2011 Scion iQ-RX by Jon Sibal

Scion ’s fleet of SEMA -bound iQ ’s has taken in another world-famous designer in the name of one Jon Sibal. Just like Michael Chang and Tatsu, Scion gave the keys to Sibal to personally design his own iQ to be displayed at SEMA.

With this program, Sibal sought out the help of a number of partners to design his iQ, including MVDesignz, Veilside Premier, Nitrous Express, HRE Wheels, and Air Runner System, to name a few.

The first two were given the task of dressing up the iQ’s exterior and they most certainly went to work on it. MVDesignz put in the iQ’s Matte Metallic Grey paint finish with Bronze Pearl accents. Meanwhile, Veilside Premier put in a number of modified parts including a front bumper, front fenders, a vented hood, side skirts, and a rear bumper. Other exterior enhancements include a Roadwire custom sunroof, smoked frosted lights, LED daytime running lights, an Air Runner System suspension set-up, and a set of 18" HRE 567C Forged wheels wrapped on Toyo Proxes 4 tires with a Stop Tech braking system.

Under its hood, the iQ-RX was also given an array of upgrades in the form of some nitrous additions, including a Nitrous Express universal fly-by-wire single nozzle system, a purge system with a D-4 manifold, and a dual vent purge line kit. The mere addition of nitrous to the iQ makes this one a certified bottle rocket on wheels.

The interior of the iQ-RX is a virtual techie’s playground, thanks to the car being set-up with a motorized 32" Samsung LED TV on the rear that goes well with the XBox 360 right next to it. And oh, there’s also an iPad 2 and an elaborate audio set-up courtesy of Orion Car Audio.

Updated 11/09/2011: Check the picture gallery to see new images of the Scion iQ-RX by Jon Sibal from the SEMA Show.


I love the full audio-video entertainment system arrayed so well in the premium customized interior. It is amazing that you can use the car as a mobile Hotspot and a power-changing station.

I badly needing it right now. I’ve just fell in love with the extreme looks and the interior is good. What I loved most about the exterior was the 32” inches Samsung LCD TV and XBOX 360. Well, maybe the kids would like to spend their weekends out-of-town. It also has the nicest audio set-up.

Yeah! I have to agree with you Lilia Endrizzi. Scion iQ is truly looking so attractive if it is on a lighter body paint. Anyway, the technology that this vehicle can offer is really very satisfying!

Maybe it is much better, if they let it on a light body paint. Anyway, it looks so awful at its front design most especially on its big exhaust, but I love the technologies that it had. smiley

For some reason, I must say that I don’t like the exterior detailing of this hatchback, it seems over designed for that even the body paint that they use on it is not so impressive.

Unlike you, I can say that I’m not so impressed with the looks that it had. It looks very awful and huge for a small car like this. Anyway, I’m impressed on its interior amenities but what about its engine?

Seriously, this Scion iQ-RX is absolutely looks so awful but in a positive way, and I wonder if it is on a matte color? Anyway, I’m glad that it can offer a striking interior amenity.

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