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As Saab closes up its latest chapter, which included bankruptcy and many months or “We’re sold, wait, no we’re not” turmoil, we were left wondering what happened to the 900 (ish) Saabs that got held up at port whenever the failed car company filed for bankruptcy. Well, now that Saab has been liquidated to the point that only the 900 cars remain, we now have an idea what’s going on with them.

According to reports, all 900 cars will be auctioned off to varying companies and exporters. Only 300 of these leftover Saabs will make their way into dealerships and the dealers have the option to either put them up for sale at a 30- to 50-percent discount and sell them or strip them down for parts. Obviously the most profitable game would be to strip them down, but it may take a while to sell off all of the parts. So we may be in for some super-cheap Saabs hitting what remaining Saab dealers there are.

The majority of the leftover Saabs will be auctioned to exporters and rental companies. So, for an American to snag up one of these Saabs he has to either find a dealership close enough that actually wants more stock on its lot or pick one up after the rental car company is done with it – AKA after it has been thrashed to within an inch of its life. Who buys a used rental car anyways?

According to the inventory report, there are 67 company cars, which include a 1960 Quantum IV and a `70 Sonnett III, over 450 9-5 s, 400 9-3 sedans, 60 9-3 wagons, 12 9-3 convertibles and 28 9-4X crossovers.

So thus closes another part of the Saab saga. Now we just have to see what NEVS can do with the bankrupt Swedish automaker.

Shortly after becoming the official supplier for ECU upgrades, aero kits, brakes, exhaust systems, and a few other modifications for Saab models on the US market, Hirsch Performance is getting to work with the beginning of what we’re sure will be a long list of tuning projects for the Swedish automaker. The first project unveiled was the 9-3 models shown at the Chicago Auto Show, and the next is this tuning package provided for the 9-5 .

The name for the package comes straight out of the power behind it. Hirsch Performance has taken the 2.0T Turbo4 engine found in the Saab and equipped it with direct injection, a modern twin scroll turbocharger, and improved charge cooling. The result is a total output of 260 HP and a peak torque of 295 lbs-ft. Thanks to the twin scroll technology, the throttle response is also significantly faster. The 40 HP increase is accompanied by a new top speed of 155 mph.

The price for this upgrade is $1350 and can be applied to any of the models with front wheel drive and XWD, manual and automatic transmissions.

Saab has unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show a station wagon version of the new 9-5 sedan . The new model will share the same AeroX-inspired exterior look and will feature an extended, falling roof-line which culminates in a steeply raked rear screen flanked by signature Saab wraparound window glazing.

The new SportWagon version will be offered with the same all-turbo petrol and diesel engines the 9-5 sedan version and, XWD all-wheel-drive system and advanced features such as: Saab DriveSense adaptive chassis control and adaptive cruise control starting late 2012.

"The launch of the 9-5 SportWagon is a much-awaited next step in the roll-out of our new product offensive," says Saab Automobile CEO Jan Åke Jonsson. "It will take Saab back into the large estate segment where we have established a strong presence in many key markets with our previous offering."

Sale on the US market will begin later this fall.

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AlthoughSaab will most likely not create a coupe version of the new 9-5 saloon anytime soon, the idea has been in the heads of Saab fans for quite awhile. The 9-5 pictured above is the Photoshop-rendered 9-5 coupe done by an anonymous reader of the "Saabsunited" webpage.

What we have to say about the rendering is it is quite good, from a technical stand point. The fact that it was rendered by a presumably amateur artist makes it all the better, but it doesn’t quite make the cut. It looks as if the artist simply cut out a foot or two of the sedan and did nothing more. Its alloys are about five sizes too small and the door’s trim is half rubber, half chrome. Plus the roof-line is practically identical to the awkward looking roof-line of the Nissan R35.

For those who like the design, a 9-5 coupe is not among Saab’s priorities.

Source: CarScoop

The new Saab 9-5 is already on sale and it stands a great chance at becoming a very successful model; after all not everyone can afford to buy a car from Audi , BMW , or Mercedes . It stands an even better chance considering that the Volvo S80 has lost its touch and Cadillac is a brand made more for the American market.

The Saab 9-5 sedan version will soon be joined by a station-wagon version which was something to be expected, but what if Saab Saab also offered the 9-5 in a CC (Combi-Coupe) version? A return of the legendary 5-door Saab 99 from 1978? This will be Saab’s answer to models like the Audi A5/A7 Sportback, the BMW BMW 5-Series GT, and, while we are ticking models off, the Citroën C6. Although an interesting idea, it will not be one that will be made into a production version before 2013-2014.

