Saturn cars

Available both as a normal four-door sedan and as a quirky new Quad Coupe design - with two half-size rear doors that are hinged at the back - the ION aims to recapture Saturn’s target small-car buyers.

At first glance, the ION is roomier and more substantial in nearly every way than the SL it replaces, and it’s much more competitive with the current competition than its predecessor ever was. Dimensionally, the changes are just an inch or two for wheelbase, width, and height, with more length due to overhang, and the cabin is correspondingly just a bit larger. The ION is a few hundred pounds heavier, too.

The Saturn Ion adds unprecedented levels of refinement for 2005. Sedan models feature a new front fascia and grille, while new seats (Ion·2/Ion·3) and a larger, four-spoke steering wheel highlight interior upgrades. And getting to the destination is more enjoyable than ever, thanks to improvements in ride and handling as well as reductions in noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) levels.

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