scion fr-s shooting brake picture


flat-4 (Est.)
Horsepower @ RPM:
200 (Est.)
2.0 L (Est.)
0-60 time:
6.5 sec. (Est.)
Top Speed:
155 mph (Est.)

Last week we heard the first rumors suggesting that Scion could develop more body styles for its FR-S sports coupe. A rumor was all we needed to start imagining what these models would look like. Yesterday we brought you a rendering of a FR-S sedan and today it’s time for something even crazier: the FR-S Shooting Brake.

According to Scion FR-S chief engineer, Tetsuya Tada, such a variant will be specially developed for those big families that want to enjoy a great sports car. He added that every time he goes out, he wants to take all his five dogs with him, so you see why such a crazy model is needed, right?

If built, the FR-S Shooting Brake will most likely feature the same technology as the coupe. This nets it a 2.0-liter boxer-four engine that delivers a total of 200 horsepower and 151 pound-feet of torque.

However, we suggest not to start saving for such a model because we strongly doubt it will be even put into production. One thing is certain, the shooting brake is more likely than a sedan.



    funkier (552)

    5 dogs are indeed fit to this car. Perhaps it should be for those people who need to take their pets with them or some extra baggage. I just hope there will be more pictures of the exterior and interior. But the only image shows that it is good family car with limited option.

    Posted on 04.11.2013

    marry_m (346)

    I think a 3 door car isn’t appropriate as a family car.

    Posted on 03.25.2013

    for me, sports car= power and this ins’t powrefull. sooo, not a sports car anymore.

    Posted on 03.25.2013

    If they thought about a design as one in the image I don’t see the meaning.

    Posted on 03.25.2013

    sonique (341)

    Interesting how they wanna produce a sports car that large. I usually associate sports cars with small dimensions.

    Posted on 03.25.2013

    gabe_dale (397)

    With 200 horsepower and 151 pound-feet of torque I don’t consider it a sports car anymore.

    Posted on 03.25.2013

    gary_ladd (305)

    one single image?? this is like the saddest teaser i have ever seensmiley))

    Posted on 03.24.2013

    alex_klon (312)

    maan, this is not a suitable car for 2019!i bet many competitors will rise up until then, and might damage sendans planssmiley

    Posted on 03.24.2013

    dave_mark (302)

    smiley its design is really awesome!it is the first time I get impressed by a sedans design.however, bright car it seems to be

    Posted on 03.24.2013

    Tinur1975 (422)

    Am I the only one to think that its name derives from scorpion? ha ha, I know it is just irrelevant , but I thought it’s kind of funny smiley

    Posted on 03.24.2013

    Debound (305)

    wow, this sedan looks amazing!It’s a pity it is going to be released in 2019...smiley

    Posted on 03.24.2013

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