2011 Scion FR-S Concept

Now, we know we have already seen two concepts- FT-86 and FT-86 II - for this vehicle, but will have to endure one more as Toyota has brought us yet another FT-86 concept. This time it has been revealed at the New York Auto Show under the Scion badge and it won’t go into production until Toyota finally brings their production version later this year at the Tokyo Motor Show. The Scion FR-S Concept is a preview version of a new model coming to the Scion brand next year.

"Scion is always experimenting with new things," said Jack Hollis, Scion vice president. "The brand is iconic with the xB, adrenalized by the tC, and groundbreaking with the iQ. The FR-S will expand the brand into yet another new dimension that I know it is truly destined for."

Like with the other Toyota model, the Scion model is being inspired by the AE86 generation of the Corolla, better known as the Hachi-Roku, meaning "8-6" in Japanese. The concept is being built on a rear-wheel-drive platform and is powered by a 2.0-liter boxer front engine that can be mated with either a six-speed manual or a six-speed automatic transmission.

UPDATE 04/28/2011: Toyota has revealed a new video showing off the Scion FR-S concept’s revving engine. The sound should be the same or very similar for all three Scion FR-S / Toyota Toyota -Subaru FT-86 cars since they will all feature the same Boxer engine and exhaust setup. Hit the jump for the video.

UPDATE 05/20/2011: Testing is still underway for the Scion FR-S, and while it was circling the track, spy photographers were able to get a shot of the newly fitted and massive wing attached to the back. Seems a little exaggerated to us, but hey, we’ve waited so long to see this car in action that we will take just about anything they throw at us at this point. Check out the video after the jump.

UPDATE 06/24/2011: Scion has unveiled a new video of their latest FR-S concept in which Ken Gushi - a resident Scion Racing driver - talks about about the Scion FR-S Scion FR-S concept car and what it means to him. For those that don’t recognize the name, Gushi started his driving career in the iconic Toyota AE86 also known as the "hachiroku". The AE86 is important because the FR-S is modeled after the prime drifting vehicle.

UPDATE 11/10/2011: SEMA may be all about tuning projects, but next to a bunch of updated iQs, Scion also took the opportunity to show us the FR-S Concept. Check out the gallery to see all of the live images from the show.

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Spy Video of the FR-S’ New Rear Wing by FT86Club

The Scion FR-S Revving its Engine

Exterior and Interior

Scion FR-S Concept

The concept on display at the New York Auto Show is shown in a bright Code Red exterior paint and displays the profile inspired by the Toyota 2000 Toyota 2000 GT. The hoodline dips low and then opens up at the vehicle’s wide mouth and angular headlights featuring bright LED clusters. Overall, the sharp lines of the concept reveal a clean design and not at all what we expected when we heard Toyota was giving this prized piece over to Scion.

As low as the front dips, the back of the car perks up like it is being ready to be kissed. The extensive lower treatments add a certain amount of get-down-and-dirty as it frames the dual exhaust pipes. Further funk is illustrated by the sharp taillights with LED lights and that unmistakable "SCION" logo.

The final touch is made by a new set of massive monoblock Five Axis wheels, size 20x8.5-inch front and 20x10.5-inch at the rear. The wheels are combined with four-piston-caliper front brakes and 18-inch annular carbon ceramic matrix rotors attached to the wheels à la motorcycle style.


Scion FR-S Concept

Under the hood, Scion has placed the same 2.0-liter front boxer engine combined with a rear-wheel drive system. This engine is set up lower and further back to provide a lower center of gravity. This 2.0L Boxer engine is the first boxer to incorporate Toyota’s D4-S injection system, an addition that results in both direct and port injection. All this means is that the FR-S will get increased horsepower and torque without having to deal with the loss of fuel efficiency, a big plus when dealing with these mounting gas prices.

The engine can be mated to either a six-speed manual or a six-speed automatic transmission controlled by steering-wheel-mounted paddle shifters.

When Can I Buy One?

