original front skirt is replaced by a complete Rinspeed front skirt which enhnaces the aerodynamic down force. Side skirts let the 997 appear lower and more dynamic.

The Swiss Porsche tuner Rinspeed transforms the Porsche Cayman also optically in an more bitingly reptile. The effect-orange color paint exclusively mixed by the German paint manufacturer Lesonal lets the ducked reptile appear to be even more aggressive and dynamic.

The cross-channel trip that took place on July 26th, 2006 from the British port of Dover to the French town of Sangatte was certainly an adventure. It was also the fastest ever crossing of the world’s busiest waterway by hydrofoil car. In the time of 193 min 47 sec, pilot Frank M. Rinderknecht, boss of the Swiss design company Rinspeed set a new world record. “It was like a giant slalom on an alpine mogul piste. The only difference was that it was not flexible poles we had to get round but (...)

In what has become a fond tradition Rinspeed Design, the Swiss creative powerhouse for automotive concepts and emotions, presents yet another surprising and astounding attraction at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. To celebrate their 10th concept vehicle the Rinspeed crew has created the Rinspeed "Splash”.

“The Chopster is a luxury-class life-style SUV that was designed specifically for automobile enthusiasts who appreciate a sporty and highly extroverted appearance in the SUV segment,” say Rinspeed chairman Frank M. Rinderknecht and EDAG board spokesman Matthias Topp about their joint project. Given that goal the designers of both companies came up with a vehicle whose ambitious exterior immediately commands respect.

February 28, 2006, will mark the world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show of the Rinspeed concept car, "zaZen", created by the famous Swiss designer, Frank M. Rinderknecht. It represents his vision of the car of the future and will be showcased as a kind of "automotive enlightenment" on four wheels. The vehicle was produced in cooperation with Bayer MaterialScience, one of the world’s largest plastics producers. It also embraces a technical revolution in car manufacture, with the transparent backlite being turned into a luminous holographic area. As if from nowhere, the third brake light shines out of what looks like a floating transparent hardtop.

Rinspeed, renowned for extraordinary conversions and avant-garde prototypes, gives a glimpse of their latest creation: Inspired by the mostly American cult to lower the roof line on even the most unlikely vehicles, the "Rinspeed Chopster" is based on the platform of a Porsche Cayenne.

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