1967 Shelby GT500CR Venom by Classic Recreations

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The employees over at Classic Recreations have the best job ever. During their time at the office, they get to take the best looking classic Mustangs and turn them into modern interpretations of what they once were. All of the classic looks of some of the best looking muscle cars of all time get to keep their exquisite designs, while getting juiced up and buffed out for their grand re-entrance into society. Classic Recreations have already gifted us with their modern take on the 1967 Shelby GT500CR and now they are astounding us once again with the 1967 Shelby GT500CR Venom. The Venom takes the standard GT500CR and adds a bit of edge and even more power to create a muscle car that can literally stop our hearts.

Whereas the GT500CR carried a fuel injected, naturally aspirated, hand-built 7.0-liter engine that produces 545 horsepower, the new GT500CR is now the card-carrying member of a 427 cubic inch V8 coupled to a ProCharger F1-R centrifugal supercharger that pumps out 790 HP. Just that alone sends shivers up and down our spines, but there’s so much more.

Check out the full dish on the Shelby GT500CR Venom by Classic Recreations after the jump.


Shelby GT500CR Venom by Classic Recreations

One of the best parts of the Shelby GT500CR Venom is that it keeps the classic looks of the 1967 model. The customer can still ogle the classic lines and overall design of the Shelby while also taking in the new authentic Carroll Shelby exterior fiberglass enhancements, sequential Shelby taillights, Carroll Shelby GT500CR emblems, and a Carroll Shelby Lemans racing gas cap.

The GT500CR Venom is available in Grey/Black, Red/White, Blue/White, Black/Grey, and Yellow/White, as well as custom color options. The exterior is topped off with Shelby 427 wheels, 17X8 for the front and 17X11 for the rear, matched up with high performance Z rated tires, 245/4/17 for the front and 315/35/17 for the rear.


Shelby GT500CR Venom by Classic Recreations

The inside of the GT500CR Venom doesn’t fall short of amazing either as Classic Recreations fitted it with Carrol Shelby signature seats and gauges, as well as Carroll Shelby GT500CR console and floor mats. A throwback to the classic design was held intact with deluxe 1967 door panels, dash, and trim. The aluminum steering wheel meshes well with the overall look of the car with its woodgrain treatment, but thankfully the stereo system is completely modernized. Classic Recreations has installed a Pioneer CD player with removable face that comes equipped with a customer subwoofer enclosure, four handmade component speakers, and 1000 watt amplifiers, all by Digital Designs.


Shelby GT500CR Venom by Classic Recreations

Now comes the good part. Classic Recreations hooked up the Shelby with a fuel injected 427 C.I V8 engine coupled with a ProCharger F1-R centrifugal supercharger that together pump out 790HP. This engine is mated to a Tremec manual transmission, but pansies out there can rest easy knowing they can punk out with an automatic if they have to.

Those who are more willing to experience the thrill of the drive can check out their speed on the new 200mph speedometer as they enjoy the exquisite engine sounds smoothly exiting from the dual 2.5” exhaust with BBK ceramic-coated headers and Magnaflow stainless steel mufflers.

Shelby GT500CR Venom by Classic Recreations

Stopping power for the Venom comes from slotted, crossdrilled, and zinc washed Shelby/Baer two piece rotors, 4"X1.1" for the front and 14"X.81" for the rear. This system comes with an adjustable rear proportioning valve and six piston calipers for the front and rear.

The engine setup is matched up with many other bells and whistles, including a Becool aluminum crossflow radiator, two-13" electric cooling fans, rack and pinion steering, a flaming river tilt column, a rod and custom Mustang coilover front suspension, a TCP G-Link coilover rear suspension, and sway bars for the front and rear.


Shelby GT500CR Venom by Classic Recreations

Some would argue that a creation like this is more or less priceless, but then reality would set in and the check would clear leaving the customer’s bank account $199,000 lighter. Other options could jack that price up just a bit more. Check them out in the table provided.

Option Price
RHD (Right Hand Drive)$12,500
Automatic TransmissionNo Charge
Flip Out Television w/DVD$1,000

Additional custom options are available upon request.


Shelby GT500CR Venom by Classic Recreations

While scoping out some worthy competitors for the 1967 Shelby GT500CR Venom, we found our way to another revamped 1967 GT500 . This Shelby received their upgrade from RK Motors, but calling it competition would just be wrong. RK Motors did a decent job on the Mustang, but the power upgrade was less than stellar with a 4.6 Liter Supercharged DOHC V8 Cobra engine delivering 444 HP and 495 lb-ft of torque at the wheels. It’s not a bad upgrade, but it doesn’t pack the same loss of muscle control that the Venom delivers.

The 2012 Ford Shelby GT500 Super Snake ranks high up on the list of competitors for the GT500CR Venom with its 5.4-liter supercharged V8 engine delivering 750 HP and 590 ft./lbs. of torque. This model come pretty close to the Venom’s power figures, but alas, it does not have the classic look that we all know and love.

It seems the Shelby GT500CR Venom is the perfect package.

Shelby GT500CR Venom by Classic Recreations
  • Old school look
  • New school power
  • Plenty of bells and whistles to handle the added power
  • $199,000 = OUCH
  • Other than that, we’re sold


Wow! I’m so impressed to see this car. The chair of the car is like an a massage chair. I like the paint used on this car. It seems to be luxurious. They really made a great job on optimizing this car from a classic one,I do like the old school look of the car and the black matte color.

Wow! I’m so impressed to see this car. The chair of the car is like an a massage chair. BTW, this a kind of car is one of the best car for me.

Saw an old guy driving down the motorway in a blue one of these the restoration was immaculate and i slowed to keep pace with it for around 7 miles... stunning.

there was a bog standard 70’s stang for saale on ebay for 12k... in great condition i just had to spend my cash elsewhere... gutted!

I do like the old school look of the car and the black matte color. Even if it looks old, the power it delivers is really great. One thing that I notice is the pricing. I think it is too expensive for a car. By the way, I wonder why is it competed with other Mustangs.

I like the paint used on this car. It seems to be luxurious. They really made a great job on optimizing this car from a classic one. Thanks to the effort of Classic Recreations.

Its just too sad that Shelby haven’t change over the years. There design still look so vintage . How I wish they tried to make changes just like Ford Mustang did.

I was thinking that Shelby tries to combine the modern and vintage styling for this car. And it seems that I’m right. The styling looks so lame for me but the figure performance is kind of impressive and I think the engine is the modern side of this car.

Sorry guys, but i can’t appreciate the beautiful side of this car. And I think the styling looks worst than the Mustang. I was expecting for a modern and sporty exterior. However,
I will give a high rate for the performance because its kind of impressive for a vintage car.

That was too expensive but it is really an old school car! This 1967 Shelby GT500CR Venom really rocks! Am thinking what criteria did the production used in choosing the right colors of the vehicles. Maybe, this one looks so classic.

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