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Rowan Atkinson is known by most as the one of the world’s funniest, albeit quirky, men. After all, Mr. Bean hardly needs much of an introduction, but what most people don’t know is that Mr. Bean is also an avid car lover and collector. Move aside, Jay Leno, because Atkinson knows his fair share of automobiles too, and drives them like a pro.

The proof is in the pudding and while dropping in on the gang at BBC’s Top Gear, Mr. Atkinson brought along one of his prized possessions: a very special Rolls-Royce Phantom . We say special because it doesn’t feature the Phantom’s usual 6.75-liter V12 engine, but a unique 9.0-liter V16. According to Atkinson, Rolls Royce designed the Phantom especially for this engine, but changed their mind at the last minute. The V16 engine was hanging around the company’s store until Atkinson - knowing of its existence and history - specifically asked for it to be dropped into a Phantom. The best part is that the V16-powered Phantom will be used for one of Atkinson’s upcoming movies - Johnny English Reborn - set to air in the States on August 18, 2011.

In the world of high-end luxury, very few automakers can match the esteem and reverence attached to the Rolls-Royce brand. So when you’re on the drawing board for a design study of a Rolls, the first thing that immediately pops in your head is how you can take the luxury to a whole new level.

Turkish designer, Timur Bozca , understands that and his latest study all but confirms the route to take when dressing up a Rolls-Royce Phantom : add as many expensive materials - like say, gold, for example - on the car to drive up the extravagance. The first thing he did was use the aforementioned gold material to cover some of the car’s exterior, including the grille, the rims, the outline on the lights, the badging, and even the plate casing.

Even the Phantom’s interior wasn’t spared from the luxury overload with plenty of gold to go around, showering the occupants with enough bling to make Mr. T blush with envy. Nothing looks better in gold than a dressed up Rolls-Royce Phantom, right?

The car is definitely a call to luxury, whether some people think it’s excessive or not. The only downside to having all this gold on your car is that it immediately becomes a target for those with kleptic hands.

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Typically, automakers don’t create vehicles just for the sake of making them weekend riders, but that’s because many of us can’t afford to buy a car just to use it two days out of the week. Rolls Royce owners, on the other hand, can have a different car for every day of the week and it wouldn’t matter. Maybe that’s why the British luxury automaker decided to offer its British customers a very special Phantom Drophead Coupe that "was designed to capture the essence of a perfect weekend get-away, offering drivers and their passengers the ultimate luxurious and relaxing experience in roof-down motoring."

This one-off Phantom model will be painted in a Mazarine Blue - a color inspired by the Mazarine Blue butterfly - and will also receive a one-off Asprey jewelery box, housed discretely in the glove compartment. Think of it as the perfect place to store rings, cufflinks, earrings, and while you’re at it, throw in your diamonds too. Other features of the interior will include a luxurious natural-grain leather in a Seashell color contrasted by Navy Blue floor and door panels with embroidered R-R logos finished in the headrests. There is also a yacht-inspired teak decking, with mother-of-pearl inlays throughout cross-banded Santos Palissander wood veneers. And as a final touch you will also get white instrument dials, rotary controllers, and a clock finished in mother-of-pearl.

Project Kahn is one of those tuning companies that never runs out of tuning projects. A few weeks after it released the Maybach 57 Wedding Commemorative Edition , the British tuning firm headed by Afzal Kahn has another one in the oven. This time, it’s an upgraded Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe that comes with plenty of aesthetic modifications.

Adding on to what is already a high-brow look, Project Kahn gave the Phantom a shadow-line finish to go with clear side lights, head light surrounds, window surrounds, rear light surrounds, and under floor lighting. On top of that, the British tuner added a bullet resistant glass to fit into their high-security profile. And to round out the aesthetic goodness, Project Kahn fitted the Phantom with a new set of diamond-polished 22” Kahn Silver Mist Rolls Royce wheels.

Meanwhile, the interior of the Phantom, at least according to Project Kahn, can be tailor-made depending on the customer’s tastes and whims. In a statement, the company said: “Inside is a complete bespoke interior design service available to suit individual tastes. By buying a Project Kahn vehicle, you are given the opportunity to really make it your own.”

For those that can afford this car and all the upgrades Project Kahn offers, feel free to knock yourselves out. For the rest of us lemmings, these photos are about as good as it gets.

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We’ve been keeping a close eye on the vehicles ready to take center stage during one of the decade’s most talked about event. The world seems to have Prince William and Kate Middleton fever, and we’re catching the bug when it comes to the royal carriages housing the guests of honor during one of the most important days of their lives.

The Royal Mews houses one of the oldest and most meticulously cared for carriages in the world. This division is responsible for ground transportation of the Queen and other Royals in England, and Prince William and Kate Middleton will be making good use of several of these carriages and other vehicles in the collection during their royal wedding extravaganza. Separate vehicles will be taken by the Prince and Kate on their way to Westminster Abbey for the ceremony and they will leave together in one of the most famous carriages.

Hit the jump to check out which vehicles will be used for the grand wedding event.

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Rolls Royce has made history with the unveiling of the new Ghost Extended Wheelbase at the Shanghai Auto Show. This is the first time the company has chosen China as a world debut venue, setting aside any doubts that the country is moving on up in the automotive segment. Upon unveiling the new car, CEO Torsten Müller-Ötvös said, "This latest Rolls-Royce is a model of outstanding design and unrivaled luxury. Ghost Extended Wheelbase delivers all the poise and dynamism enjoyed by discerning Ghost owners, with the indulgent experience of an extended wheelbase car. It is the very best of both worlds."

