2011 Rolls-Royce Drophead Coupé Bijan Edition

Almost a year ago at the 2010 LA Auto Show, world-renowned designer Bijan Pakzad struck a partnership with British luxury brand Rolls-Royce to design a limited number of rare Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupes that would be appropriately called the ‘Bijan Edition.’

Unfortunately, the designer was not able to see his work come to life after his unexpected death last April due to a heart attack. Despite his passing on, the Rolls-Royce project continued on and recently, the first of these special edition models was unveiled in front of Bijan’s luxury boutique in Beverly Hills, California.

The luxury Phantom Drophead Coupe, in so many words, has Bijan’s imprint all over it. From the unmistakable bright yellow color of the luxury sedan all the way to the touches of white diamonds embedded in the wood veneer dashboard and the set of crystal glasses tucked in a picnic set in the trunk, the Rolls-Royce Phantom Bijan Edition speaks to the taste and lifestyle of the late, great designer.

While its easy to get mesmerized by the car, it’s also worth noting that this particular Phantom also carries a 6.75-liter V12 engine that produces in excess of 450 horsepower. According to Bijan executives, the plan for the ultra rare Phantom Bijan Edition is to have at least a dozen of them built with each set to be priced from anywhere between $850,000 all the way up to $1.6 million.

Knowing the man and his impeccable taste in cars, there’s a good chance that Bijan Pakzad, wherever he is, is looking down on this car with that million-dollar smile on his face.

Photos courtesy of Dirk A. Photography


It looks too huge on its platform, and I’m really wondered if why they say that this vehicle is a luxury one. Anyway, I find it so exciting and fun to drive with its V12 engine, which has an output of 453 hp.

The engine output of this Drophead Coupe is really great for it. However, I am wondering either if how it became a luxury vehicle? Well, I noticed that it looks too outdated and huge on its platform.

Well, just like them, I can’t see the luxury that they were talking about on this one, but I must say that it really captivated my attention for it am truly looking so unique and a head turner.

Well, this coupe of Rolls-Royce is absolutely so unique for me. To be honest, it’s only the first time that I saw a car like this and I must say that it is quite confusing. smiley

It is really too huge, but I have to agree that it looks so stunning and luxurious on its design, and I love the over-all yellow features of this coupe, and I can say that I will surely wait for this one.

What’s not impressive with this Coupe? It is stunning, I mean every luxury car collector must have thinking of having one. I don’t like the color but some of the features I have seen is cool.

I love the fact that it had an impressive and amazing engine and for a luxury car, I can say that it is the most weird and strange coupe car that I saw, but I love the exquisite look of it.

This luxury car from Rolls-Royce is impressive I’m sure it really is expensive. I’m sure the good running performance and the design has made the mastermind of this car smile. If that so, what else to expect from sport and luxury car enthusiasts out there.

Are you kidding? Is it really a luxury car? Sorry to say but I didn’t find it that way. Anyway, I must say that I love the, all yellow touch on this one and yeah, it really looks so weird.

I’m amazed with its all yellow touch, from the exterior to its interior even on its wheels. I wonder if it’s a good-looking car in person. Anyway, it didn’t look like a luxury car for me, but I must say that I’m impressed with its engine.

I like all features of this car. The style of this car is really great and I want to have this some of a day. I don’t know if this is a jeep or hummer or anything. hehehe

Very impressive car. The door of the car is unique and I like the style. This car is great. I’m sure this car is heavy weight than the other car. Luxury cars like this is one of the best car for me.

I noticed that this coupe was too pricey, and I don’t know why it had that price! I mean. This car is not really so impressive and doesn’t have any fabulous features but sure the engine performance of it seems so good.

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