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Scion xB

You have to give it to the Scion xB. I can’t think of another car deserving to be euthanized more than the xB. It’s lived past its life, so much so that its quirky competitors — the Nissan Cube and the Honda Element — have all gone the wayside. Yet the xB remains and somehow, it’s even making yearly pilgrimages to the SEMA Auto Show .

This year, the xB rides into the biggest aftermarket auto show in the world, heavily customized with the vibe of the 70s, mixed with splashes of rock ’n’ roll, and skateboarding. Those three things are passions of pro skateboarder Riley Hawk who lent his name in the creation of the Scion x Riley Hawk Skate Tour xB.

The build is still ongoing and is led by Scott Kanemura of KMA Productions. So far, these rough sketches are the only things we have to show you as far as visual evidence of the car’s existence is concerned. I’m personally interested to see how this build turns out, not because I’m a fan of the xB, but because I want to see how much customization goes into turning the xB into a respectable ride.”

The Scion x Riley Hawk Skate Tour xB is one of a handful of Scion models being prepared for SEMA together with the Scion x Slayer Mobile Amp tC,and three FR-S models designed by media partners as part of the 10th Scion Tuner Challenge.

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Okay, folks, the 2014 New York International Auto Show is in the books, and we saw more debuts than we could even keep up with. We saw all of the big boys come with at least one key addition to their lineups, but we also had a few misses. For example. we were hoping to see the Hellcat option for the Challenger and Charger , and some extra information on the next-gen Miata — not just a glimpse at its chassis — neither of which happened.

As with every year, we are set to bring you the best and worst of the NYIAS, but we’re changing things up a bit. This year, each of our esteemed staffers has chosen their favorite and least favorite of the show and let you know why they loved or hated each one — some of us even had complete opposite opinions. Included in the list below is the Dart-ized Charger, the even-more-retro Challenger, a concept from Land Rover and even a "dirt cheap" Aston Martin .

There were a lot of vehicles to choose from, and we may have missed one that you loved or hated. Let us know in the comments below what car you loved or hated the most from the 2014 NYIAS.

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The Scion xB still looks like a shoebox, but give credit to Scion for not giving up on this model when so many others would have. On the contrary, Scion’s actually continuing to build up the xB with debut of the Release Series 10.0, a specially designed xB that comes with a whole new list of modern technologies.

Limited to just 1,500 units — like the FR-S Release Series 1.0 — the xB Release Series 10.0 doesn’t completely change the vehicle’s outward appearance, but it does have a host of modifications that at least makes it look a little more presentable. That’s probably the only recourse Scion has in differentiating the xB Release Series 10.0 from the standard version, so it set out to do just that, dressing up the model with am Electric Quartz paint that it describes as a mixture of pearl white with subtle green highlights.

That’s just the beginning of a range of new bits for the xB Release Series 10.0. But the best part is that the model is expected to hit dealerships this summer at a price of $20,420, excluding the $755 in delivery, processing and handling fees. Not too bad for a relatively exclusive xB.

Before that, though, the Scion xB Release Series 10.0 made a quick stop at the 2014 New York Auto Show for its official debut.

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We know that snowboarders are the kind of free-spirited people that enjoy the simple thrills of life, but even they would probably rather be caught dead than ride this piece of work of a Scion .

As with many cars that are headed to the SEMA Auto Show , some are there to impress and some are there to, well, "attract attention." Guess which category we think this Scion xB belongs in?

To be fair, Scion claims that the xB Numeric is a car that has been "re-created, re-invigorated, and re-developed in such a unique manner." To that, you’ll find no qualms from us.

Among the many eye-popping features of this very interesting ride begins with a 686 Breathable Fabric Wrap, a roof that was inspired by a Bern protective carbon fiber helmet, complete with the company’s patented brim technology and ’frameless’ windows that took its design cues from Dragon’s APX frameless goggle, offering a full peripheral view inside the car. Other exterior modifications include a new 686 Vader Vent Mesh Grille and set of 18" Motegi Rally Wheels wrapped in New Balance Wet Race Tires.

Inside the Scion xB Numeric, it gets a little more interesting. The first item of note are the new Sparco race seats that were inspired from Union team snowboard bindings. The car also has visual racing mirrors from GoPro, custom built time gauges from Vestal watches, heated floormats from Freewaters sandals, a heating and cooling system from BOA technologies, radar technology from Recco Rescue Systems, a comprehensive audio set-up courtesy of Skullcandy, and Spin Imaging’s interior vehicle wrap technology, which was responsible for successfully wrapping the xB Numeric, complete with laser-welded seams, stitched panels, mesh venting, and even a waterproof zipper.

The attendance of SR Auto Group’s Scion xB "Project Anarchy" to the 2011 SEMA Auto Show was guaranteed after the tuning company won the 2011 Scion Canadian Tuning Challenge.

And if you have a car that comes packed with so many modifications, then it becomes pretty obvious why this car was sent to SEMA. Exterior enhancements abound and SR Auto Group didn’t waste any space in modifying the xB. Tho begin with, the crossover was given a Military Grey paint finish. Then, there are bumper and headlight conversions from OEM, a carbon fiber hood, trunk, and spoiler from Seibon, racing lips (front and rear) and side skirts from Molded A/T, a Monarch Puddle Lamp System, an Alumina Xenon HID system, and a new set of 19" matte-brushed, aluminum face, chrome lip Modulare Bespokre M23 wheels wrapped in Nitto tires.

