2009 Kogi xD Mobile Kitchen by MV Designz

For those who love both driving and cooking, Scion is offering a special solution: the Kogi xD Mobile Kitchen by MV Designz. The xD concept features a MV Designz front fascia, MV Designz rear fascia, MV Designz side skirts and MV Designz Hood.

Kogi xD Mobile Kitchen by MV Designz

As about cooking, the concept features a fridge and a cutting board on the left rear door, ice chest and sink with reverse osmosis system, tailgate with barbeque grill, hatc glass featuring Dual Alpine 10" LCD Monitors, cooking ustensils on the left tail light and condiments on the right tail light.


I’m not really familiar with Kogi vehicle but when I saw this one, I must say that I’m truly amazed with their work! This is absolutely a running kitchen! smiley Anyway, it is too perfect for an outdoor picnic, no hassle already!

A built in and walking kitchen, great! smiley This is really impressive but they are right that the color didn’t suit on the car. Is it already on market production or not yet? I would love to have this.

This kind of car is so practical and reliable in a picnic and family outing though I don’t like the color that they used on this car. It is simply impressive.

This one is a good innovation that is perfect for chefs out there. Also for family bonding, you don’t need a barbeque grill and an oven to cook or a faucet to wash your plates because this car is all-in-one portable kitchen car. Is that officially released?

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