2010 Seat Leon Cupra R by JE Design and Kobia

As we were saying yesterday, all of the news lately has been about football. Even in the automotive industry! For example, if England has its very own customized Pagani Zonda , then why can’t Germany get its own Seat Leon Cupra R tuned by JE Design and Kobia?

Je Design wanted to have a faster and a more muscular car. To do that they added a wide body kit that includes subtle wheel arch extensions, a new front spoiler with large air intakes, headlamp mask, a new center spoiler, new side skirts, rear apron, central diffuser insert, and a powerful rear wing with recessed logo.

Under the hood, Je Design updated the 2.0-liter TFSI engine’s output to 310 HP and 400 NM of torque. The result is a sprint from 0 to 60 mph in 5.9 seconds and a top speed of 161 mph.

The package also includes an adjustable suspension that lowers the ride by 44 mm and a set of 10x18-inch, black glossy wheels wrapped around 255/35 R 18 tires.

What’s a little surprising about this tuning package is that JE Design wanted to specifically target the car’s output to provide a speedier model of the Cupra R, but they only brought up the horsepower to 310. The only reason this is confusing to us is because we know they could have boosted it to 330hp as they did with another Seat Leon Cupra R back in March. Come on, JE Design. If you are going to try and go the extra mile for the World Cup at least give us everything we know you’ve got.


The attitude seems cool. Wow amazing skin they’ve applied. You’ll feel much amazement the part in the hood of the car. 

I like the pain and how it look boastful skin on the car. Even the accessories of it are dominating. Though I’ve seen more attractive and more interesting sport race car in the industry.

Which is not really surprising at all, Aside from its nasty and poorly features compare to other sports cars, It probably got the low sales of it?

Yes that’s so true. The performance of their car is not impressive. BTW, I haven’t heard any of future production from them maybe they already closed it due to low of salessmiley

Are they sure that this is a hatchback? Then whats the point of putting a sticker in the body? BTW, I think SEAT company has a lame engine. All there car is less powerful!

hmm. I think its much better if SEAT is going to modify and upgrade this model. Its not really a waste. The car looks good and I think its just less powerful other than its just OK.

This is a waste! I think the tuning kit is just useless when put in this car. Its less powerful and the sticker looks odd! I will consider other option in the market rather than this.

is it a joke? Muscular car that could run fast? I think the major problem about muscle car is that they can’t corner. Wide body kit though looks very huge but for this car it doesn’t look ridiculous as expected. Well, if JE Design really wants this car to have a fast performance then i will wish them a good luck!

The design is great and impressive,It will boost the confidence of the racers itself.

I really know nothing about cupra and how it performs, but i think it’s my third choice for hot hatches, first is Impreza, MazdaSpeed 3, Cupra and lastly is the Focus RS.

Nice, for sure those body kits are very light and for sure can compensate to high speed air drag.

nice car design does it? impressive design,right?

lovely.. the design is aimed from jamaica... Rasta car dude.. rasta..

props to JE.. it looks menacing and scary to race with.. for sure the FF layout is designed properly to decrease the FF skids during high speed.

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