2012 Saab 9-3 TTA Race Car

There’s no doubt that Saab as a company has been running on fumes for the past couple of years, teetering that bankruptcy line more than any other automaker has in recent time.

But if there’s one silver lining to the malaise the company is embroiled in, it’s that some of their cars are still being represented in the world of auto racing. One in particular is Flash Engineering, which recently unveiled their new Saab 9-3 TTA race car that’s set to compete in the Swedish Racing Elite League this year.

The 9-3-turned race car comes with a dynamic wide body kit to go with a vented hood, a new rear diffuser, and a larger rear spoiler, making it primed and ready for some hardcore racing action.

According to Jan Nilsson, Flash Engineering’s Managing Director, the motivation to enter the Swedish Racing Elite series with a Saab 9-3 was to finally see how it stacks up against its local rival, Volvo , out on the track. “I have longed for 40 years to see the fight between Saab and Volvo Volvo on the race tracks," he said. "It becomes reality this summer and my biggest dream is to get all Saab fans to the TTA races to cheer us on.”

While we think that it’s a race that will get turn some heads, we think it’s a little more of a big deal to see a Saab vehicle compete in a racing environment despite the company’s well-chronicled financial struggles. Here’s to hoping for a good showing from the guys over at Flash Motorsport.

Updated 03/23/2012: Flash Engineering has unveiled today a first video for their Saab 9-3 TTA Race Car featuring a first test session. The test was a first run, at the Alés track in France, where the front was not completed, the final car is going to look different.


They are just lucky that they didn’t get slapped that hard. Anyway, it’s a beautiful car. The performance looks great.

Of all the sports car that I saw, perhaps this sports car is my favorite because I like its color. That captured my eyes first, then its performing capability.

I have seen many sports car like this in the web and they’re pretty similar. Maybe they just differ in specifications but it looks nice instead.

I hate its appearance. The performance only does justice to it as I can say it has been on par with most supercars recently.

I think this can even beat those twin productions of Toyota and Subaru.

I wonder whether this will raise Saab’s flag and dignity once again, as they launch another innovation in which their future depends upon the response of people.

As much as I want to humor Saab, I don’t think the appearance is really impressive. The performance is as dynamic as others, nevertheless.

Seeing fcukitup1’s comment, it made me realize that he’s right; except this has more features than Subaru’s. Can we say it is Subaru’s and Toyota’s faraway triplet?

Oh, the infamous Saab. It’s nice to see them producing another dynamic race car. I wish they’d re-establish what they have lost.

It’s amazing how much this resembles the look of a Subaru WRX

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