2011 Ford Mustang Shelby GTS

When Shelby unveiled their new, slithery GT500 Super Snake , we thought this was all that we were going to get in New York. Don’t get us wrong, we were pleased with the package, but now that the company has also unveiled the GTS package based on the V6 Mustang , we twice as happy as we were at the beginning. The GTS package will be offered in both coupe and convertible version with prices starting from $9,995.

The main add-on for the GTS package is a Ford Racing handling pack including new springs, tuned stabilizer bars, and front strut tower brace, and the fresh air package for the normally aspirated V6 tune or V8. Other noteworthy additions are the new Borla exhaust system, Shelby Shelby / Baer brakes, redesigned classic Shelby hood, a black billet upper grill with Ford “Running Pony” emblem, unique Shelby front fascias, and Shelby stripes and badges. The Mustang also comes with an official Shelby CSM interior plate.

"Our Shelby GTS is a fantastic way to pump up the capabilities of a stock Mustang within a budget without sacrificing performance," added Mr. Luft. "It’s a car that reaches a younger buyer while acknowledging the economic realities of our times."


In the corner? What’s with the corner? In my opinion, no one can still beat the record of Mustang in winning a lot races. It is a good thing that tuning company are into them so Mustang will not end.

With the timeless beauty of this car, Well, I don’t know why would some people wants this production to be killed!hmm. I would say that muscle cars are aggressive in the way they look though they have problem in the corner.

Well, the good thing about Mustang is that no matter how old it was, still with the few modification then this car will look like a new model! However, they still need to used a older engine to fit in the specs of this car.

I kind of find the rear end of this one rather odd. It feels a bit too high and large for me, though that one doesn’t really diminish the appeal of the car.

It’s a bit of a disappointment that they didn’t do that much to the engine itself. But with the tonn of performance upgrades that they have did here, that one more than makes up for it.

Yeah, i first I thought that I was seeing a different car. But when I read the title, I realized that this one is a Shelby. They really did a neat job here

I really like how the front looks on this one. Makes it rather different from the usual Shelby designs that you would often see around here.

Yeah, the exterior is horrible so I don’t want to make a glimpse from the inside and get disappointed though i like the stripe in the bonnet.

hmm. i don’t like the exterior of this car it shows the real age of the Mustang. They should make it more even better since there’s a new model Ferrari Mustang that will come out.

Wow, this one is a rather nice looking Shelby. I never thought that the car would look as elegant as it is aggressive. And the new performance package is certainly something.

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