2013 Shelby Cobra Twin Turbo Project by Heffner Performance

Here at TopSpeed, Heffner Performance is better known for its twin-turbo packages offered for models like Lamborghini Gallardo or Audi R8 V10 . But now the tuner has announced a twin turbo package based on the famous Shelby Cobra .

Heffner began the program by simply teasing us with a massive engine on its Facebook page asking us to guess what it went in. The following day, Heffner showed us the beautiful Cobra body that it was going in. Unfortunately, the package is far from complete, but we do have bits of information and some rather sexy images.

This Cobra package will be developed during the winter and we’ll likely see the final draft sometime in the spring of 2013. Since the tuner will offer hasn’t offered up any other details, we can only speculate on what the beautiful powerplant in the Cobra’s engine bay will produce. Judging from previous packages we have seen from Heff, we expect the new Cobra Twin Turbo to deliver somewhere around 750 horsepower.

We’re in direct contact with Heffner, so we will get information lightning fast, once Heff releases it. So, stay tuned for more info!


Jenny, you were right about the classic returning trend. After all, cars are also a trend.

changes will not be the key, I think. they will preserve the vintage note of the model

I’m excited to see the changes regarding the appearance of the car

not really a fan of this brand and new modifications not change my opinion...

I notice a tendency to return to old concepts. In many ways, not just automobiles

I think this type of car enthusiasts are ecstatic. more power under the same hood

nice idea, but I prefer a more modern design, most topical

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