Scion xD

Scion xD

Unlike Subaru , Scion is still a relative newbie to the Rally America scene, having only raced in the series for one year before this season. But now that it’s got its maiden experience out of the way, Scion is preparing to be more of a factor in the series’ two-wheel-drive class.

Championing their cause is the new 2013 Scion xD Rally Car, an innocuous model that has been turned into a full-fledged rally car with a 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine that has likewise been force-fed with a GReddy turbocharger. Add some rally-spec components, redesign the interior for rally purposes, slap on the obligatory sponsor logos, and you have a race car that’s primed and ready to get down and dirty.

The make the xD Rally Car more competitive this year, scion bumped up its horsepower – the amount remains undisclosed, of course – added in an all-new suspension system and better balanced the awkward-looking xD’s weight distribution.

Of course, Scion has no illusions of being a straight-up contender to the mighty Subaru team. But considering that they’re just entering their second year of competition, we’d be very disappointed if Scion doesn’t build on the foundation they set last year and get some winning results in the two-wheel-drive class.

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After a huge wildfire delayed the 2012 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, it has finally had its day in the spotlight, and it did not disappoint. The entire PPIHC was chock-full of craziness and highlights, along with some low-lights worthy of mention.

The biggest highlight of the day was seeing a record set at last year’s race fall. It fell not only once, but twice in only 10 starts. Switzerland’s Romain Dumas – a PPIHC rookie – fired up the hill, completing the course in just 9:46.18 in his 2012 Porsche GT3 RS . This demolished the 9:51.278 record set by Nobuniro Tajima In 2011. Just 10 starts later, Rhys Millen, an 18-year PPIHC veteran, beat Dumas’ time by 0.02 seconds in his 2012 Hyundai Genesis coupe. Yeah, figure that one out; a Hyundai beat a Porsche GT3 RS .

Dejected, Dumas vowed never to race Pike’s Peak again, claiming it is unfair because he raced in rainy conditions, while Millen got a drier track to run on. In all honesty, though, 10 starts just doesn’t seem like a long enough time frame to cause a huge discrepancy in track conditions. We’re calling “Sore loser” on this one. That’s no way to get a good name in the racing world.

A huge low-light in this year’s race is the fact that the 2011 champion and former record holder, Nobuniro Tajima, didn’t even get a shot at the title, as his electric motor burned up. Tajima had a pretty good chance to win the race in back-to-back years, but that was apparently not in the cards this year. We’re sure he’ll be back near the top next year.

Let’s take a look at the top-3 in each class, plus the top-10 overall results.

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Scion is wrapping up its special edition announcements in 2011 with a second model called the xD Release Series 4.0 (xD RS 4.0) for 2012. This new model will be built in only 800 units and exclusively offered in an Blizzard Pearl exterior paint. Prices start at $16,250 when equipped with manual gearbox and $17,050 when equipped with an automatic transmission. Prices do not include delivery, processing, and handling fees of $730.

The special Blizzard Pearl exterior paint on the special edition xD is combined with 16-inch alloy wheels finished in a smoked platinum color. TIt also gets color-tuned trim pieces on the center console, steering wheel, and door panels. The seats are wrapped in a distinctively patterned soft-touch material and feature white stitching. Finally, the xD will include carpeted floor and cargo mats featuring the Release Series logo and white stitching around the border. Each xD RS 4.0 features an individually numbered badge.

Scion has unveiled the special edition xD Release Series 3.0 (xD RS 3.0). It will be limited to only 1,500 units ad will be priced at $16,905 for the manual version and $17,705 for the automatic version. The price does not include the delivery, processing, and handling (DPH) fee.

The new special edition xD RS 3.0 is distinguished by a four-piece body kit that includes front and rear lower lips along with side skirts. The body kit adds assertive styling and is exclusive to the xD RS 3.0. The xD comes painted in a distinctive color appropriately named xPRESSO, which is not currently offered on any other Scion model. To complete the stylish exterior, the xD RS 3.0 is equipped with B-pillar appliqués that are constructed from genuine carbon fiber material and feature the xD RS logo.

Each of the 1,500 units comes with a unique, individually numbered stainless-steel badge.

