2012 Ford Shelby GT500 Super Snake

The legendary Ford Mustang line has spit out many iterations in its decorated history, but of all the versions of that line, none has been more powerful than the Shelby GT500 Super Snake .

First introduced in 2008, the Shelby GT500 Super Snake has been the crown jewel of the Mustang line, a car that blends torque-twisting muscle with a supercar-like power that very few American-made cars can reach.

This month, the latest incarnation of the Shelby GT500 Super Snake will slither its way to New York when it makes its official debut at the New York International Auto Show.

The car’s debut in New York is symbolic of the rich history between the annual event and the American marquee. According to John Luft, president of Shelby American Inc., the New York International Show holds a special place in the hearts of Shelby. "The very first Shelby car was introduced there in 1962, as well as the 1968 and 2008 Shelby GT500KR and the 2006 Shelby Hertz GT-H ," he said. "This year, we’re returning with one of the most powerful and important Shelbys ever built."

Needless to say, we’re all gearing up for the New York Auto Show, especially for the unveiling of this American icon.

Details on the 2012 Ford Shelby GT500 Super Snake after the jump.

Photos shown are of the 2011 Shelby GT500 Super Snake

Exterior and Interior

Ford Shelby GT500 Super Snake

Full details on the 2012 Shelby GT500 Super Snake will be revealed at the New York Auto Show, but before the car makes it’s highly anticipated debut, the people over at Ford and Shelby have released the contents of the new package. Helping the Super Snake live up to its name will be a unique fiberglass hood featuring the iconic Shelby design and pins, a new Borla exhaust system, the Shelby signature Super Snake stripes that come in either matte black or matte white, and "Super Snake" vehicle badges. An official Shelby CSM interior plate and “Shelby" lettering across the rear deck lid allow the GT500 to be fully recognizable as a Shelby vehicle, while a set of Shelby Shelby -designed 20” Alcoa wheels that come with a choice of either durabright or antracite finish off the exterior look.

The interior is also "Shelby-ed" out with Shelby signature embroidered headrests and floor mats, along with other Shelby designed components. These signatures can be applied to optional two-tone leather.


Ford Shelby GT500 Super Snake

Back when the Super Snake first slithered into our hearts, it ’only’ came with 605 horsepower under its hood with an option for 725 ponies. Four years later, the serpentine muscle car now comes with a standard power of over 750 HP and 590 ft./lbs. of torque out of its 5.4-liter supercharged V8 engine. That power can be taken up to a venom-spitting 800 horsepower with the optional upgrade. Helping the engine along is a six-speed manual transmission with 3.73:1 rear axle ratio and short-throw shifter. Stopping power will come from Forged Shelby/Baer brakes with 6 piston calipers and cross drilled/vented rotors.


Ford Shelby GT500 Super Snake

No word yet on the pricing for the 2012 Ford Shelby GT500 Super Snake but don’t expect it to hit $100,000. Whatever sticker tag it may come with, the latest edition of the iconic American super car is set to be offered as a limited production beginning on May 1, 2011 right after its debut at the 2011 New York Auto Show.


Ford Shelby GT500 Super Snake

We have to apologize to the Chevrolet Camaro and the Dodge Charger , two of the Mustang’s most famous rivals. When it comes to the Mustang, both the Camaro and the Charger can definitely hold their own. But once you include Shelby into the mix, then all bets are most definitely off.

Unless both models are tuned to high-heavens by an aftermarket company, then there’s no way the Camaro Z1 and the Charger SRT8 - both the most powerful models of their lines - can keep up with the Shelby GT500 Super Snake.

So if you wanted a car that can give the Super Snake a run for its money, Hennessey’s Chevrolet Camaro HPE800 and its twin-turbo 415cid stroker engine with 815 horsepower is ready to coil and go strike-for-strike with the GT500 Super Snake.

Ford Shelby GT500 Super Snake
  • Shelby GT500 Super Snake says it all
  • 800-horsepower engine
  • The cream of the crop of the Mustang line
  • Limited production only


Once again continueing the tradition with the mustang following the lead of its competitor the "camaro" the souped up super snake verses the hennessey camaro again is following the leader

this car will be mine after i get my job corps trade compleation

She will be mine... oh yes, she will be mine!

one day!

I want to see a prius with 800 horsepower

Wow. What a car! I love the looks of the car. Very aggressive! I also like the wet-look through paint of the car plus the performance is insane. No doubt it will really boost on the track having 800 HP under the hood.

Wow. I really like Shelby super snake from the looks to performance. It has a very powerful engine performance. The bad thing on this car is it is only limited. Too bad only few of us can have this one.

Considering all the work that they have done to make the car like this one, I wouldn’t be surprised if they would have it for a limited released. After all, it isn’t easy to produce one of these.

Well, I would say that I am not all that disappointed that this one is going to be just a limited release. Anyway, it is likely that Shelby will release a more powerful edition next year.

Yeah, this one is indeed the Super Snake. Too bad that they would be releasing this one in only limited numbers. But then again, that’s the way it goes.

Well, they definitely are not calling this one Super Snake for nothing. Those engine upgrades would certainly give this car a bite. Now they should gives us some videos of this guy.

Hmm, I would agree that this one is a bit expensive. But considering all the work that they have done on the car, it is actually a very reasonable price.

Well, I do believe that this car has amazing speed just like its predecessor! And i bet the competition in the market would be tougher!

Is Super Snake the successor of the Dodge Viper? However, I like the engine performance of this car its kind of impressive!

I really love the Hertz GT-H and in some ways I find that GT500 Super Snake is it reincarnation. The hood and wheels are really sick, it’s much like an eye-candy for the car. Add the 750HP supercharged V8 Engine, you now have a monster machine waiting to be unleashed.

Yeah, this is the one that they have been talking about. If you think of it, 800 hp is not really that big, considering that there are other cars which have reached this already, but since this is a Shelby, it would still be noteworthy.

Hey, is this the 800 hp Shelby that they have been talking about lately? This is definitely one heckl of a car, what with that kind of output.

Start with $50k Mustang. Then add $20k parts/labor. Top off with $30k greed.



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