Roadster cars are convertible compact sport cars, more or less luxurious but with a bold look and providing lots of feedback to the driver. they are the fun fast cars by excellence

Noted Porsche tuner, TechArt, has made a living off dropping our jaws with some of the programs they’ve built for the German automaker. With their latest piece of work, they managed to do it again.

This program for the 911 Cabriolet , which TechArt decided to fit with an aerodynamic body kit, reminds us of the 911 Turbo S Edition 918 Spyder . The first defining characteristic of the body kit are the lime green accents that have been applied and mixed into the gloss black body finish. From there, TechArt added in a slew of new components, including a new spoiler with an integrated splitter at the front, new aerowings in the front air intakes, headlight and side mirror trims, three different spoiler options, a fixed spoiler with a trailing edge, and last, but not least, an integrated third brake light.

The interior also gets the same treatment, particularly the leather interior with matching lime green stitching. The steering wheel was also replaced in favor of a Techart sports steering wheel while the PDK button shifts have been dropped for a set of paddle shifters. Another TechArt addition are the new set of Formula III forged wheels that have also been finished in gloss black.

The Mazda MX-5 Miata is already undergoing a complete overhaul to enter its new generation, but the company has apparently realized the dire need for the Miata to be refreshed before it becomes completely obsolete ahead of the new generation’s debut .

Launched in 2005, the third generation MX-5 (NC) received its first major update in 2008. It’s barely been touched since then, but 2013 will come with a second round of updates before the car gets canned for the new generation. The new MX-5 (known as the Roadster in Japan) has already made its officially debut and is already on sale at all Mazda dealerships throughout Japan.

The exterior has been redesigned to offer a more aggressive look, while the interior has received a new luxury tan color finish for the genuine leather seats. The model has also received revised characteristics of the throttle and brake booster that help improve control of the accelerator in the manual transmission models and the brakes in all models.

UPDATE 07/05/2012: This review has been updated with the official details and images for the 2013 Mazda MX-5.

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German tuner Wheelsandmore is back, and they’re returning with yet another impressive tuning program. This time for the limited-run Audi R8 GT Spyder .

Since the German super car is only limited to 333 units, the fact that it gets its own tuning program ramps up the exclusivity to a whole new level. The whole onus of the program was to make the R8 GT Spyder lighter and more powerful, a task that’s easier said than done.

In order to accomplish it, Wheelsandmore prepared a special performance package that includes a lighter stainless steel exhaust system with remote-able valve flaps that’s 40% lighter than the standard equipment. Add that to special carbon-frame air filters and a reprogrammed ECU that nets a new output of 620 horsepower and 435 lb/ft of torque, and you have an R8 GT Spyder that’s even more special than the rest of its special edition brethren.

Suspension was also an important part of the program. In this case, Wheelsandmore fitted the German super car with the latest state-of-the-art motorsports technology from KW-Automotive within the LCS (level-control-system) hydraulic lift up system. There’s also a remote control switch that provides an additional road clearance of +40mm and a separate and independently adjustable rebound- and compression damping, giving the owner free reign over his super car’s suspension set-up.

Finally, there are the handcrafted 3-piece ultralight forged 6Sporz² wheels that can be customized and finished according to the customer’s whims. The wheels are then wrapped in a set of Continental Sport Contact 5P tires.

McLaren MP4-12C Spyder

When Ferrari was putting together the finishing touches on the 458 Italia Spyder, we knew it would just be a matter of time before the rumored MP4-12C Spyder would come to fruition. Finally, we can say that this gorgeous drop-top sports car is getting ready to bust out into the automotive scene. McLaren has just dropped the first teaser image for the second model in its line-up, with a promise that the official details will be released on July 3rd, 2012.

The future McLaren MP4-12C Spider will be built on the same super stiff carbon fiber MonoCell chassis as its hardtop sibling, making it just as dynamic to drive. The model will obviously be offered with a retractable hard-top, but it will still "dial up the sensations experienced, the emotions felt and the noise heard. And true to McLaren’s ethos of offering high performance without compromise, the 12C Spider will be more usable than any car this exciting has a right to be."

Under the hood, McLaren kept the same twin-turbo V8-engine featured in the updated version of the MP4-12C coupe standard MP4-12C : a 0 to 60 mph sprint time of 3.1 seconds and a top speed of 207 mph.

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With all the recent hype surrounding the brand new Aston Martin Vanquish , one could be excused for completely forgetting about its predecessor, the DBS, which is still going strong. This fact is exemplified in the latest EVO magazine track test conducted by television presenter, Tiff Needell.

Despite the fact that the DBS Volante will be superseded by a convertible version of the new Vanquish in a couple of years, pitting the present day DBS Volante against the much-newer Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Roadster is still a prevalent test.

Not only do both of these cars slot into similar price brackets and appeal to similar buyers, but both produce similar outputs with the DBS Volante cranking out 510HP and 420 lb-ft of torque from its impressive, yet rather-out-dated, 5.9-liter V12 engine.

Featuring a vastly different 6.2-liter V8 engine, the SLS AMG Roadster produces a little more than the DBS, with peak horsepower reaching 563HP while an impressive torque figure of 479 lb-ft is also achieved.

With both cars’ tackling the Bedford Autodrome in similarly horrible conditions, it certainly makes for an enjoyable video, so check it out!

Despite having more special edition versions than any model in recent history, the Mazda MX-5 ’s popularity doesn’t appear to be waning any time soon.

Over in the UK, the Japanese sports roadster is still a hot ticket, so much so in fact that Mazda has decided to give the UK market yet another special edition model of the MX-5.

