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Tricycles aren’t the sexiest forms of racing transportation you’ll ever come across. Blame it on the odd configuration, but there doesn’t appear to be anything redeemable about a car – a high-powered one, at that – running on three wheels. Then you have the people of Scorpion Motorsports, who appear to have built a trike that will change the way we view three-wheeled racers from here on out.

Called the P6, this three-wheeled machine may look the part of a Formula One racer, but the front end is where the similarities end. It’s about as aesthetically awkward as any high-powered racer can look, but dare we say, the whole profile works great for us.

Even for something of its stature, the P6 has some pretty significant performance specs, which is something that shouldn’t go unnoticed given the package that it comes on. The only downside to this piece of work is that for all of its awesomeness, the Scorpion P6 doesn’t come cheap. Not the least bit. So you want to know how much it costs?

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