2011 Rolls-Royce Phantom 'Project Kocaine' by Specialty Car Craft

Before you jump up and protest the name of this tune-up project, understand first the concept behind its name. California-based Specialty Car Craft (SSC) – not to be confused with Shelby Super Cars – has prepared a razzle-dazzle kit for the Rolls-Royce Phantom called “Kocaine”.

While it’s hard to dismiss the nefarious implications of the name, SSC makes certain that there’s no connection between their project and that of the illegal substance. The Phantom was dressed up in a clean, matte Pearl White finish that has been customized by SSC themselves. To keep up to the car’s outstanding new custom-painted matte white finish, SSC also added a set of 26” Asanti wheels, giving it the proper stance befitting of a high-end, luxury Rolls-Royce Phantom.

Odd as the name choice was, the car nevertheless looks remarkably clean. It may not have the sophisticated options that other tuning company’s boast of, but for a car like the Phantom, sometimes, clean, white dress-ups are a good thing, especially if they come in a matte finish.


Very expensive looking car, the white paint makes it standout and the rims are perfect for this car.

I really don’t like the platform of Rolls-Royce’s vehicle! It is too plain and ordinary! However, I have to admit that when it comes into the interior of their vehicle, I’m absolutely so amazed on it.

It really looks so stunning in its cool and hygienic body paint, and I love the design on its wheels. However, it was still looking like their typical vehicle. Anyway, I wonder if it is already on the market?

The total platform and standard look of the car makes it stunning, though the name given to it is like more intriguing.

I like the fact that this name called Kocaine has prepared its new specialty car craft, Nevertheless, this is also the most outstanding luxury car made. 

What a waste on fewer things? What might you think it is a good model with a classy and elegant design. 

This is most aerodynamic performance, I like the total appearance is clean and net designs

Well, this one is actually a very good take on the Phantom, very clean and elegant, and with a good color scheme too. Now I wonder when they will do a “Project Marijuana” smiley

That, grey color actually looks good on this one, simple and yet very elegant looking. And it’s really a good thing that they didn’t put too much chrome on this one.

I would say that this one would be one of the coolest takes on the Phantom. It still looks very classy without being too high brow.

OMG! What’s happening to 1 Rolls-Royce? Where is the classic and elegant look that once I have seen on them? I think their current model are getting lamer everytime!What a waste!

I don’t see anything bad about the name except that, well it’s called Kocaine. If they have gone further with the drugs reference, then that’s the time that they will likely be in trouble.

A rather off name for the whole thing, what were they thinking? But that aside, the car actually looks good, though the way they did the front makes it look more blocky than before.

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