Say hello to the MX-5 Kuro Special Edition.

Available in two variants - one for the soft-top and one for the folding hard top - the MX-5 Kuro Special Edition distinguishes itself from the rest of its MX-5 peers with a host of aesthetic alterations, including a race car-inspired exterior graphics, black detailing around the front grille and front fog lights, ‘Kuro Edition’ badging all over the exterior, and a new set of 17" alloy wheels. The special edition model also gets a new rear sports bumper, a larger sports exhaust, and a choice of three different color options: Velocity Red Mica, Crystal White Pearlescent, and Brilliant Black.

Inside, the MX-5 Kuro Special Edition gets treated to Stone and Black heated leather seats, Stone leather door inserts, red stitching, a silver interior panel with red accents, alloy pedals, and floor mats with a race-inspired logo.

The soft-top variant of the Kuro Special Edition will come with a 1.8 liter engine that nets 126 horsepower and 123 lb/ft of torque while the hard-top model will be powered by a 2.0-liter four cylinder engine that produces 167 horsepower and 158 lb/ft of torque.

200 units of the soft-top model will be available in the UK at a price of £18,495 ($28,890), while 400 of the hard-top variant will be available at a price of £21,995 ($34,350).

Mazda will be attending the Goodwood Festival of Speed with a very cool Mazda MX-5 GT Concept which may head to production depending on customers’ reactions at the festival. The concept was developed by Jota Sport and looks a lot like the MX-5 Super20 unveiled last year at the SEMA Auto Show.

The GT Concept is powered by a normally aspirated 2.0-litre Mazda petrol engine that delivers a total of 205 HP and is mated to a standard manual gearbox. Mazda is also offering an updated suspension, as well as an impressive aerodynamic package that includes a carbon front splitter, a rear diffuser, and a boot spoiler. The final piece of the exterior is a sports exhaust system with a central tailpipe.

For the interior, the concept gets Recaro seats and plenty of carbon fiber to suits any sports car enthusiast. Road slicks and body-colored roll hoops behind the seats were also added for customers who want to run the car on the race track.

"This year at the Goodwood Festival of Speed we have a number of significant cars on the stand and contesting the hillclimb," said Jeremy Thomson, Managing Director, Mazda UK. "The MX-5 has been our best known car for 22 years and with the GT4 and GT Concept on show, we are demonstrating that this car can compete with the more expensive race and performance cars but still remain true to its roots of affordable motoring with a strong focus on the driving experience."

To say we absolutely love every Shelby Cobra to death is an understatement. This also breeds a little hatred in our hearts for those that take a hacksaw to them and start modifying stuff. However, here are some modifications to Shelby Cobras that we can stomach and some that we completely fall in love with at first sight. Magnis Jinstrand’s modified Shelby Cobra just happens to fall squarely in the latter classification…

This beautiful example of automotive genius boasts a disgustingly sexy 6.0-liter Mercedes V-12 with an equally disgusting loud-mouthed supercharger strapped to its intake. There’s no information on the power pushed out by this mean machine, but judging by the above video, we would have to estimate it to be in the 700-horsepower range.

The exposed supercharger really just does it for us. Not only does it look awesome, but it is about the only whining that I can say I want to hear while driving a car. This blower obliges by providing plenty of it in audible goodness.

We are unsure what other modifications this Cobra has on it and we are also unsure if this is actually a real AC Cobra or not. Chances are that it’s a kit car sitting on a custom chassis, especially given how well it handles. Regardless of its authenticity, it is still one sexy beast. We will update you if we happen to come up with any of the vehicle’s specs. Until then, crank your speakers up and enjoy.

While we are all waiting to see the new Jaguar F-Type next week at the 2012 Goodwood Festival of Speed, the company is busy testing out the sports roadster at the famous Nurburgring race track. British magazine, AutoCar, was lucky enough to shoot a video of the hot laps, allowing us to hear the sound of the 3.0 liter V6 supercharged engine!

This engine delivers a total of 250 HP in a normally aspirated version and 375 HP in the supercharged R version . As you probably know, theF-Type will be built as a two-seater convertible, with a coupe version to follow, and will feature all-aluminum construction. It will be priced under the current XK , so expect to pay about $85K if you want to buy one.

This is all we have for now, but tune in next week when the official details of the Jaguar F-Type are revealed!

Source: Autocar

Spain hasn’t had a whole lot be happy about these days given the state of their economy. But if there’s one silver lining, they can always say that they’re becoming a player in the sports car market .

Their latest offering is called the Tauro V8 Spider, a two-seater roadster that looks a whole lot like a winner in our books. According to Motorpasion, the front-engine Tauro V8 Spider carries a bespoke bodywork and was derived from the now deceased Pontiac Solstice , but comes with a minor twist: it’s got a GM-sourced 6.2-liter V8 LS3 E-Rod engine that produces a whopping 440 horsepower at 6,200 rpm 432 lb/ft of torque and mated to a manual six-speed transmission. Optional engine upgrades, depending on how extensive you’d want it, can allow the car to receive as much as 650 horsepower. That’s super car territory, in case you didn’t know.

Other mechanical details featured on the Tauro V8 Spider include a limited slip differential, independent suspension on both axles with double wishbones, monotube shocks and springs, ventilated disc brakes with piston calipers, and an optional GM automatic paddle-shift transmission.

Only 30 units are expected to be produced for the time being, with each model - customized to a specific customer’s needs and wants - coming in with an estimated price tag of €100,000, or $126,699 at the current exchange rates.

Source: Motorpasion

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