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Scion ’s Kogi xD Mobile Kitchen made an appearance at the LA Auto Show, further proving that it just might be the future of all tailgating vehicles.

Designed by MV Designz, the Kogi xD Mobile Kitchen comes with everything you can find in the kitchen short of the food itself. It’s got a fridge on one side, a cutting board on the left rear door, a tailgate barbeque grill, an ice chest and a sink with a reverse osmosis system, cooking utensils on the left tail light and condiments on the right side.

Really, did MV Designz leave anything out?

Source: Jalopnik

For those who love both driving and cooking, Scion is offering a special solution: the Kogi xD Mobile Kitchen by MV Designz. The xD concept features a MV Designz front fascia, MV Designz rear fascia, MV Designz side skirts and MV Designz Hood.

Kogi xD Mobile Kitchen by MV Designz

As about cooking, the concept features a fridge and a cutting board on the left rear door, ice chest and sink with reverse osmosis system, tailgate with barbeque grill, hatc glass featuring Dual Alpine 10" LCD Monitors, cooking ustensils on the left tail light and condiments on the right tail light.

0-60 Magazine and Sprear arco revealed today at SEMA Show the rally version of the Scion xD. The concept features Pro-ADV race seats, safari race steering wheel, navigators footrest, 6 point harnesses, mud flaps, communications units, race pedals.

The Sparco Rally xD is using different carbon-fiber elements, including the front hood, rear hatchwing and panels. There is also a FIA Spec rally cage, universal light pod, front aluminun skid plate, spoiler, front bumper pod mounts and a new exhaust system.

The Japanese automotive manufacturer Scion has just revealed plans for their final limited edition vehicle for the 2009 model year. The xD Release Series 2.0, highlights of this last of the 2009 Scion Scion s will consist of an Electric Wasabi green paint job on the exterior and a touch screen Pioneer Audio Visual Navigation head unit complete with flash memory, voice recognition software, and hands free Bluetooth connectivity for the interior.

The Scion xD Release Series 2.0 will go on sale later this month and carry a $1,270 premium over a base xD, which go for $14,650 when equipped with a manual transmission and $15,450 for one that will shift itself.

Like any limited edition offering from an automaker, the Scion xD Release Series 2.0 will be manufactured in limited numbers. In this vehicle’s case there will only be 1600 units produced. Is this the kind of factory custom ride that today’s young new car shoppers are looking for? We will just have to wait and see, but as is the case with any special edition Scion , every example should find a home very shortly.

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When you hear the name Scion, you probably think about the “stylish” Scion xB. The xB was such a success, with over 60,000 xBs sold in 2007; it outsold its smaller sibling the xA. Apparently, the xA just wasn’t cool enough. That is probably the reason why Scion decided to stop production of the xA back in 2007. However, the xA was quickly replaced with a newer and nicer model- the xD. The 2008 Scion xD was first introduced to the public on February 2007 at the Chicago Auto Show, and production started that same summer. The new xD wants to be fuller, sportier and more playful than the defunct xA, let’s see if that is the case.

Scion announced today that the third limited-production Scion for 2008, the xD Release Series 1.0 (xD RS 1.0), will be available at dealer showrooms beginning in June.

Scion xD Release Series 1,0 pricing announced

The 2008 xD RS 1.0 features Hot Lava exterior paint. This first limited edition xD will turn heads with a DAMD body kit, rear spoiler, Release Series wheel covers and TRD lowering springs. Inside, the xD RS 1.0 will feature Hot Lava accented seats and interior trim, and a RAZO Release Series shift knob. Like all Release Series vehicles, an individually numbered badge completes the uniqueness of this vehicle.

Scion xD Release Series 1,0 pricing announced

Only 2,000 units of the xD RS 1.0 will be built. The xD RS 1.0 model will carry a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of $1,999 over the base price of the xD. The manual transmission xD carries a base MSRP of $14,550, while the MSRP for the automatic transmission model is $15,350.

The delivery, processing and handling (DPH) fee for all Scion models is $620 and is not included in the MSRP. DPH fees for vehicles distributed by Southeast Toyota (SET) and Gulf States Toyota (GST) may vary.

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