2004 Saleen N20 Focus

What an exciting addition to the latest Saleen offering! With distinctive European rally car styling matched with Saleen-proven performance, the Saleen N20 Focus the first of its kind direct from the manufacturer. A true “nitrous ready” solution is available for those who want more out of the modest Focus. And underneath this quiet exterior, lurks a 250hp sleeping giant, which only Saleen could make it happen.

The Saleen N2O Focus is a driving experience like nothing else in its class. With 17" Pirelli P-Zero High Performance tires and Saleen’s Racecraft system, including N2 Struts, coil springs, front and rear stabilizer bars, and Control Blade Multilink independent suspension... Saleen’s new Focus is a "must-drive." Capable of putting out 227 hp with the Nitrous engaged.


how much would this be if it came out?

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