2002 Seat Salsa

First displayed in 2000, the SEAT Salsa was refreshed in 2002 and shown at Madrid. The exterior, formerly shiny silver, becomes solid red. This colour was achieved by applying seven layers of transparent red resin, creating an attractive visual depth and colour saturation effect.

Inside, the objective of SEATÌs Design department, directed by Walter de’Silva, was to create a more youthful, sporty, and dynamic character without altering the style of the original project. The instrument panel casing is in an ’original and exclusive’ red colour with decorative elements in matt aluminium. Areas set aside for carrying objects, such as the glove and door compartments, feature a transparency effect created by securing a black mesh over a translucent material.

The 2+2 seating arrangement of the comfortable, sculpted SEAT Salsa seats feature a red net-like upholstery with a black fabric background. Another novelty on the seats focuses on the backrests. The part facing the rear, which was orange before, is now made of the same metallic-looking material as the floor of the passenger compartment.

The Salsa was wholly developed by the Martorell Technical Centre, spearheading a novel car concept, the MDC (Multi Driving Concept).

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