Rinspeed X-treme

Rinspeed unveiled the X-treme, a model based on the Porsche Cayenne 957. It has a maximum power of 600 hp and hit a top speed of 300 km/h.

The complete new frontskirt/bumper impresses by its aggressive and distinctive visual appearance. Bigger air-intakes with fins as well as a front splitter with its own brake aeration award the Rinspeed X-treme a proprietary and typical look. Beefy wheel arches let the sporty SUV appear to be much wider and more dynamic.

Rinspeed X-treme

The side skirts fit elegantly into the existing side lines and connect homogenously the wide wheel arches. The rear skirt has received a difusor which diminishes the down force significantly. The two rear chrome exhaust tips are the high-light of the back end. The sporty exhaust system clearly suggests the ample power under the hood. The X-treme will bring up to 600 hp on the road.

The contact to the road is ensures by the enormous wheel-tire-combination in the typical Rinspeed design. The biggest available version is of the size of 11×23 inches. The 315/25-23 tires are especially approved for speeds of the 300 km/h. The air suspension is customized with an electronic module which lowers the SUV by 35 mm - the whole range covers 110 mm .

Rinspeed X-treme

Exclusive leather interiors as well as customizing options as individual bucket seating, home entertainment systems and many other items round up the diversified program.


Despite its size, how is it possible that it is so speedy and powerful? I’ve always thought only super cars can possess qualities like these.

I’m still holding out for Cayenne "Scotch bonnet" edition, assuming there are any custom hood fabricators in Scotland.

Now! that’s what I call a Porsche Cayenne, Ya the price well be Wow! 100k

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