The American Mustang tuners at Roush Performance have announced details about their plans to upgrade the all new 2011 pony car. There will be two different versions of the modified Mustang, appropriately called Stage 1 and Stage 2; with both starting out with the blue oval’s new 5.0 Liter power plant producing 412 HP and 390 lb-ft of torque. The Stage 1 package will consist of nothing more than a few aesthetic changes including the Roush body kit, meanwhile the Stage 2 kit adds a few new suspension parts to improve the 21st century pony car’s handling package.

According to the man himself, Jack Roush, "the 2011 ROUSH Stage 1 and Stage 2 Mustangs will represent an incredible value by blending appearance and handling with an amazing base Ford engine package... I expect that the 2011 Stage 1 and Stage 2 Roush Mustangs could come close to matching the performance of some Roushcharged Mustangs we have offered in prior model years which will make them extremely exciting to drive and at a reasonable starting price point." While this is well and good for now, Roush fans are accustomed to a blower under the hood, and they can rest assured because the team is hard at work with a few power adding parts which will be available sometime this summer.

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After many years of similarly shaped economy cars tearing up the high banked ovals of the NASCAR circuit, there will now be a real sports car on track to lead the pack. Ford’s in house high performance division, Ford Racing, and the NASCAR specialists at Roush Fenway Racing have just unveiled the new 2010 NASCAR Nationwide Mustang . The 21st century thoroughbred will have no problem catching up with the competition when the new car makes its racing debut next July. This will not only add a bit of enthusiasm into the NASCAR circuit but it should undoubtedly help the blue oval move a few more units. Despite contemporary automaker’s reluctance to spend money on competitive racing programs, the old adage “win on Sunday, sell on Monday” still holds true today.

2010 Roush Stage 3 Mustang

The Ford Mustang has a storied history in motor sports contests and can claim more than 2,000 professional race wins ranging from Trans Am to Funny Car and even D1 professional drift ing titles. Jack Roush should know, not only has his aftermarket parts company been tuning Mustangs since 1995 and racing since the 1960s. Roush Racing fields no less than 10 racing vehicles in all three forms of NASCAR competition including the Sprint Cup, Nationwide Series and the Craftsman Truck Series as well. Since turning a wheel in NASCAR competition, Roush has earned over 250 wins which all look good for this car of tomorrow spec Mustang.

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2010 Roush 540RH

Starting off with the same 540 HP supercharged 4.6 Liter V8 as their Stage 3 Mustang , Roush adds back a few of the 2010 pony car ’s factory components to create a real stop light drag racing sleeper. That is because almost all of what makes the Roush 540RH, or the Hammer, so special is hidden underneath the car’s sheet metal. Taking advantage of the Mustang GT’s excellent balance and capable power plant, Roush uses the same parts that makes their highest performing modified Mustang so spectacular and then adds it back into a more mundane looking Mustang that will only make you give it a second thought after the pony car gallops off into the distance and the whine of the supercharger fades away with it. So if flying under the radar of the local law enforcement while keeping up with Cobras is something that interests you, the $46,145 Roush 540RH is definitely worth considering.

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The American aftermarket blue oval tuner Roush has a long history of releasing their own brand of supercharged Ford Mustang that takes the already fun from the factory pony car and turns it into a track day special. The road car arm of Jack Roush Racing is continuing the trend with the all new 2010 Stage 3 Mustang , a special edition Ford Mustang limited to only 103 units and priced at just $59,945 each.

2010 Roush Stage 3 Mustang

The stag 3 package is currently the highest of Roush’s upgrade kits for the new Mustang and boosts the pony car’s power plant up to a GT500 rivaling 540 HP and 510 lb-ft of torque. Aside from a tremendous amount of new found power under the hood, the 2010 Roush Mustang wears a full body kit from the aftermarket manufacturer and comes fully equipped with other go fast goodies like a free flowing exhaust, four piston brakes calipers biting down on oversized 14 inch rotors and a new grill that gets rid of the standard center lamps cleaning up the new car’s appearance and improving the air flow across the modified Mustang’s cooling elements.

