2007 RUF CTR3

Exactly 20 years after the original CTR, German tuning house RUF has announced the introduction of its third generation CTR3 coinciding with the launch of its new plant in Bahrain. The latest version will be based on the Porsche Cayman and like the original, the CTR3 will be one of the fastest Porsches on offer when it’s released.

UPDATE 05/27/2010: We were able to test drive the RUF CTR 3 at the Nurburgring! Click here to read about the awesome experience!

Starting with the Porsche Cayman body, RUF has utilized racing technologies first seen on its 911-based RT12 offering. Powering the CTR3 is a twin-turbo 3.8-liter flat six engine pumping out 700 bhp at 7,000 rpm with torque topping out at 657 lb-ft. To save weight its developers added several unique body panels made from lightweight aluminum and carbon-fiber as well as a new lattice tubing spaceframe. Drive is sent to the wheels via a rumored seven-speed sequential automatic gearbox that’s said to allow the CTR3 to reach a top speed of 224 mph.


When the original CTR was released in 1987, it out-performed many of the supercars of its era including cars like the Ferrari Ferrari F40, Lamborghini Lamborghini Countach and even Porsche’s own 959. The CTR3 is set to do the same but won’t come cheap as pricing is expected to fall around the $400,000 mark.



Ok, so I have a real problem with these articles posted all over the internet about the CTR3. The majority of them seem to be inaccurate when they state this car is based on the Cayman. When I was at the factory in Pffafenhausen witnessing the construction of two separate Ctr’s at different stages of completion. The engineers and fabricators both stated that the front half of a 997 was used and everything behind the front seats was constructed in house. I asked if anything from the Cayman was used and they stated, " no, although the engine mounted more towards the midship and the body lines look similar". So why do they keep referring to the Cayman in all these articles? Frustrated.

I do kinda feel like maybe in 10 years I’ll decide it looks good, much like I did with the GT1. But right now it’s just too far over the top to look good. It might as well be a Vector in that respect.

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