On August 29th, the Moscow International Automobile Salon 2012 kicks off and it is scheduled to run through September 9th. For this upcoming show, TOPCAR has put together an entrant in the form of a 2012 Porsche Panamera customized to the gills. This Porsche Panamera Stingray GTR is actually the 9th edition of 25 upcoming Stingray GTR models.

We are not necessarily huge fans of the Panamera and even less of fans when it comes to customized models. So many companies tend to go way overboard restyling the Panamera and they actually end up taking away the little character that this Porsche sedan actually has.

TOP CAR has taken to this Panamera from top to bottom, decking out its interior, exterior, engine, and even the brakes in an attempt to not just make it look better, but run with the best of them. Can TOP CAR really pull off the nearly impossible by handing us a well-designed Panamera with accents where they need to be, or did they just roll out another Panamera hack-job like we usually see?

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Straight from the heartland of Russia comes a new, four-door coupe that actually looks pretty good in our eyes.

This car is the TagAz Aquila, a car that will be launched later in 2012 in Russia. No word yet if it will find its way outside of its country, but we certainly wouldn’t mind seeing it on our shores in the future.

The Aquila, as we already mentioned, is described as a four-door coupe, something the Porsche Panamera has been labeled as in the past. But unlike the German sports saloon, the Aquila is being pegged as a car that will carry high-end aesthetics, top-of-the-line equipment, and most importantly, an affordable price tag.

The Aquila will be powered by a 1.6-liter engine, a sign that you probably shouldn’t expect a whole lot of "coupe-like" speed. We’re thinking it will come with about 110-210 HP, depending on whether or not they slap on some turbochargers to help out. This would make it something more like a Hyundai Veloster than a Porsche Panamera, but we’ll give TagAz an "A" for effort in their marketing ploy. Execution, not so much.

What the TagAz Aquila does have is a five-speed manual transmission, ABS, EBD, dual airbags, power steering, power mirrors, heated, power windows, door locks, air conditioning, front parking sensors, and rear sensors with a rear view camera.

TagAz is far from a household name in the industry and they need to establish themselves in a business that has too many big names. The Aquila is a pretty good step in that direction and it certainly helps that the starting price for one is just 400,000 rupees, which is around $12,000 based on current exchange rates.

Some people just have the weirdest tastes.

Russian tuner, Top Car, has made some of the fanciest tuning programs for Porsche vehicles, but their latest iteration of their vaunted Cayenne Vantage 2 seems to have taken a turn for the lemon.

Commissioned by one of its customers, Top Car was tasked to build a Cayenne Vantage 2 , albeit with a colorful dress up along the way. So the Russian tuner acquiesced to the request and built the Cayenne Vantage 2 Lemon.

As the name suggests, the Porsche SUV has been dressed in a special, one-off color - Citreous Lemon - that’s been accented by a special Pearl Lime paint covering various areas of the exterior. Likewise, the interior of the Cayenne also gets black leather perforated seat centers with lime green piping.

The program also includes a new body kit that’s comprised of a new front bumper, wheel arch extenders, side skirts, a new bonnet, kicker plates, a boot lid spoiler, and a diffuser tail. Sounds pretty similar to Top Car’s Cayenne Vantage 2 program, right?

In addition, the Cayenne Vantage 2 Lemon also gets the same performance modification done on the standard model, one that includes a new software engine management system, new air filters, and a new sports exhaust system. All told, the SUV is capable of producing an output of 780 horsepower, a significant increase from the standard model’s 500-horsepower output.

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Driving a high-performance car comes with various pros and cons. Whether you own a full-blown supercar, muscle car, or simply a sports car with a high power-to-weight ratio, controlling your right foot and the throttle pedal is, and always has been, a delicate balance. This is thoroughly demonstrated in the featured video.

Filmed somewhere in Russia, the video depicts an Audi R8 supercar cruising the Russian streets before slamming into what’s suspected to be a Lada Samara in just a matter of seconds. As you’ll soon see, the R8 is seen making a U-turn from one direction of flow to the opposite direction of flow, before performing yet another U-turn just seconds after the first one.

It’s currently unclear why the R8 driver did this, but the result is as plain as day. While performing the second U-turn, the driver either intentionally or unintentionally kicked the tail of the rear-wheel drive supercar out, performing a drift Ken Block would be proud of. However, the result wouldn’t make anyone proud.

After drifting into traffic, the R8 smashes into a Lada Samara which rolls after the impact. However, instead of checking to see if the occupants were uninjured, the R8 driver instead paused momentarily while remaining in the car, before speeding off from the scene, even running a red light to escape the scene.

Although no number plates can be seen in the video, it’s likely to be crucial part of evidence if police decide to investigate the matter further.

Remember, please don’t try this at home!

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The Marussia B2 is the company’s second supercar and was built as an evolution of the B1 - Russia’s first supercar. This second coming continues the same impressive technologies of the B1, but is distinguished by a more powerful face and a unique interior. Marussia only created 500 units of this impressive model, with prices starting from $130,460.

The Marussia B2 will be offered with either a 2.8 liter V6 turbo engine or a naturally aspirated 3.5 liter V6 engine with power ranging from 300 to 420 HP. With these engines, the supercar can sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.2 seconds and continue on to a top speed nearing 190mph.

"The B2 is an overt expression of our capabilities and ambition. Using the same exceptionally light and strong chassis structure combined with Marussia-Cosworth power units, the B2 allows our designers and our customers to explore their wilder side."

UPDATE 05/08/2012: Just 500 units were planned from the start and less than 12 months after hitting the market, all 500 units have already been ordered and in order to fill all of these orders, Marussia and Valmet (the firm producing the B2) have decided to shift production from Marussia’s headquarters in Moscow to Valmet in Finland, which also produces the Fisker Karma .

