While the development of charging stations and wireless charging continues on a productive path, some people choose to charge their vehicles in a much more practical - and dedicated - fashion. We received a tip on an owner of a Fisker Karma in Paris that goes to great lengths - literally - to charge his hybrid sedan.

In the 16th District of Paris in "Place d’iena," where homes sell for about $3 million, a reader was able to take a picture of this Fisker Karma with its extension cord snaked out of its window. The extension cord was then stretched up to the owner’s window and undoubtedly plugged in to charge. As if that’s not ballsy enough in a neighborhood where thieves probably salivate at the opportunity of someone slipping up in their defenses, the owner left the car there overnight! This guy must really want to make sure his car is charged before going to work in the morning.

As a refresher, the Fisker Karma is a plug-in hybrid that uses a lithium-ion battery pack to power two 200+ hp electric motors for about 50 miles. Once the juice runs out of the batteries, a GM-sourced 2.0-liter gas engine producing 260 hp generates the electricity needed to power the sedan. Fisker says the Karma makes the 0 to 60 mph sprint in less than 6 seconds and can hit a top speed of more than 125 mph.

Source: Photo credit : Cidi
Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

Shortly after being named America’s favorite performance brand, Chevrolet is getting its celebratory balloons popped. A letter from General Motors has made its way to dealers stating that the production and shipment of the Camaro ZL1 has been stopped due to quality assessment. No other details have been provided, but it looks as though one of America’s favorite muscle cars will be joining the long list of models being delayed for unnecessary problems in production.

The only explanation Chevrolet has offered in their letter is the following: "We may have found a potential issue that we want to resolve." That’s it, except for that they add that the problem may take a few weeks to solve. That doesn’t necessarily sound like a minor issue to us.

Supporting the Chevrolet letter that has been sent out is a notice from a customer in Texas that says he was asked to bring his Camaro ZL1 back to the dealer so that it can be sent back to the plant.

Stay tuned as we will uncover more details of this Chevrolet setback!

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Safety cars are an integral piece of motor racing, so much so that a lot of racing series have gone the route of building specific safety cars exclusively for their use. The Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM) - that’s the German Touring Car Masters - has unveiled their official safety car for the 2012 race season and to no one’s surprise, they picked a local vehicle in the BMW M3 .

The M3 DTM Safety Car is actually based on the M3 GTS and just like any other safety car used for racing purposes, this one was specially modified by BMW M GmbH with plenty of enhancements, including unique bodywork painted in Aline White with a special safety car livery, a modified CFRP engine bonnet with vents, a slew of BMW M Performance Accessories on the gurney and flaps, a new orange roof light unit, and a new set of 19" competition wheels wrapped in 255/35 and 285/30 tires with a fixed-caliper system and Stahlflex brake hoses. Meanwhile, the interior of the M3 DTM Safety Car gets new Recaro seats, three and six-point harnesses, and a new steering wheel straight out of the BMW M Performance Accessories catalog.

Under the hood, the M3 DTM Safety Car is powered by a 4.4-liter V8 engine that produces 450 horsepower at 8,300 rpm and is mated to a 7-speed M dual-clutch transmission with Drivelogic capabilities. These figures allow the car to hit 0-60 mph in just 4.4 seconds with an impressive top speed of 189 mph.

The holidays are always a time to gather your closest family and friends to rejoice and celebrate. Of course, sometime celebrations get a little out of control and Johnnie Walker - yeah, the high quality whiskey brand that just hooked up with Porsche for the Porsche Design Johnnie Walker Blue Label Private Bar - wants to ensure that a night of good times doesn’t turn into a night of debacle. They reached out to race car drivers like Mika Häkkinen and Jenson Button to take part in the most powerful autograph they could sign: a pact to not drink and drive.

The unusual and spectacular thing about these signatures is that they were made not by a pen, but by a Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG . That’s right, the drivers signed their names on the asphalt by doings donuts to the shape of their signatures. The sheer control needed for such a task is incredible, as these drivers will tell you in the video. Everyone needs to use that same amount of control when they decide it’s time to head home.

Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4

We don’t know if it’s something in the water, or if maybe some automakers are just jumping the gun without enough testing, but there have been a number of big-ticket vehicles recalled lately, only shortly after debuting. The Ferrari 458 Italia had to be recalled because several vehicles inexplicably caught fire, then the McLaren MP4-12C followed with some software problems , and now it seems the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 may be following the same trend. No official details have been released as of yet, but there’s a rumor that the few units of the Aventador currently cruising the streets will need to swing by the dealership as soon as possible for some sort of fix.

The rumor basically began with a game of he said/she said. A Luxury4Play Forum member saw a message on a Aventador owner’s Facebook page stating that all Aventadors have been recalled and should head to their dealerships immediately. No specific explanation was given, but one member says that there are just some campaign & software updates that the company is offering. As of right now, we don’t believe any of this holds any water, so Aventador owners should rest easy and keep enjoying all 700 HP shooting out of the 6.5-liter V12 engine. We’re sure that if Lamborghini had to recall any car, they would do so with a little more tact.

