Nintendo Scion xB

Every true-to-heart 80’s kid will remember the time when video games were constrained to 8-bit technology, where tiny pixelated cartoons of Mario and Luigi running around and eating mushrooms dominated the landscape. Those were the days, right?

For those lucky enough to grow up in that era, this creation by Erik Nakamura will be considered nothing short of genius. It looks like a car at first glance - as matter of fact, it is actually a car – but this Scion xB isn’t the ordinary Sunday afternoon version.

Inspired by the old Nintendo Family Computer, Nakamura went out and turned this Scion xB into a moving video game console, complete with door buttons that produce a variety of video game sound when opened, an actual video game cartridge that works as the key starter, a power button that is - if you can believe it - an old Nintendo button, two controllers on the front seats, and two projectors – one on the front and one on the rear – that can be used to play all of the old games.

On top of all that, this car can actually be driven out on the streets, that is, if you’re not too busy playing Contra in your garage. Talk about the ultimate geek car.


wow..its the most coolest car I ever had..Its like I am riding in the video games

hahaha I agree giant candy sugar maybe. it looks great with those solor tone, i to have one also for my nissan murano. it looks cool actually.

lovely it looks more like giant candy car hahaha to me. i wonder how much would i spent to make my Nissan Cube like that.. I mean the pain job. i really like it

Actually the vehicle comes with a retro gaming flavour, as it is finished in the colors of the Famicom.

great one, I love it specially the color toning of the xb, I guess this paint is also great on mazdaspeed3 or for focus rs.

Scion is known to be a carmaker that seeks to attract young buyers and always offers vehicles that have a dynamic image.

Yeah, shouldn’t be a bad idea to have a kit like this. And in the trunk there must be room for a big white sheet of paper to use it for projection anywhere.

Haha... Anyone ready to build a kit of this kind for any car? smiley

Lool... you need a huge garage... or you need to build a path to the living room in order to move your car in there smiley

Very nice car, but all of it makes me think that it will not be an iconic car remembered after 20 years, and will be soon forgotten and replaced by another cool car!

omg this is the coolest car ever. I love video games, and this car is the coolest!

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