2011 Scion tC Gruppe S by Dynamic

Taking a break from the Scion iQ lovefest at the 2011 SEMA Auto Show is this Scion tC that was built and designed by Dynamic. Called the ’Gruppe S,’ the aftermarket company was able to bring a sprightly tC coupe and turn it into a race-ready sportster that’s primed and ready for some tarmac action.

The exterior modifications include a KW 3-way race coilover suspension, a carbon hood and carbon trunk from Seibon, a front carbon splitter and GT wing from APR, a 5-axis lip spoiler, a one-piece roof from Papadakis Racing, and a set of 18" Hankook wheels with a TRD Big Brake Kit. As for the interior, the upgrades include Recaro SPG Hans seats with Sparco race harnesses and a custom-built 6-point race cage.

Under its hood, Dynamic added a GReddy turbo kit and a front mounted cooler to the Scion tC’s 2.5-liter inline four-cylinder engine, spiking the coupe’s output to unimaginable heights.

We have no idea how many ponies were added to the equation, but rest assured, this particular tC coupe will carry more than the 180-horsepower output from the standard version.

Updated 11/09/2011: Check the picture gallery to see new images of the Scion tC Gruppe S by Dynamic from the SEMA Show.


I think it is much better if they used a simple graphic design on this one, but I must say that it is already kind of impressive on that. Anyway, I wonder if what will be the engine specification of it?

The graphic design is somewhat very striking on this race car, and the safety features that it had been is really so nice to see. I just only hope that it could have an impressive speed performance.

I’m glad that this race car is complete with safety feature, which is really great on this. Anyway, I have to agree that it is truly looks so great on its design, but I hope that they will use an impressive engine for this.

Well, it is really very artistic, and I noticed that its interior has a race harness which looks great on this race car. Furthermore, I’m glad that they thought about the safeness of this vehicle.

It looks so artistic on its body design, and the gold wheel of this one is absolutely looks great on it. I’m also glad that they, likewise, upgrade the interior of this one.

Well, I just noticed that in spite of having a simple design, I can say that it is still very captivating, and I am hoping that its interior can also offer a relaxing and comfortable feature.

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