Seat Leon

Seat Leon

Seat showed up to the Wörthersee meeting in Austria with six particularly fiery versions of their Ibiza and Leon models. One of these eccentric creations is the Leon Supercopa, a model that has been inspired by its siblings from the WTCC models.

The Supercopa is powered by the same engine as found in the Leon Cupra R - a 2.0 liter TSI engine - but its output has been increased to 301 HP with a peak torque of 250 lbs-ft. All of this power is sent through a six-speed DSG transmission and a mechanical locking differential to the front wheels. The steel disc brakes with six pistons per unit have diameters of 360 mm (front) and 256 mm (rear). The car features a pretty impressive exterior aerodynamic package along with a lowered ride for a more sporty impression. The cockpit is "the drivers" workstation for the single-brand series that has been running in Germany since 2004."

All races in the 2011 German SEAT Leon Supercopa will once again be run as part of the DTM program.

Remember the Seat Leon Cupra R 310 WCE revealed back in June? It’s okay, if you don’t because we’re going to give you a little refresher anyway. The Cupra R 310 WCE was a special edition Cupra R limited to only 200 units and powered by a 310 HP engine. We are assuming that special edition did well enough because Seat has announced a second version of the special edition called the R310 White Edition. It was built as a competitor for the Focus RS , but the competition will only lie in Sweden because that is the only region who will enjoy the white model.

Based on the Leon Cupra R the R310 White Edition is powered by the same 310 HP engine as its previous brother, but it will be distinguished by a white body decorated with two-tone strips. Seat is also offering sport 19-inch wheels, bucket seats, and a sports suspension.

The price for this beauty is 34,000 euro. There is one setback, however. Seat has announced that any customer with the desire to purchase this vehicle will have to take a special driving course in order to learn how to handle the car.

Seat may not be all that popular of a car brand compared to its competitors, but the Spanish automaker sure knows how to get the attention of each and every testosterone-laden man in the world.

The Volkswagen -owned car brand has joined forces with Colombian pop superstar and certified hot-stuff Shakira to release a pair of special-edition Seat variants for both the Ibiza and Leon hatchbacks.

Billed as the Ibiza Good Stuff and the Leon Good Stuff - the name, apparently, was taken from Shakira’s new album "She-Wolf e-Wolf " - each special-edition model comes with a number of engine options, as well as added goodies that include, among other things, a Tom Tom sat nav system, a black iPod Nano 8GB with Seat’s logo on it, Bluetooth hands-free capability, a multi-functional steering wheel, sports seats, heated side mirrors, fog lamps with cornering lights, and "Kenda" alloy wheels.

We’re not certain as to what extent the partnership is between Seat and Shakira, but we do know that the two special-edition Seat hatchies will play prominent roles as Shakira embarks on her Good Stuff European Tour.

As we were saying yesterday, all of the news lately has been about football. Even in the automotive industry! For example, if England has its very own customized Pagani Zonda , then why can’t Germany get its own Seat Leon Cupra R tuned by JE Design and Kobia?

Je Design wanted to have a faster and a more muscular car. To do that they added a wide body kit that includes subtle wheel arch extensions, a new front spoiler with large air intakes, headlamp mask, a new center spoiler, new side skirts, rear apron, central diffuser insert, and a powerful rear wing with recessed logo.

Under the hood, Je Design updated the 2.0-liter TFSI engine’s output to 310 HP and 400 NM of torque. The result is a sprint from 0 to 60 mph in 5.9 seconds and a top speed of 161 mph.

The package also includes an adjustable suspension that lowers the ride by 44 mm and a set of 10x18-inch, black glossy wheels wrapped around 255/35 R 18 tires.

What’s a little surprising about this tuning package is that JE Design wanted to specifically target the car’s output to provide a speedier model of the Cupra R, but they only brought up the horsepower to 310. The only reason this is confusing to us is because we know they could have boosted it to 330hp as they did with another Seat Leon Cupra R back in March. Come on, JE Design. If you are going to try and go the extra mile for the World Cup at least give us everything we know you’ve got.

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Just nine months after we got a first look at the new Seat Leon Cupra R, it has gone on sale in the UK. The new Cupra R gets a four-cylinder turbocharged 2.0-liter engine that has 261 horsepower. That is a massive 10 percent more than the old Leon Cupra.

Of course, there is another Cupra that is faster than that. The limited edition Cupra 310 gets 306 horsepower and the German market will get the Cupra Edition, which will get around 282 horsepower.

Drivers will be able power away from the lights with the cars 258 pound feet of torque and the short-throw six-speed gearbox. All this power will allow the car to hit 62 miles per hour in 6.2 seconds with a top speed of 155 mph.

