2010 Rolls Royce Bespoke Yas Eagle range

The high end coach builder Rolls Royce has revealed a new special edition lineup destined for the oil rich Abu Dhabi market. The new Bespoke Yas Eagle range includes Rolls Royce’s finest models like the Phantom , Phantom Coupe and Phantom Drophead Coupe designed specifically to celebrate the regions first ever Formula 1 Grand Prix. The special edition vehicles are easily recognizable by their Yas Eagle White/Yas Eagle Blue paint scheme, bespoke interior upholstery made up of Cobalto Blue full natural grain leather and Mugello Red insert accents, bright white dials that make up the instrument cluster, a steering wheel wrapped in Mugello Red leather, Navy Blue boot trim and interior carpeting, special kick plates, a set of 21 inch forged Star alloy wheels and chrome plated exhaust tips. However the most appropriate of the inaugural Grand Prix commemorating features is the unique design complete with Checkerboard design applied on to the vehicle’s fascia.


I agree where some parts need to be toned down. I think if you take off the gold stripes and change the interior colors around a bit it could look pretty good.

They combined the vintage and modern but as you can see it’s vintage accent can be more seen compare to it’s slightly touched modern style.

Is that a combination of vintage and modern? It that’s the case, I think they come up with a great car.

I love the Phantom but for this case, I’d agree with Papy that the color of that special edition car is not that fit for such a luxurious and powerful car. I mean compare it to Akon’s dropdown phantom, all white and its a definite beauty. I don’t think that two tone paint are the way to go with these babies.

I really love the phantom but i hate the color blue interior of this phantom. it much be better if they make it Cream color instead.

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