Shanghai auto show

Shanghai auto show

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For now, we’ll not get into the debate on whether the Audi Q5 will be unveiled at the Beijing Motor Show or not, but what we will do is enjoy these new and clearer pictures of the car which have come out on the net.

The Q5 is positioned below the Q7 and Allroad models. We expected the Q5 ’s unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show but China appears to be a better location after seeing them unveil their Cross Coupe Quattro at Shanghai last year.

The Q5 will be spacious enough for five people and Audi has expressed no intentions on a seven-seater version. The Q5 will probably be the first model to be equipped with the in-house seven speed dual clutch gearbox (DSG Audi S-Tronic). Four cylinder engines, V6s, and TDI engines borrowed from the A4 will power this mini-SUV.

The Q5 is based on the company’s Modular Longitudinal Platform (MLP) found on the A4 and A5. MLP allows Audi Audi to place the longitudinally-mounted engine and transmission further back behind the front axle and helps elongate the wheelbase without modifying the car’s exterior dimensions.

Will the same platform be used to make the smaller Cayenne? Audi’s board members are against the whole thing fearing such a model will wipe out the Q5, but with the increase of Porsche’s stake in VW, there are chances of the so called Porsche ’Roxster’ turning into reality. At least we hope it happens.

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Pininfarina was the first Italian design house, provider of automotive styling, engineering and development services, to seal an agreement with a Chinese auto-maker in May 1996. In the last 11 years, it has padded out its customer portfolio and now cooperates with a number of major companies in this sector, including Avichina/Hafei, Brilliance, Changfeng, Chery, JAC. The models at Shanghai Motor Show: AVICHINA/HAFEI BRILLIANCE CHANGFENG MOTOR CHERY AUTOMOBILE JAC (...)
Dodge officially enters China with a bold and powerful statement at Auto Shanghai 2007 as it premieres the first two products for the brand: the locally produced Dodge Caravan and imported Dodge Caliber Dodge Caliber . These two Dodge vehicles, in addition to the other Dodge products on display at the Shanghai show, clearly underline the scope and potential of the Dodge brand. Each of these vehicles delivers the four key attributes of the Dodge brand: bold, powerful, capable and street smart ... and (...)
Infiniti, the world famous luxury automotive brand, unveils its G35 Sedan, FX35 and FX45 luxury SUVs at the Auto Shanghai 2007, one of the world’s most important motor shows. Under the theme “The Line Starts Here: Coming This July from Infiniti”, Infiniti has offered Chinese customers the opportunity for the first time to see, touch and feel the unique Infiniti vehicles. These include the award-winning luxury sedan, the G35 and the luxury SUV models, the FX35 and FX45. Sales of the Infiniti (...)
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Ferrari is displaying both sides of its character to harmonious and complementary effect at the Auto Shanghai 2007. Its thoroughbred sporty side is represented by the limited edition Ferrari car FXX and the F430, developed using the F1 technology, while the enhanced version of 612 Scaglietti represents its technologically advanced GT side. On the stand, there is also the 599 GTB Fiorano, the latest arrival from the Prancing Horse and a stunning link between its Sport and GT sides. All of (...)
DaimlerChrysler will show almost 50 vehicles this year at Auto Shanghai, including vehicles from Mercedes Car Group, Chrysler Group and Truck Group, in addition to its history as a safety pioneer, roadmap to sustainable mobility and new vehicle financing products in China. “From the two-seat Mercedes-Benz SLK convertible roadster and GL55 AMG off-road powerhouse, to the largest Mercedes Mercedes -Benz Actros heavy duty truck; and from the locally produced Chrysler Sebring Chrysler Sebring and all-new Jeep Jeep Grand (...)
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Audi will be unveiling an innovative entertainment system for rear-seat passengers in the A6L at the Shanghai Auto Show (20 – 27 April 2007). Two 10.2-inch monitors are fitted on the backs of the front seats. The DVD player integrated in the centre armrest also includes connections for a games console, iPod and digital camera. Together with the TV tuner, the system transforms the luxury-class saloon into a mobile film theatre. Sound can be relayed via either the on-board speakers or (...)
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The Buick Riviera Buick Riviera , a stunning concept car designed to showcase Buick’s new global design direction, made its global debut today at Auto Shanghai 2007. The gullwing Riviera concept coupe was developed with global design input by the Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center (PATAC) in China, a design and engineering joint venture between General Motors and Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC). The Riviera was introduced today by Rick Wagoner, GM Chairman and CEO, and Hu Maoyuan, SAIC (...)

Introducing the BMW Concept CS, Germany’s leading manufacturer of premium automobiles is presenting the vision of a unique four-door car which combines the exclusivity of a genuine luxury Gran Turismo with the fascinating thrill of a high-performance sports car. This unique combination never seen before offers the perspective to enjoy sheer driving pleasure in a dimension quite unprecedented in the world of motoring. Indeed, the BMW Concept CS is a new definition of design culture. Concentrating on powerful, expressive design, materials of the highest quality, and quality of finish in perfection, this unique new model offers a completely new understanding of premium quality.

GM’s global commitment to developing transportation that reduces oil use and promotes energy diversity continued today at the Shanghai Auto Show with the unveiling of the next iteration of the E-Flex electric architecture, configured with GM’s newest, most efficient hydrogen fuel cell system to date. This second variant of the E-Flex system uses GM’s new fifth-generation fuel cell propulsion technology and a lithium-ion battery to provide up to 300 miles (483 km) of petroleum- and (...)

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