Seat Leon Cupra R310 White Edition

Remember the Seat Leon Cupra R 310 WCE revealed back in June? It’s okay, if you don’t because we’re going to give you a little refresher anyway. The Cupra R 310 WCE was a special edition Cupra R limited to only 200 units and powered by a 310 HP engine. We are assuming that special edition did well enough because Seat has announced a second version of the special edition called the R310 White Edition. It was built as a competitor for the Focus RS , but the competition will only lie in Sweden because that is the only region who will enjoy the white model.

Based on the Leon Cupra R the R310 White Edition is powered by the same 310 HP engine as its previous brother, but it will be distinguished by a white body decorated with two-tone strips. Seat is also offering sport 19-inch wheels, bucket seats, and a sports suspension.

The price for this beauty is 34,000 euro. There is one setback, however. Seat has announced that any customer with the desire to purchase this vehicle will have to take a special driving course in order to learn how to handle the car.


What I’ve noticed first was the wheels. It has the grooves that I can’t explain how. It must be the exterior who makes the totality. The exterior is elegant and aggressive at the same time. The model seems to be the perfect to show what the car was. The cars has an attitude of looking good, but bad in terms of speed.

Yes the car is really good, my cousin has one, withdrew his speed limiter and it reaches a staggering 283! It has a phenomenal start and a unique stability. I was surprised by this car

I guess the price is right for the worth of the car. Good investment of car to collect. Very distinguish and well decorated from all its accessories.

The car looks great and pretty cool just like the model itself, But I think it is a kindly little disappointment regarding the fuel engine capacity. 

haha. The performance of the car is less powerful for a sports car and I think its less reliable! The team creative needs to work in the engine!

Yeah,I agree with you on that one! I just laugh hard when i figure out the performance of this car! I suggest that they just focus on making a hatchback or something!

Aesthetically, the car looks like a hatchback and I think the performance is less powerful for a sportscar. They need to seriously work out on it!

Yeah, you are right. This car doesn’t look so sporty even though the tuning kit is impressive. Its less appealing to me.

I don’t see the point in buying this sportscar. The engine power is not that impressive and its less powerful. I bet there are a lot of other option in the market!

I can’t really identify if the design is actually good. The photos are more of photoshopped and it doesn’t look good plus i don’t get why do they need to put a image of a angel/devil on the primary pic and the put the Cupra as the background!

Seat present in the Swiss market an interesting and powerful variant of the Leon Cupra . This is called “plot WCE R310 Cupra and impresses with its overall style and performance from your engine.

So, this is a sort of European Chevy/Pontiac duality. I like the way the car looks, but I can’t help but think that the most likely sales casualty for this is the GTI.

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