2010 Seat Ibiza SC Sport Limited Edition

Seat unveiled a new special edition for the German market. Based on the three-door Ibiza SC, the Sport Limited Edition will be painted in "Lumina Orange" and will be limited to only 300 units. The new Ibiza SC Sport Limited is priced at €20620.

Besides the exterior paint, the Ibiza SC Sport Limited Edition will be distinguished by: 17-inch alloy wheels finished in black, a new front bumper, side skirts, roof spoiler and a unique rear bumper housing faux air vents on both corners, a diffuser, two tail pipes centrally mounted and the roof painted in black.

The same orange-black theme continues on the interior; there is also a set of sports seats, aluminum pedal set, rain sensors and park assist system.

Source: Carscoop


I love the sporty and aggressive appearance of this Ibiza SC Sport. And, I’m amazed that the body paint that this car had can give an elegant looks of a car. Anyway, I would love to see the interior of it, I just hope that it’s quite impressive either.

It orange-black theme makes the car look interesting and elegant as well as the bumper and front are set gracefully.

Yeah! I also noticed that it had a few similarities with Audi Q3 but I know it will stand out on its own appeal! Oh! I must say that I’m impressed with its sleek body.

Well, I find this car somewhat identical to Audi Q3. However, I like the exterior and its paint job. And I certainly agree that it would sale like hot cakes!

Wow! This is what I’m talking about! I think this production is different among their model! I find the color so hot and the looks so great!

@Omarion_Steve:hahaha. You’re comment is kind of funny. I think I heard that line from the Kung Fu Panda! Well, back to the car,this special edition would certainly sell like hotcakes!

The paint job is good, orange and black theme gives an amazing contrast for the car. BTW, I haven’t read about the engine’s power.

In fairness, this car look different from the other model. The orange touched
on this car make it more aggressive and looks extremely good! But i can’t justify why does the price is €20620? Engine’s performance is doesn’t mention in this article.

yeah,I believe its looks special,but one thing to knows is there a special equipment that you will surely love it?.

IMO there is no such thin as special! You have to believe that it’s special.

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