UPDATE 12/20/2011: Cars UK is reporting that the Aventador will indeed be recalled due to software issues with Lamborghini’s new seven-speed single clutch automated manual gearbox. Apparently, the British magazine knows of some owners and dealers experiencing this problem and have been since November when the Aventadors were late in arriving to customers.

Issues with new technology isn’t a new thing, though. Every automaker with a new feature tends to have a problem here or there when adapting it to the real driving world. Luckily, this seems to be an easy fix so anyone with an Aventador should head down to their local dealer so they can check it out.

Source: Luxury4Play

A few months ago, the Ferrari 458 Italia had serious problems with spontaneously catching fire. Luckily, only a handful of Ferrari’s latest sports car experienced a fiery death before the company recalled the lot and had them fixed. That’s just one instance of a few that have spontaneously erupted during the course of the past year, so when we see images of this Range Rover Evoque experiencing some pyrotechnics of its own, we can help but think an issue is sure to develop.

This burning Evoque was seen in the middle of the day on a highway in Dubai. Now, the accident could have been driver error, but with the automakers’ histories in the past year, we feel it necessary to explore all of our options. Feel free to comment or send us a tip if you have any further details of this situation!

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Source: Dubaisession

This is what you call dedication and drive! Tasmanian driver, Jason White, was about four seconds behind in the final stage of the Targa High Mountain when he knew he had to put the pedal to the metal and make up time. White took his Lamborghini Gallardo Super Trofeo Stradale to its limit where it literally burst into flames. While others would pull over and take care of the safety issue, White sped on knowing exactly the time he needed to underscore the team who was driving a Nissan GT-R .

Despite his fiery experience, White still took the top spot at the race, achieving a full ten seconds ahead of the pack. Luckily, the race ended right in front of the Mt. Buller fire station and his Lamborghini only suffered minor damages.

In the Philippines, "Bahala na si Batman" - translated, it means: "Leave it to Batman" - is a popular phrase people say when they’re in a conundrum. The whole premise of that quote is that whatever pickle we find ourselves in, Batman always has a solution.

What we found out earlier today unfortunately shattered that myth because even the Caped Crusader has no answer when it comes to changing a flat tire on his Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder.

The whole escapade happened in Maryland earlier this week when the Howard county Police department responded to a 911 call emanating from Route 29, north of Washington, D.C. The call, which came from a passing motorist, said: "There is a disabled motorist southbound on 29. He’s in the left lane, he’s in like a Lamborghini . He is dressed in a Batman costume and he is hanging out halfway in the roadway."

Knowing that people could still be on their Halloween hangover, the responding officers thought the call was nothing more than a prank. Then they got to the scene and saw the Lamborghini. And then they saw Batman.

As it turned out, the Dark Knight was on his way to a Washington hospital for an appearance when he blew out one of the tires in his Gallardo Spyder. After a short while, the Gallardo was eventually towed away and Batman was picked up by one of his buddies - we suspect it was Alfred - to drop him off at his appearance.

But that wasn’t before a Howard County officer took a posterity photo with Batman, probably to show his kids that at one point in his life, he was the one that came to the Caped Crusader’s aid.

Source: Yahoo!

After the 458 Italia’s official debut, Ferrari had many issues with units of the model catching fire all over the world. So much so, that they had to launch an investigation to find the source of the problem. It ended up being the adhesive used in the wheel-arch assemblies which, in certain circumstances, began to overheat, smoke, and even catch fire.

Of course, just as one problem is resolved, another arises. With the launch of every new car, new problems arrive and, sometimes, even old problems resurface. During a recent test drive, a Ferrari FF caught fire and was entirely destroyed by the flames. According to the 44 year-old customer test driving the vehicle, a loud bang was heard at the rear at the car right before the car burst into flames. Thankfully, the man walked away unharmed, but the same cannot be said of the FF.

Let’s just hope this is a fluke and that Ferrari learned their lesson with the 458 Italia and changed adhesives.

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Whether we realize it or not, the health of truckers across our nation is of great importance to our economy and our communities. These men and women spend hours on end delivering products to homes and businesses across the USA, with one in 16 jobs being directly tied to trucking. This leads to poor nutritional habits and a sedentary lifestyle taking a toll on their bodies, leading them to battles with lung disease, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, sleep apnea, exhaustion, and back problems, to name a few. But if they are not sitting, they aren’t making any money, so what are they to do?

The Man in White.ORG (TMIW) is now addressing this issue in a way that no other organization has done before; they have released a 4-disc, audio book (CD), titled “Truckers’ Road to Health” that educates truckers on their health. Unlike educational tools provided to truckers in the past, this audio book was written by respected medical specialists and broken down into laymen’s terms to make it easily understood by all. Topics covered in the educational audio book were chosen after interviewing hundreds of truckers, leaders in the trucking industry, and medical specialists, and include pulmonary disease, hypertension, cardiac disease, diabetes, nutrition, vision, obesity, back pain, exercising on the road, stress management, sleep apnea, and recommended health screens. Risk factors and preventive measures are discussed, along with proper nutrition, exercise and lifestyle issues. The best part about this audio book is that truckers do not need to stop making money to learn about their health; they can do it while they drive.

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