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For the savvy investor, why buy a part of the near-bankrupt Ford when you can probably get an entire company that does better work with Ford’s engines. In a statement Friday, Saleen Saleen said it has hired an investment bank to explore selling the suburban Detroit company by early next year. But be cautions, the resources of Saleen Automotive may not be much. Founder and car guru, Steve Saleen, left the company in May 2007 to start a new company that works on more than just Fords (like the SMS 570X Challenger .)

This may not be the best time to do a sale. While there is a lot of news about the big auto companies teetering on the edge of destruction, the little guys are absolutely feeling it too. Tight credit markets and the slump in auto sales have hurt specialty companies such as Saleen and ASC Inc. (who are now owned by the same parent company.)

There’s no speculation yet on how much the company is going for, but hey, the owner will likely recoup some of that instantly considering that there must be a few $590,000 S7 s lying around the factory somewhere.

Steve Saleen announced today pricing on the street legal SMS 570 Challenger and SMS 570X Challenger , models based on the 2009 Dodge Challenger R/T platform. The MSRP’s for the 2009 SMS 570 Challenger and SMS 570X Challenger are targeted to start at $60,000 to $70,000 respectively with production commencing in 2008.

SMS announced pricing on the 570 and 570X Challenger

Both models will feature a SMS designed and engineered SMS 296 Supercharger bolted to a 5.7L Hemi, with power ratings from 500 to over 700 horsepower.

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Steve Saleen is usually known for his work with Ford products, but now he’s turned his performance eye to Dodge’s new Challenger. His new company, SMS, has unveiled the SMS SMS 296 Supercharger, the first in a promised series of ultra-high performance technical parts. Now Mopar owners of 2005 to 2009 5.7-liter and 6.1-liter Hemi engines can boost horsepower by up to 45% with this dual-screw supercharger. As an added touch, the supercharger can be colored to match the car.

SMS 296 Supercharger

The SMS 296 Supercharger will be standard equipment on two cars from SMS: the SMS 570 Challenger and SMS 570X Challenger. The cars are reported to make 500 to over 700 horsepower respectively.

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Saleen’s SpeedLab unveiled today the SuperShaker, a new technology for air induction systems. The SuperShaker will fit all 2005-current model Mustang GT’s. The SuperShaker kit will increase your total power from 500 – 700HP.

The SuperShaker induction path is much shorter and less restrictive compared to existing designs, and is a true “cold air” intake that is sealed off from the engine compartment, thus enhancing vehicle performance. The SuperShaker induction system sits above the hood and is isolated from the hot air in the engine compartment. This is especially beneficial in static situations such as at stop lights or take off during drag racing. Once up to speed, the shaker hood scoop rams fresh cold air into the air box where it is pressurized, allowing greater boost at higher speeds.

By angling the custom air filter forward, water and debris will be deflected down to the bottom of the air box where it can be evacuated and not affect the performance of the filter. There are two molded pieces that make up and include the air box, providing a skirt that mounts to the rear of the box which protects the compartment from water, debris and environmental hazards. This unique design does not require any extraordinary mounting or securing devices, allowing the air box to utilize the maximum space available within the tight constraints.

Steve Saleen is celebrating his 25 years in the automotive business and the launch of his new company SMS with the launch of a new concept: the new SMS 25th Anniversary Mustang Concept.

The Mustang Concept is powered by a upercharged 5.0-liter V-8 engine that delivers 720 hp and a peak torque of 670 lb-ft. Saleen did not revealed the 0 to 60 mph numbers, but declared: "The performance is astounding; the SMS SMS Twenty Fifth Anniversary Mustang has reached nearly the same levels of performance as was previously achieved in the S7 Twin Turbo!".

The Concept feature a "light blade" lighting system and sequential rear turn signals. There are functional carbon fiber pieces and numerous billet aluminum design accents. The vehicle is completed with SMS "Chromosome Silver" paint with Saleen’s signature anniversary yellow, white and black graphic accents.

Driving a 200 mph car is everyone’s dream, but not many of us actually have the money to buy a car like a Saleen S7 . So, renting it might be the best options, even if its only for one day! The car can be yours for $4000 a day!

The Saleen S7 is America’s super car: a limited production, hand-built masterpiece designed by race drivers and engineers to push the very limits of what is considered legal to drive on the street. GDC’s candy-apple-red Saleen S7 Saleen S7 has a naturally aspirated, 7-liter 550 horsepower engine and weighs only 2,750 lbs. The car is constructed entirely of carbon fiber, aluminum and chrome-molly tubing. The Saleen S7 is available at both the company’s New York & Miami facilities and is reserved only for returning GDC customers & members of its exclusive DreamShare exotic car club.

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SMS is Steve Saleen’s new company. And their first models are SMS 570TM Challenger and SMS 570XTM Challenger. Both will be built in limited edition, depending on the model and the opportunity to be one of the few owners is limited to a first-come, first-served basis.

The fully certified and street legal SMS 570TM Challenger and SMS 570XTM Challenger will be based on the all-new and exciting 2009 Dodge Challenger R/T platform and will feature a SMS SMS Supercharged 5.7L Hemi with respective power ratings from 500 to over 700 horsepower! Both models are fully equipped with a compliment of SMS ultra-high performance components including: drivetrain, suspension, aerodynamics, tires, wheels and interior.

Each of these limited edition vehicles will be personally signed by Steve Saleen as part of the SMS Signature Series product line complete with unique badges and graphics.

Saleen's new performance 302 'Crate' Engines

Saleen is offering, for the first time in company history, its high performance 302 cubic inch (5.0L) premium crate engines for sale through its SpeedLab Aftermarket Division. The engine will be available in either short block or long block varieties to satisfy the most seasoned of engine builders and power enthusiasts.

Saleen offers the same OEM quality, durability and precision-built engines used today in Saleen built performance vehicles. The legendary 302 engine has already made its rightful return to the performance stage in Saleen product offerings such as the Parnelli Jones Edition, Heritage Series, and the new 25th Anniversary Sterling Edition. Consumers now have the opportunity to upgrade their existing vehicle with a high performance Saleen 302 crate engine.

"This addition to our aftermarket product lineup was a no brainer," says Carlos Duran, Manager of Saleen’s SpeedLab Aftermarket Division, "This engine is currently at high production rates, which allow for quick delivery to Saleen SpeedLab consumers. We want to provide our customers with the utmost in confidence relating to this new line of products."

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