2007 Seat Tribu

SEAT chairman Erich Schmitt presented today one of the main attractions of the IAA motor show, the SEAT TRIBU Concept Car. „This model is of great importance for SEAT as it gives an outlook onto our design and product philosophy. It also shows creative ideas and innovative technological solutions.”

„The Tribu, the Spanish word for tribe, is for modern people with passion for life who feel at home, both in the city and in nature“, said Schmitt.

Seat Tribu

The second highlight of the SEAT stand is a vehicle with a very low CO2 emission value of only 99 g/km, the SEAT Ibiza ECOMOTIVE.
Furthermore, SEAT chairman Erich Schmitt declared that all indicators show that already for the calendar year 2007 the company will present a positive operating result. He also thanked his whole team for the excellent work realized over the past months.

Seat Tribu


Finally some 2 doors SUV coming back...

What about BMW and Range rover ? wouldn’t it be cool to have a coupe X5 but a real one ! 2 doors please.

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