Rolls-Royce 200EX

Rolls-Royce 200EX

Earlier this week we caught wind of a rumor that Rolls-Royce was planning coupe and convertible versions of the 200EX concept . Now were passing on a rendering from the people at Global Motors.

Since this is a rendering of a rumor, we decided to go with the production car’s rumored name: Silver Ghost. The popularity of convertibles like the Corniche makes a drop top version a logical step for Rolls-Royce’s smallest car (the sedan is more than a foot and a half longer than a long wheelbase BMW 7-Series .)

The 200EX has been call the "Baby Rolls-Royce" throughout it’s development, and it actually lives up to the name when seen in person. The look is unmistakably Rolls-Royce, but in a much friendlier package. Where the Phantom’s tall presence makes it seem unobtainable, the 200EX’s average sedan proportions make it seem more approachable.

Rolls-Royce 200EX

All recent concept cars from Rolls get the "EX" (for experimental) designation. But there is very little that’s experimental with the 200EX. The car shown in Geneva is a very accurate representation of the sedan expected to hit the streets in 2010 (possibly using the historic Silver Ghost name.)

200EX has a length of 17.7 feet (5399mm) - that’s more than half a foot longer than a long wheelbase BMW 7-Series , but almost a foot and a half shorter than its Phantom sibling (5830 mm). Keeping in line with Rolls-Royce’s current design philosophy, the 200EX keeps the tall and straight body work of the other cars in the Roller family. The 200EX also features the suicide doors that are found on the Phantom.

Rolls-Royce 200EX

The interior also has the tall and flat look borrowed from the Phantom, but once again, the 200EX goes more for everyday usability. Where the Phantom seems to want to use the front seat to show off how much wood it can fit into its cars, the 200EX seems to keep a lower interior line, which should give the driver better sight lines and make the 200EX easier to maneuver.

Rolls-Royce did confirm that the 200EX is a fully functioning car with a V12 engine. It did not release power figures, but than again, that is not the Rolls-Royce way. This is the same company that does not use a tachometer, but a “power reserve” gauge instead.

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