A sedan car is a four-door vehicle, with a separate hood covering the engine in the front, and a separate trunk for luggage at the rear — the achetypical 3-box car. However, other variations of the body style exist as well, including two-door and hatchback/fastback models.

It looks like things are going pretty well at Whitley headquarters in the UK, as Jaguar has announced one new model after another. It’s true that after the new F-Type hit the market, we were waiting for some kind of confirmation on that long-rumored crossover. Not anymore, as the model has been pushed back and Jaguar will begin focusing on models that luxury buyers are clamoring for.

This new model will be a compact sedan that will be built not as a direct competitor to models like the BMW 3-Series , but rather one that Jaguar hopes will overtake it by offering an "lightweight aluminum construction and cutting-edge, super-frugal four-cylinder engines."

The new compact sedan will be built on the same Premium Lightweight Architecture (PLA) aluminum platform as the next-generation XF and XJ, and will feature a "blend of performance and efficiency, as well as very sophisticated equipment."

The new model - set to be unveiled in the next three years - will be offered in numerous body variations, including: sedan, station wagon, coupe and convertible. It will also be offered up with different engine levels.

Before you Bimmer enthusiasts start scoffing at the thought of Jag overtaking the beloved 3-Series, keep in mind that the BMW 3-Series has become more and more expensive over the years, while offering fewer and fewer standard options. For example, the 3-Series comes standard with “leatherette” upholstery, which is fancy speak for high-end vinyl stamped out to look like leather. Name us a Jag that has fake leather… You can’t. This is the same attention to detail that Audi has paid to make a sizeable dent in BMW and Mercedes’ market shares lately.

Jaguar has an uphill battle because of its recent reliability and build-quality issues, but the idea of it at least trying harder to compete with the big boys is refreshing.

Source: AutoCar

In 1964,Chevrolet unveiled the Malibu for the first time, and now, so many years later, the car has entered its eighth generation. Originally offered as the top trim-level for the Chevrolet Chevelle, Malibu became one of the best-selling models in Chevrolet’s lineup and one with the longest histories, despite its short break in production from 1983 to 1997.

The eighth-generation Malibu, which was unveiled at Shanghai Auto 2011 in China, seems to be a natural evolution of the first version brought onto the market in 1964, as it comes with a modernized look, but in the same time it keeps the essence of the classic Malibu.

The 2013 Malibu features design elements first unveiled in the Chevrolet Cruze . Unlike the new Cruze, the Malibu’s design elements have received a more aggressive look and they transform the Malibu from an ordinary sedan into something a little sexier.

As a result, we can say without any doubt that the Malibu will soon become the leader on the American mid-sized sedans market.

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Have you ever noticed that the most impressive tests aren’t being made by the automaker itself? For example, Tesla never published enough information to show us what a truly amazing car the Model S Performance is. The folks over at DragTimes.com, however, put it to an extreme test at the Palm Beach International Raceway.

The result was pretty astounding, as it ran the quarter-mile in just 12.371 seconds at a speed of 110.84 mph, making the quickest production electric vehicle in the quarter-mile. The result was booked by the National Electric Drag Racing Association (NEDRA), so this is as official as it gets. Additionally, DragTimes.com clocked the model S from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.9 seconds – 0.5 seconds faster than Tesla’s published time.

To add a little flavor to the mix, the above video shows said model S laying the beat-down on a Dodge Viper. Sure, the person driving the Viper likely needs to go back to racing school to learn how to correctly launch from the starting tree, but it still beat a Viper...

The Model S put to test was equipped with a special set of 21-inch wheels that weigh more than the standard 19-inch rims offered by Tesla, making the results doubly impressive. Under the hood, the electric car has an AC induction motor that delivers a total of 416 horsepower and 443 pound-feet of torque.

As a reminder, DragTimes is the same site that put the Tesla Model S Performance on the dyno and obtained a pretty monstrous 388 horsepower at the rear wheels.

Source: DragTimes

We know that only certain types of people are big fans of Bentley cars, but for sure everyone out there is a big fan of Jackie Chan. He is one of the few actors in Hollywood that performs his own crazy stunts, making him a favorite among movie goers, so Bentley’s decision to feature him in their latest Bentley Mulsanne Visionaries films is not a big surprise.

The episode he was featured in is called "Up in Smoke." The short film was shot in China and presents the dualist character of the Mulsanne: sophistication combined with impressive athleticism.

In this episode of the Bentley Mulsanne Visionaries series, Jackie finds himself chauffeuring a businessman through the streets of China. As the businessman reclines his seat to catch a few minutes of shut-eye, Jakie flips a switch in the massive luxury car and shows us just how athletic this monster is. After Jakie has had enough, he simply tops the car, gets out a “poof” he disappears.

Watch the video to see his dramatic exit.