Compared to a standard Ghost model, the new Extended Wheelbase version features a 170 mm increase in its wheelbase. This extension is also evident in the back seat where the wheelbase enlargement has led to an increase in the rear cabin space. The new version has also received a panoramic sunroof.

Under the hood, Rolls Royce has kept the usual 6.6 liter twin turbo charged V12 engine that delivers a total of 563hp and 575 lbs-ft of torque at just 1,500rpm. The extra dimension hasn’t diminished the rate the Ghost sprints to 60 mph, so expect the same five seconds time.

The new Rolls Royce Ghost Extended Wheelbase will be available in only limited numbers for 2011 until full production begins in 2012.

Before you jump up and protest the name of this tune-up project, understand first the concept behind its name. California-based Specialty Car Craft (SSC) – not to be confused with Shelby Super Cars – has prepared a razzle-dazzle kit for the Rolls-Royce Phantom called “Kocaine”.

While it’s hard to dismiss the nefarious implications of the name, SSC makes certain that there’s no connection between their project and that of the illegal substance. The Phantom was dressed up in a clean, matte Pearl White finish that has been customized by SSC themselves. To keep up to the car’s outstanding new custom-painted matte white finish, SSC also added a set of 26” Asanti wheels, giving it the proper stance befitting of a high-end, luxury Rolls-Royce Phantom.

Odd as the name choice was, the car nevertheless looks remarkably clean. It may not have the sophisticated options that other tuning company’s boast of, but for a car like the Phantom, sometimes, clean, white dress-ups are a good thing, especially if they come in a matte finish.

For all the attention electric cars have generated over the years, one niche group has never dared to tread those waters out of fear that they would compromise the luxurious and old-world lineage these brands are so often associated with. Well, it looks like one luxury automaker is prepared to dive into uncharted waters after Rolls-Royce announced that the brand will be developing an all-electric version of the Phantom .

The car, which has been dubbed the Rolls-Royce Phantom Experimental Electric (EE) or the 102EX, was recently revealed at the Geneva Motor Show and will serve as a test vehicle for the brand to gather as much relevant data as possible with the hopes of determining whether jumping through the electric car world will prove to be a worthy endeavor.

According to Rolls-Royce, the extensive testing done on the 102 EX, which comes with a revolutionary wireless charging system called ’induction charging’, will also cover a number of public test drives for potential customers to give them the opportunity to experience the company’s alternative drivetrain technology first-hand and provide that all-important customer feedback. Rolls-Royce explains ’induction charging as a technology that allows the car’s battery to be charged by just parking it over special pads buried in the ground. This process uses magnetic coupling instead of a regular cable with a 90% efficiency.

UPDATE 03/03/11: This review has been updated with the Rolls-Royce Phantom Experimental Electric 102EX’s specs, as well as new images.

UPDATE 07/04/11: The Rolls-Royce Phantom Experimental Electric 102EX isn’t headed for production, but that hasn’t stopped the British luxury maker from proceeding with the testing phase for the electric Phantom. According to Rolls-Royce, the tests have nonetheless given important data on the workings of the car’s battery and management systems, important elements considering that despite its concept status, the Phantom 102EX could still end up in production down the road.

The biggest international auto show of the 2011 calendar year is getting closer and closer to opening its doors when the event kicks off on March 1st, 2011. Unlike recently concluded auto shows we’ve had since the calendar turned to 2011, the Geneva Motor Show is always the one that gets our juices flowing. Not that those other events weren’t any good, but Geneva brings out all the goods. All the big boys come out to play at this event, so much so that making this preview took more days than we expected because everyday, a new model was being announced as attending the event.

Now that the Geneva Motor Show is less than two weeks away, we feel like it’s time to give you a sneak peek on what cars to expect at the event. A lot of brands that routinely skip other auto shows will all be in attendance at the Geneva Motor Show, proving that without a shadow of a doubt, this Swiss spectacle is one of the most important - if not the most important - events in the automotive calendar.

Hit the jump to check out just who will be in attendance when the show opens its doors on March 1st, 2011.

Sometimes, you can’t help but wonder how much more exclusive a rare car can get if you decked it out with a new styling package. It may sound like its over-splurging, and some may not argue with that, but for other people, there’s no such thing as ‘less is more’. For these guys, bigger, brighter, and fancier is the way to go.

One car that belongs to the aforementioned ‘rare-of-a-kind’ group is the Rolls Royce Phantom Extend Wheelbase. Just by its mere presence alone, this special Phantom can already draw an audience, but if you add this exterior styling package to the Phantom EW courtesy of Wald International, then that’s just rubbing it in.

The package is called the ‘Sports Line Black Bison Edition’, and it comes with a bevy of new modifications, including a new front bumper, front fender vents, LED daytime running lights, modified side skirts, an extended rear bumper, a trunk-mounted spoiler, and a set of 24” forged Renovatio wheels.

While the package came with plenty of styling modifications, the powertrain was left largely untouched. What this means is that this Wald International tricked-out Phantom retains the same 6.75-liter V12 engine that produces 453 horsepower with a top speed of 150 mph.

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