With all that power, it’s simply astonishing that the little Cupra R can get 34.9 miles per gallon with only 190 grams of CO2 per kilometer.

Standard features include stability control and traction control. There is also an XDS system, which retools the anti-lock brakes to mimic a limited slip differential.

There are 19-inch Potenza wheels that will be available in silver and white, a rear diffuser, a spoiler, and center-mounted dual exhaust tailpipes.

Our readers in the UK can expect to say around £25,205, with only 500 units available per year.

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Seat was the World Touring Car Champion in 2009, taking both first and second place (Gabriele Tarquini in the first place and Yvan Muller in the second). To celebrate that success the Swiss division of the Spanish maker has unveiled the special edition Seat Leon Cupra R 310 WCE. There will be only 200 units built, each priced at 32,310 Euro.

The SEAT Leon Cupra R310 WCE (World Champion Edition) is powered by a 2.0 TSI engine tuned to deliver a total of 310 HP (up from the standard 265 HP). The engine was developed by the German tuner ABT. The result is a sprint from 0 to 60 mph in 5.8 seconds and a top speed of 167 mph.

For the interior the Cupra R310 gets Alcantara Black / Silver sports seats and center console with chrome accessories. Of course, no special edition is complete without its list of "extras". Each car will be equipped with bi-xenon headlights, dual-zone Climatronic, a radio/CD/MP3 with 8 speakers, navigation system with touchscreen and Bluetooth handsfree, ESP ALR, RSPs, XDS and control system tire pressure, 6 airbags, and a multifunction steering wheel.

And guys, just because we are sure you are wondering who that divine woman is standing by the car; it’s Swiss race car driver and former Playboy model, Christina Surer.

The Leon has always been Seat’s most successful model and it seems the same thing may be said with the next generation. According to rumors circulating today, Seat will use the next Leon as the guinea pig to offer its first hybrid and electric cars. Not a surprising statement considering the ties Seat has with Volkswagen and its Golf model. The Seat Leon was based off the VW Golf and with the Golf entering the world of electric mobility, it would be an easy transition for the Leon to make.

Seat is currently testing the first plug-in hybrid version of the Leon, known as Twin Drive, and a production version will follow in 2012 when this next Leon will be revealed. The Spanish manufacturer is also preparing an electric version that is rumored to use the same drivetrain as the IBE concept. This concept operates in a lithium-ion battery which works in conjunction with the drive motor and power electronics.

As for the design for the next generation Leon, it will be inspired by the IBE concept’s short, low, and wide shape. It will be offered in three and five-door hatchback variants, with a station wagon version also being a possibility.

Source: Autocar

JE Design is wasting little time tuning Seat Leon Cupras left and right. After already providing us with the finely-tuned Seat Leon Cupra , they’re at it again after turning their attention to the more Cupra’s more powerful version, the Cupra R . The new tuning package will focus on improving both cars’ aerodynamics and performance.

The standard version of the Cupra R allows a total of 265 hp, but JE Design tuned the engine to an impressive 330 hp and 420 NM. Unfortunately, they did not reveal how this will improve the car’s performance.

The tuning package also includes: a complete bodykit, lowered springs or coilovers, multispoke alloy-wheels, sport-exhaust systems, and exclusive leather interior.

We always hate it when errant soccer balls end up dinging up our cars but when you have someone like freestyle soccer player - and world record-holder - Dan Magness doing the kicking, the anger turns into something along the lines of amazement.

As part of a contest to win a VIP trip for two to the UEFA Europa League Final in Hamburg, Germany, Seat is inviting everyone who have any semblance of soccer skills to upload their own freestyle football videos

As inspiration, Seat invited Magness to demonstrate his remarkable soccer skills by attempting to kick a soccer ball into the open rear window of a Leon Cupra R hatchback that is consistently moving at a distance. Magness had five shots at the car and made three of them - not what we expected but impressive nevertheless.

Source: Seat

Je Design revealed a new tuning package for the 2010 Seat Leon FR. The package upgrades both performance and styling upgrades and is available for both petrol and diesel versions.

For the petrol version, the TFSI-engine has been upgraded to deliver a total of 270 hp and 355 NM. As a result, the 0 to 60 mph sprint is now made in 6.2 seconds. For the diesel version, the tuner has added a Can-Tronic boosts that updates the output to 204 hp and the torque to 380 NM. The 0 to 60 mph sprint went down to 7.6 seconds.

The aerodynamics package includes: bold headlight blends, LED daytime running lights, front spoiler with the double lip, side skirts, rear skirt attachment, center diffuser attachment, four-pipe exhaust system and 19inch wheels.

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