Opel Insignia

It’s been a while since we brought you any details on the revised version of the Opel Insignia , but today the car has been caught testing again — this time during cold weather testing. When compared to the previous prototypes, the new one features its correct lights for the very first time. Also, if you take a closer look, you will notice the rear lights feature a chrome strip from side to side, just like on the new Cascada Convertible .

Other updates to the exterior include redesigned bumpers, a revised grille and a new hood. The interior will also be updated with a bigger satnav/info screen, as well as newly shaped air outlets on the dash. Under the hood, we expect to see new engines with improved fuel mileage.

Expect the new Opel Insignia to be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, which kicks off on March 7th and runs through the 17th.

Audi A3 Sedan

We knew a production version of the Audi A3 sedan will be brought onto the market right after the A3 Concept sedan has been unveiled at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. Of course today we finally have the proof: the model has been caught during cold winter testings.

The sedan version of the will be built on Volkswagen Group’s flexible MQB platform, which will make the model significantly lighter than the current hatchback version. Under the hood we will see the same engine as in the rest of the A3 lineup, but rumors suggested that the 408 horsepower 2.5-liter five-cylinder engine found in the concept will also be offered.

The new Audi A3 sedan will go on sale on the US market at the end of 2013. It will also be offered on markets like China and Europe and will target models like Mercedes CLA and the previously rumored four-door version of the BMW 1-Series .

Porsche Panamera

It’s been a while since we brought you any news on the revised Porsche Panamera , but today the car has been caught during cold-weather testing. The prototype caught testing today dropped more of its camouflage, offering us a good look at the new rear lights.

The second-generation Panamera is still years away, so a slightly sleeker shape and different graphics on the current model freshen it up enough to keep us satisfied for the next few years. We have included a photo where you can compare the old and new design, but of course you’ll need a keen eye to notice the differences.

It has also been rumored that the revised version of the Panamera will get a front end inspired by the Sport Turismo Concept , so our fingers are crossed!

Rumors also suggest that the updated 4S version will drop the current V-8 engine in favor new, twin-turbo, 3.0-liter V-6 engine that will deliver about 420 horsepower - an increase of 20 horsepower over the current model.

Hyundai HCD-14 Genesis Concept

Everyone believed that the new HCD-14 Genesis Concept that was unveiled at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show previews the next-generation Genesis , but Hyundai America CEO, John Krafcik, announced this is not the case. Instead, the new concept might feature design elements - like its sweeping roof line - that could be used in a new four-door coupe

Krafcik also confirmed that the next- generation Hyundai Genesis will be unveiled sometime next year. It will feature a far more traditional and feel much more "German," and, for the first time, will be offered with an all-wheel drive system.

As for the Coupe version, he confirmed that it could get either a turbo V-6 or a V-8 engine. It’s true that the current Genesis coupe won’t fit a V-8 in its engine bay, but changes will be made so that the next Genesis Coupe can accommodate larger engines. Either way, it looks like we’re in for a power hike in the Genesis Coupe.

GAC Group was the only Chinese automaker present at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show , yet they did present a pretty unique concept that caught the attention of a lot of people.

The concept is called the E-JET, a hybrid sedan prototype whose design characteristics remind us of another just-introduced vehicle at Detroit (Is this the Chinese cousin of the CLA Class ?). The E-JET measures 4,570 x 1,790 x 1,490 mm (179.9 x 70.4 x 58.6 inches) with a 2,620 mm (103.1-inch) wheelbase. Not too bad for what looks like a compact sedan.

As a range-extending hybrid, the E-JET is powered by a 1.0-liter, four-cylinder gas engine that produces 60 horsepower and 60 pound-feet of torque. It also has a permanent-magnet motor that produces a peak output of 127 horsepower and a permanent-magnet generator produces 40 horsepower. On top of all that, a 13 kWh lithium-ion battery can power the E-JET in electric mode for up to 62 miles.

Put all of its powertrain capabilities together and you have a car that boasts of a total range of 373 miles with a fuel consumption of 1.9 l/100 km (123.8 mpg U.S. or 148.6 mpg UK), a 0 to 31 mph time of 4.5 seconds and a top speed of 99 mph.

We’re not entirely sure if GAC has any intention of building a production model for the E-JET. But we do have to give it to them; this is one interesting concept.

The Bentley Mulsanne was unveiled at the 2009 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance and, with the exception of some special editions, it has remained the same ever since. For the 2014 model year, however, Bentley has announced a series of new luxury features, ranging from new suite of communication and entertainment system options up to new paints. This updated Mulsanne will be unveiled at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show and will go on sale one month later.

The most significant update includes the addition of two new packages — Comfort and Entertainment — that will update both the comfort and the technologically features of the Mulsanne.

Customers can also choose between three new exterior colors — Dark Cashmere, Portofino and Damson — combined with three new interior ones: Damson, Saffron and Brunel.

Unfortunately no changes were made in the place that needed it the most: under the hood. This means that the Mulsanne will continue to be offered with the same 6.75-liter twin-turbocharged V-8 as in the previous years.

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