2006 Saleen S7 Twin-Turbo Competition

The competition package is a new option from Saleen that builds on the 750 bhp S7, producing an astounding 1000 bhp. The package is the latest evolution of the S7 supercar that first started production in 2001. The extra horsepower comes from increasing the boost of the twin-turbo system developed by Saleen.

Source: Fast-Autos

Engine and Drivetrain

The all-aluminum V8 engine casting was engineered and tooled by Saleen to displace seven liters. Space age materials and engineering are used throughout, including stainless steel valves, titanium retainers, beryllium exhaust valve seats, an aluminum throttle body, Saleen-designed aluminum CNC-machined cylinder heads and stainless steel exhaust system. The V8 incorporates a unique Saleen-designed side-mounted water pump, a belt-driven camshaft drive and a Saleen-engineered dry sump oil delivery system.

Chassis, Suspension, and Brakes

A major improvement in ride over previous models is achieved with the use of coil springs that are a dual-stage design. The first spring has a lower rate than the single springs fitted to the current S7, resulting in softer ride during normal street driving. But if you remember your history, you know that the S7 is a flat-bottom, downforce car. The faster you go, the more downforce the S7 develops. In the case of the S7’s new dual-stage springs, the second stiffer spring starts coming into play at around 100 mph when the car begins to develop serious downforce.

Chassis tuning also includes revised shock valving front and rear. Saleen-engineered Brembo-supplied lightweight aluminum six-piston mono-block calipers are fitted front and rear. The brakes are among the largest of any production car with 15-inch vented discs up front and 14-inch vented discs at the rear.


I want to see video of your 95 civic go 0-60 in one second.

my 1995 honda civic hatchback will smoke a saleen s7 competition any day, im runnin a 2.0L turbocharged Vtec, it puts out all 1500 hourses and does 0-60 in just 1 second

S7 Twin Turbo Competition = Pure SEX!

WOW.This is car is fast.Its probaly really Squirly

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