With the B2 having received such a warm reception, it’s likely that Marussia is currently developing its successor, possibly named the ‘B3’.

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A few weeks ago we brought you Justin Bieber’s completely ruined – chromed – Fisker Karma and we pretty much marked that monstrosity up as the world’s worst car modification. Well, it didn’t take too awful long for something a little more disgustingly over the top to unseat Bieber’s rolling mirror.

This 2005 Porsche 996 Turbo Cabriolet, which we all know and love dearly as the 911 Turbo Convertible, has received some real blingage in the form of gold leaf covering the entire body of this once gorgeous machine. According to rumors afloat around the Interwebz, this debacle of a modification took somewhere in the range of $600,000 to create.

Should you desire to be as conspicuous as possible and snag up this rolling theft bait, you can do so at the tune of just 1.8 million Russian Rubles, which equates to just a tick above $61,000. That price has to be rather disappointing for its owner if those $600,000 build cost rumors are actually true, as that is only about $9,000 less than you can get a mint condition 911 Turbo Convertible with 58,000 km (36,371 miles) for, sans the gold.

With a price that low, there may be quite an interesting back story to this entire sale, given the price is 10% of the initial cost and less than the actual market value of the car. There are no mentions of its mechanical condition, so that could be the reasoning for its low cost, or maybe the owner is tired of panhandlers peeling off sections of his car to pawn.

Here’s to hoping that someone buys this once awesome car and converts it back to its correct form, which shouldn’t be too hard since the interior looks pretty much stock.

Source: Konig Motor
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With Russia being the world’s largest country in terms of land size, one may think that they’d have access to all the cars imaginable. Furthermore, with Russia slowly growing in wealth, expensive cars are now becoming all too common and both the Bentley EXP 9 F and Lamborghini SUV ’s are being created with Russia in mind. However, there has long been a gaping hole in Russia’s artillery and that was easy access to a Lamborghini dealership.

This initially surprised us greatly, and will no doubt surprise you also, that a country this large with such an incredible love for high performance cars isn’t home to a dealership from one of the world’s most renowned supercar manufacturers. As a result, all Lamborghini’s currently purchased in Russia are either second-hand or imported thousands of miles in from surrounding countries.

However, that’s all about to change as Automobili Lamborghini recently teamed up with the Burevestnik Group to officially begin development and production of a new dealership in Moscow, the country’s capital.

The construction of this new dealership will allow all Russian citizens to have a taste of Lamborghini and how they operate, with merchandise and other accessories also set to be sold at the dealership. While the new place is being constructed, a temporary showroom and sales office has been set up in the Crocus City Mall.

Additionally, the dealership will also provide all current Lamborghini owners residing in Russia and all prospecting buyers the ability to have their cars serviced in their home country, by specialists rather than just any odd mechanic around the corner. As a result, sales in Russia are likely to increase exponentially, and before long, Lamborghini should be turning a profit after repaying off all the construction costs.

A very smart move on Lamborghini’s part in our opinion.

BMW’s long list of special edition, market-exclusive vehicles just got a little longer with the release of the uber-exclusive BMW 7-Series Individual Pure Black.

Limited to only 50 units, the 7-Series Individual Pure Black will only be sold in Russia and is based on the 750Li xDrive limo that carries a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 engine with 407 horsepower under its hood.

More than just the powertrain, the 7-Sieres Individual Pure Black Exclusive differentiates itself with a Black Sapphire paint finish, bi-xenon headlights, a new set of 19" alloy wheels, and BMW’s ’Black Chrome’ exterior package for the grille, door surrounds, door handles, mirror casings, and exhaust pipes. Befitting the stature of the car and the prospective clients it will have, BMW dressed up the limo with piano black trim elements and an Alcantara roof lining.

They also put in electrically-adjusted seats with memory and massage function for the driver, four-zone automatic climate control, Bluetooth, HiFi Professional System, and Internet access via the BMW ConnectedDrive system.

Obviously, the car has been luxed up to a great degree. And as such, don’t expect a paltry price tag for the vehicle because one unit costs €123,301, which is around $162,000 based on current exchange rates.

Russian tuning company, TopCar, arguably has one of the most extensive programs for the Porsche Cayenne . But it’s one thing to have a tuning program like the Cayenne Vantage 2 ; it’s a completely different thing to have a special edition version for a tuning program.

That’s what TopCar is presenting with their latest piece of work, called the "Cayenne Vantage 2 Carbon Edition." Decked in a ridiculous aerodynamic kit that’s made completely out of carbon fiber, the Vantage 2 Carbon Edition comes with carbon fiber front and rear bumpers, fenders, door sills, a new carbon fiber bonnet, a new spoiler on the rear trunk, d-shaped exhaust pipes, and a new set of ultralight forged wheels sourced from ADV.1.

Under the hood, the Cayenne Vantage 2 Carbon Edition also gets the same tuning work done on its "non-special edition" brethren. Included in this program is a new software engine management system, new air filters, and a new sports exhaust system that bump up the output from the standard 500 horsepower all the way up to an impressive 780 horsepower.

The Porsche Cayenne Vantage 2 Carbon Edition will be presented at the Top Line 2011 show in Moscow, which will run from December 16 to 19, 2011.

UPDATE 04/16/12: Top Car’s Porsche Cayenne Vantage 2 Carbon Edition will be on display at the 2012 Top Marques Monaco so if you’re in the vicinity of Monte Carlo later this week, be sure to check it out along with the Panamera Stingray GTR 7/25 one-off model!

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