2012 Rolls-Royce Ghost "Paris Purple" by Fenice Milano

Out of the enormous shadows of the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, Italian tuner Fenice Milano is preparing a sick program for the Rolls-Royce Ghost. And if there’s one thing we know about these dudes, the word "bland" is not part of their vocabulary.

Fenice Milano actually dropped the renderings for this particular Ghost called "Paris Purple" with the intent of getting somebody to dig into their pockets and order the custom luxury car. And now that a "very exclusive client" has given the green light to have it ordered, Fenice Milano is set to work on what can only be described as a pretty radical Ghost.

The unique purple paint finish is the first of many eye-catching things you’ll notice on the car, hence the name "Paris Purple." The car is also set to carry carbon wheel rims and 24-karat gold on the bonnet, the window frames, the radiator cowling, and the exhaust pipes. Yep, 24-karat gold on a car. That’s just how Fenice Milano rolls.

And, by the way, that’s just the exterior of the car. Inside, the Ghost also gets a significant make-over, thanks to plenty of leather, carbon, and gold details that we expect will be just as extravagant as that outside.

So who exactly is the celebrity that signed off on this project? Fenice Milano is keeping that a secret for now, but rest assured, we’ll find out who it is sooner rather than later.


I love how it is oozing of novelty and royalty vibe. Fenice Milano is highly worth of approval.

Fenice Milano is an ethereal tuning company. Ghost is already luxurious enough, yet they’ve further enhanced the quality and colors making it appear even more majestic.

Ah, so this is a sports-car. I didn’t notice because it looks like a sedan to me. Anyhow, I love what Fenice Milano did to this one!

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen a car sport a purple paint, but this is the first time I saw a car sport a purple paint so luxuriously. The added tone of the gold made it even more elegant!

I really love how it’s furnished purely white on the inside, and how it’s embellished royally purple and gold on the outside.

The color really added a touch of class and royalty to its exterior.

Its color was truly striking, until I saw Snoop Dogg Lincoln Intercontinental having the same. It seems like only the wheel rims are the difference.

Fenice Milano seems truly extravagant. This can be considered as a fashion icon more than a car.

Ah, this is highly elegant. Rolls Royce will forever be number one in producing luxurious cars.

It’s a nice color combination of purple and gold; it adds a feel of royalty to the owner of this car.

This is so extremely profused! Purple and gold are both majestic colors, and the two combined creates a harmonious ambiance of pure royalty. Every detail of this car is severely luxurious, from the exterior to the interior.

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