Meanwhile, the Project Anarchy’s interior was also given a comprehensive overhaul, highlighted by a Reventon-inspired suede seat inserts, leather seat bolsters, and tri-stitched door panel inserts. There’s also a gloss black interior trim, a TRD Racing carbon fiber shift knob, white ambient interior lights, and Blue LED foot well lights. The completely modified interior also received a Kenwood audio system with speakers and a 12" subwoofer, courtesy of Hertz, as well as a Kenwood amplifier and a 32" LED television on the rear end of the car.

Updated 11/09/2011: Check the picture gallery to see new images of the Scion xB "Project Anarchy" by SR Auto Group from the SEMA Show.

Scion has announced the new special edition 2012 xB Release Series 9.0 that will arrive in dealer showrooms in October 2011. The model will be offered exclusively in Hot Lava and will be priced from $18,110 when equipped with a manual gearbox and $19,060 when equipped with an automatic transmission. It will be limited to only 1,500 units.

The xB’s new Hot Lava exterior color will be combined with a unique honeycomb patterned lower grille that cleverly incorporates the brand name "Scion" into the mix. For the interior, the Release Series 9.0 will get exclusive perforated synthetic suede front and rear seat covers that feature an embossed Scion logo and Hot Lava color-tuned highlights. The xB wears an illuminated badge that is individually numbered.

The list of standard equipment include an all-new AM/FM/CD/HD/USB 160-watt maximum output Pioneer audio system, HD Radio technology, and Bluetooth connectivity that allows both hands-free phone connection as well as streaming audio capability.

The Rally America National Championship has long been a series dominated by the Subaru Impreza WRX STI. The Impreza’s run was unceremoniously stopped last year by the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X , setting the stage for a highly competitive 2011 season. One car that’s looking to gate crash the proceedings made its debut at the 2010 SEMA Auto Show courtesy of 0-60 Magazine.

The popular auto mag unveiled the Scion xD Tarmac rally car that’s expected to make its rally debut at the 2011 RANC. This isn’t the first time 0-60 went to SEMA with their own custom-built Scion rally prototype, having done the same thing last year . This time around, the car will be driven by Christopher Duplessis, who, incidentally, is the brother of Forest Duplessis, DirtFish Rally School’s chief instructor.

Judging from the looks and specs of the xD Tarmac, it looks like 0-60 Magazine did a splendid job turning this car into a full-fledged rally contender that’s poised to get down and dirty with the Imprezas and Evolution X’s of the Rally America National Championshp. Whether it’s overall build will translate to success on the dirt road remains to be seen. That’s something that we’re going to have to stick around and pay close attention to when the season officially opens later this year.

Every true-to-heart 80’s kid will remember the time when video games were constrained to 8-bit technology, where tiny pixelated cartoons of Mario and Luigi running around and eating mushrooms dominated the landscape. Those were the days, right?

For those lucky enough to grow up in that era, this creation by Erik Nakamura will be considered nothing short of genius. It looks like a car at first glance - as matter of fact, it is actually a car – but this Scion xB isn’t the ordinary Sunday afternoon version.

Inspired by the old Nintendo Family Computer, Nakamura went out and turned this Scion xB into a moving video game console, complete with door buttons that produce a variety of video game sound when opened, an actual video game cartridge that works as the key starter, a power button that is - if you can believe it - an old Nintendo button, two controllers on the front seats, and two projectors – one on the front and one on the rear – that can be used to play all of the old games.

On top of all that, this car can actually be driven out on the streets, that is, if you’re not too busy playing Contra in your garage. Talk about the ultimate geek car.

Not one, not two, but eight special limited edition models later and here’s the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show with Scion’s newest xB called the Release Series 8.0. We don’t know what it is about the xB that simply fascinates Scion, but we’re starting to take bets to see how many more special editions Toyota’s child is going to roll out.

Until the day when Scion stops creating these silly little editions, we’ll just have to bite the bullet and keep on providing information about them. The xB RS 8.0 comes fitted with a four-piece body kit designed by Kenstyle that includes an aggressive front and rear lower lips, and side skirts. The exterior will be painted in Voodoo Blue, a color that is not currently available on any other Scion model.

The interior will be freshened up with seats and door panel trim that have been covered in an exclusive black fabric with blue accents. The floor mats also feature the same color blue in the form of the "xB RS 8.0" logo.

So basically, what you are looking at is the Release Series 7.0 minus the TRD sport muffler and leather-wrapped RAZO GT Formula Spec shift knob. Oh, and you get that "nifty" blue color instead of the purple given to last year’s model.

The Scion xB Release Series 8.0 is limited to 2000 units and goes on sale later this month. Prices will begin at $18,405 for a manual transmission and $19,355 for an automatic transmission, which is slightly lower than the Series 7.0. For an extra $320 customers will also get a color-matched rear spoiler.

Here’s a nice new concept for a reality show that every car-loving man – and woman - on the face of this world would love to be a part of: have six people duke it out for the enviable opportunity to modify a Scion xB .

Oh wait, Scion ’s already doing that.

In a new Web series that’s sure to be must-watch entertainment for a lot of us, “Reinventing the Wheels” features two film makers, two DJs, a special-effects make-up artist and a pastry chef – yes, a pastry chef – are putting their car design talents to good use by having their own individual preliminary designs on a Scion xB. And that’s just episode 1.

We’re pretty sure that as the show progresses, things are going to get a little more interesting. In the meantime, check out episode 1 to see how the six contestants all stack up against each other.

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