The Saab 99 Combi Coupe arrived on the US market in 1974. It was powered by a 2.0 liter four-cylinder longitudinally mounted engine that delivered a total of 100 HP and was mated to a four-speed gearbox. The car remained in production until 1978. We can’t wait to see the new version when it hits the floor.

Hirsch Performance is well known in the automotive industry for their tuning packages for Saab models. And since Saab already has a new model that was just launched - the new 9-5 sedan - Hirsch has already started to work on improving it.

The tuner only revealed details on how the engine’s performances improved, but we expect to see the usual exterior package: carbon fiber aerodynamic components, a bootlid/roof spoiler, honeycomb grill, stainless steel dual exhaust system, and 19" wheels. For the interior the tuner will add new high quality leather and a few sports accessories.

As for the engine, Hirsch is offering an update package for all three engines. The 4-cylinder gasoline has been increased from 220 HP to a total of 260 HP, the 2.0 TiD engine moves from 160hp to 190hp, and the 2.8T V6 moves up from 300hp to 335hp.

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The upcoming release of the all-new Saab 9-5 sedan is fast approaching and as such, Saab is also gearing up its efforts in promoting the car, complete with a series of videos that are made to show customers the capabilities and active features of the brand’s new flagship sedan, which is also the very first 9-5 to be built under Saab’s new owner, Spyker.

In this particular video, Stefan Runquist, the 9-5 sedan’s Vehicle Dynamics manager, gets behind the wheel of the 9-5 and takes it out for a nice little joyride on a Swedish race track, all while informing and educating all of us with regards to the 9-5’s new features and overall characteristics. This should be a good one to play back, especially if you’ve got your eye on purchasing the new 9-5 sedan as soon as it comes out.

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With Saab’s revival under Spyker now in full-swing, we should at least be expecting the arrival of the next-generation 9-5 sedan in the coming months, but before that happens, Saab is doing its part in breaking down the car and making sure that it’s as safe as any car consumers will drive out on the road.

In this video, we catch Saab performing a head-on crash-test, featuring two of the aforementioned 9-5 sedans plowing head-on to each other. There’s not a lot flash in this video, but there sure is carnage and lots of it. Both cars closed in on each at speeds of 60 kph each and the impact, as you can imagine, completely destroyed the two car’s front ends. While that was to expected, the real measure of the 9-5’s safety was in full force when, as soon as the collision occurred, the airbags immediately inflated throughout the cabin with the passenger cells appearing to have been spared from the crash. In fact, the car remained intact enough that the doors could still be opened and closed despite the car’s mangled state.

From the looks of things, it looks like the new 9-5 sedan is up to par with today’s top safety standards, which isn’t really surprising considering the brand is known for its safety as much as anything else.

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Saab 9-5

Saab’s reinvention under Spyker continues to go full steam ahead with a new commercial for the brand’s new flagship sedan, the 2010 9-5 . The car, which is expected to make its way to dealerships in the coming months, is already being aggressively hyped by Saab as it aims to, once and for all, turn the corner after a year that saw the company come this close to being axed by General Motors .

Saab hopes that the 2010 9-5 will be the first of many Saab vehicles that will slowly inch its way back into the US market in the foreseeable future. Judging by how we’ve pegged the 2010 9-5, these guys are off to a good and promising start. Let’s all hope that they keep the momentum going from here on out.

As a reminder, the Saab 9-5 comes with a range of engines beginning with a 1.6-liter engine that can produce up to 180 hp and ending with a 2.8-liter turbo V6 engine that puts out approximately 300 hp. All engine choices come with a six speed transmission in a stick-shift or semi-automatic.

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According to Autoblog, Saab is looking at a few performance parts to help raise its standing with automotive enthusiasts, albeit in a limited fashion. Sources inside the Swedish automaker are reporting that the company is looking to upgrade the performance of the 9-3 and the new 9-5 . Yet, despite their performance desires, Saab is tied down by an agreement signed with Saab’s previous owner that laid down a chapter-and-verse about what kind of power Saabs should have under the hood.

"We can’t modify these licensed architectures in such a way that it will compete with General Motors products," said the insider to Autoblog.

So, power from the company is out, so Saab is seeking other ways to go about upping performance.

Saab has been in talks with leading European Saab tuner Hirsch Performance AG to develop new dealer-installed performance parts. These performance Saabs would be on sale in North American and other markets. Since Hirsch is not a well-known name, Saab is debating on how to go about marketing these upgrades.

Dealer installed improvements should include ECU upgrades, aero kits, brakes, exhaust systems, and a few other modifications.

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