1968 Shelby Mustang GT 500 KR

"KR" stood for "King of the Road" - a name that was supposedly taken from General Motors. The GT-500 KR used Ford’s new Cobra Jet GT engine opposed to the 428 ci engine used in the the "67 and "68 GT500"s. The 335-hp claimed by Shelby Shelby is most likely a gross understatement. The number given by Shelby was to lower insurance costs. A total of 933 GT-500KR fastbacks were produced along with 318 convertibles.

Updated 07/23/2014: A very rare Mustang GT 500 KR is being offered by RK Motors Charlotte for a price of $189,900. Click past the jump for more details.




Type428 cubic inch Ford Cobra Jet V8
Output335 HP @ 5600 RPM
Transmission4-speed manual
Top Speed140 MPH
0 to 60 mph6.5 seconds

Suspension and Brakes






My 5th grade math teacher Mr. Nemo had
had a brand new pale green ’68 Shelby Mustang and all the boys knew it, my best friend and I would "dubs it" whenever we saw that car in the school parking lot. Years later I read there were two versions but I was never sure if his was the real deal but it looked like a super cool, lean green machine. The ’68 looked fast even when it was standing still. Gawd I envied him his car and I was always practicing drawing it in pencil when I got bored in class.

I graduated in 1978, and 4 for years this guy in our class kept saying he had a GT500 KR convertible. Never believed him, never saw the car. The last day of school our senior year in the front of school was a black one, just tough. He could pull the wheels of the ground hitting 2nd gear!!

i am so in love with this car, i want to marry it, make love to it, and have it’s babies,lol i love classic cars especially the mustangs i don’t really like any modern or recent cars except the mustang, im more of a truck girl, but nothing can touch this car, it is a beauty a blessing one of God’s greatest creations

Best Mustang On Earth

this car is awsome

Its the car of my dreams, I only wish I could afford one; if one could be found for sale...
This is the car of all cars not even the new ones can touch this, classic

im only 12, but that car is bad ass

whu thinks this car isint god off all cars is stupipd but its not what i wanted to say , i wonder how much $$$ is wearth ?? (not like this shleby in bad shape) or at whost than this !!!

This car is the yo!!!!!!!!!!!

this car is hott stuff. Yeah!

lovin the pics, lovin the car...lovin it all!

lol im only 13 but mad on cars and the 68 shelby gt 500 when im old enough is the car for me

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