On the inside the ROUSH Mustang is adorned with a set of leather seats complete with embroidered Jack Roush signature, a set of performance pedal covers including the all important dead pedal to support the driver’s left foot while turing into a tight right hander as well as signature ROUSH illuminated kick plates and a short throw shifter with either a black or white cue ball style knob. Of course, like all Roush Mustangs, the Stage 3 comes equipped with badges on the inside that identify the authenticate it as a Stage 3 Roush Mustang. Still, at under $60,000 a Roush Mustang is an affordable alternative to the factory tuned Shelby Cobra .

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We knew Jack Roush Racing had performance parts for the 2010 Mustang now it’s all coming together in the Roush 427R. Thanks to a ROUSHcharger output is boosted to 435 HP and 400 lb-ft of torque, up from the stock 315 HP. The launch of the 427R marks the first time that Roush has been able to release a supercharged version at the launch of a new Mustang.

Roush says its suspension engineers have logged thousands of miles developing the “perfect” blend of high performance and comfort with their new handling package. But what is really helpful for any Mustang fan is the wheel hop reduction kit that is included with Roush-installed suspension upgrade.

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Ford Mustang

The 2010 Mustang isn’t on the even on the streets yet, and Roush already has performance parts that it plans to unveil on March 18. Then again, with the engine carryover from the previous model, there isn’t a whole lot of work that needs to be done to be ready for the new car.

Roush announced 2010 Ford Mustang performance parts

If you’re on the list to receive the 2010 ’Stang then Roush will already have suspension packages, brake kits, resonator exhaust, lowering springs, interior accessories, wheel & tire packages, and even the R2300 ROUSHcharger waiting for a home under your hood.

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Roush Performance revealed the the 2010 Liquid Propane Injected F-250. This conversion kit is available for 2009 F-250 pickups and is priced at $7,995. Deliveries will start in the third quarter.

Customers will have the possibility to choose from either a complete ROUSH -assembled vehicle which will have a 3-year/36,000 mile warranty, or a conversion kit to fit existing trucks in the field .

The order banks for both the vehicle and the conversion kit, both of which are true OEM-quality in terms of engineering and materials, will open on January 26. Among the components changed are the fuel tank with multi-valve fuel pump, stainless steel fuel lines, billet aluminum fuel rails, an upgraded custom ROUSH PCM calibration, and all necessary wiring, hardware and instructions.

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Roush revealed the P-51B Mustang, a muscle car that pays homage to he legendary World War II fighter plane. It is based on a 2009 Mustang chassis and will be limited to only 51 units. It will go on sale at a price of $65,800.

The 2009 P-51B will be powered by a Ford 4.6-liter V8 engine that will deliver 510 hp and 510 lb.-ft. of torque. It features a secondary sheave FEAD, ROUSH 6-piston brakes, new black chrome wheels, new Cooper RS3 ultra-high performance tires, ROUSH Stage 3 suspension. It will be offered in Ford factory Vapor paint code accented with Olive Drab green badging to match the World War II theme.

This car is not to be confused with the Mustang AV8R that Ford sold in August for $500,000. That was a one-of-a kind charity car that had less horsepower (400) but had a bunch of original signatures from all sorts of celebrity aviators from Chuck Yeager to John Travolta.

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Another car from the ’refuses to die’ file is the Shelby Cobra. Official replica maker Superformance is one of the largest makers of the Cobra kit, and they also add improvements to the spartan racer. The latest evolution of the fiberglass kit is the Special Edition MKIII-R developed in collaboration with Roush.

Superformance MKIII-R roadster

Customers can choose from a variety of Roush crate motors including the 427 IR V8 that is dyno tested at 576 horsepower and comes with a 2-year/24,000 mile warranty. The MKIII features custom Cobra seats with four-point harnesses, black chrome trim, Roush floor mats and short throw shifter, custom Roush-engraved wind wings, and a unique Monza Red paint scheme with silver stripes and black pin stripes.

NHRA approved the the 2008 Roush supercharged 4.6L V-8 in the Stage 3TM and P-51ATM Mustangs for competition. The Roush Mustangs will be allowed in the NHRA Stock and SuperStock categories as determined by the horsepower and shipping weight of the two vehicles. Coupe or convertible chassis will be allowed with a horsepower of 430 for the Stage 3TM and 510 for the P-51ATM. The shipping weight of the Roush coupes is 3316 pounds, while a convertible weighs in at 3443 pounds.

Depending on the combination of coupe or convertible and the Roush Stage 3TM or P-51ATM powertrain, the cars would be classified between AA Stock and B Stock or SuperStock A and F.

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