2010 Saab 9-5 with 335 HP by Hirsch

Hirsch Performance is well known in the automotive industry for their tuning packages for Saab models. And since Saab already has a new model that was just launched - the new 9-5 sedan - Hirsch has already started to work on improving it.

The tuner only revealed details on how the engine’s performances improved, but we expect to see the usual exterior package: carbon fiber aerodynamic components, a bootlid/roof spoiler, honeycomb grill, stainless steel dual exhaust system, and 19" wheels. For the interior the tuner will add new high quality leather and a few sports accessories.

As for the engine, Hirsch is offering an update package for all three engines. The 4-cylinder gasoline has been increased from 220 HP to a total of 260 HP, the 2.0 TiD engine moves from 160hp to 190hp, and the 2.8T V6 moves up from 300hp to 335hp.

Source: Saabsunited


This is very formal, but it looks aggressive at the same time. It’s powerful at 335hp. Why there was only a minimal changes in the interior? They must provide more of a passenger assistance or developed a new system that will help to build protection and safety.

Well, it is a good thing that Hirsch is offering an update package of this Saab 9-5 for these three engines. I can’t wait for that!

Impressive, a truck that has a speed of Mitsubishi Evolution. I hope those rotor and brake pads can deal with that kind of speed.

please don’t forget that hirsch is the official tuner of saab and is backed by the factory warranty.

huh? how can you say the word stunning? for me honda accord is way far better looking than this.

A little tuning like this straight from the factory would make them a lot more compelling when cross shopping against the likes of BMW or Audi.

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