Scion FR-S Concept

As Scion announced at the New York Auto Show, a production version will follow next year. Expect to pay around $25K for Scion’s interpretation of the FT-86, which matches what Toyota’s version is rumored to cost.


Scion FR-S Concept

The future Scion FR-S will surely have competitors on the market, namely Subaru’s interpretation of the Toyobaru project. While both models will share the same boxer engine, Subaru’s will also have an STI version powered by a 2.5-liter turbocharged flat-4 engine with an output of about 300 HP.

Models like the Nissan 370Z will also cater to some competition as the production version of the Scion figures to aim itself in that direction as well. The 370Z gets a 3.7 liter V6 engine with an output of 332 HP at 7,000 rpm and 270 lb-ft of torque at 5,200 rpm. It is on sale with a starting price of $30K. All that aside, if the FR-S production version looks anything like the concept, then faithful Nissan customers may have good reason to look elsewhere.

Scion FR-S Concept
  • Looks amazing in red
  • Impressive look
  • A 2.0 liter boxer engine
  • We are tired of waiting for the production version


Hey, this one would be the model that will be available in the US right? Or are they also bringing in the Toyota version? If that’s the case, it would indeed be hard to choose.

Nice, that car really looks gorgeous. I am now hard pressed to choose between the FT-86 and the FR-S. Well, if the former wasn’t really there, I would probably be picking this one up.

I see, so the main different between this one and the FT-86 is the front nose. Actually looks as good as that of Toyota’s. Hey, whatever happened to Subaru’s concept?

Yeah, the wing looks a bit too big for the FR-S. But that one wouldn’t probably be the final one on the model, they’re probably just testing how it would affect the car’s handling.

Yeah, its hard to judge the performance of the car, you really need to test drive it. However, looking at the aesthetic of this car, Well, I have to say that its quite impressive and lovely in red!

It seems that this concept car doesn’t perform better compared with how it looks. The sound is not operatic and I can see that it doesn’t drive smoothly in the corner. I don’t know it its only the video, I want to test drive this car to find out.

The wing in ugly, I would like it if it was going with the wave and being a sport Hybrid. For these dates having a gasoling 4 cylinder is out dated for concepts.

i have to say i was a bit ify about this car but i think that we could be looking at the next base for there next super car model

I agree, The whole concept package is great,This makes the concept confuse of its grille front that looks terrible.

Well, let’s just hope that its the nearest competitor. I was expecting for more power just like Jeremy Clarkson. I think they have so much time to improve the performance since its not already in the production.

Oh please stop using that color for I believe that its only good in Ferrari cars! However, if they are pointing the Nissan 370z as its competitor then most probably this car is not that powerful! I don’t think that 300+ hp is a good output performance of sportscar.

Toyota haven’t announced the final engine figures of this so I can’t compare whether it can compete with the Nissan 370Z or not.

I have to agree that it looks great in red and then its very sporty. I can’t wait for the final figure performance of this car and its debut! 

Well, this one actually looks as good as its FT-86 brother. But one thing that I don’t like about this one is the grille, looks a bit off to me.

Hmm, that seems to be quite a good assertion. But I don’t think that the Scion FR-S would necessarily be slower than the FT-86, though it would most likely be a bit less powerful.

Here’s my prediction: Much like the relationship between the last Celica and the original tC, this Scion model will serve as a cheaper, slower alternative to the FT-86. The Scion model will use the 170-bhp naturally aspirated boxer from the standard Imprezza, while the Toyota version will feature the 305-bhp turbo boxer from the STI.

The face of this car reminds me of the 458 Italia. However, the performance of this car is far better than the Italia.

Well, it’s a good thing that that the car looks a bit different from the FT-86 concepts. This will definitely make all three cars stand out from each other.

Yeah, that’s correct. But as far as I know, Scion will still be able to tune up the car according to their market, so there will still essentially to different cars here.

Just a thought, so aside from the body styling, much of the car would actually be identical with the FT-86 right? I wonder how pricing would go when they finally release the production version of this one.

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