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Factory Five is known for being the premiere Shelby Cobra replica builders of the world, but how does their Mk4 Roadster stack up against the original 427 ? On March 17th and 18th, 2012, Powerblock TV will be airing episodes of MuscleCar TV that will show both cars stacked up against each other in a variety of driving categories. The Mk4 Roadster was jacked up with Ford’s new 5.0L Coyote engine, upgraded Wilwood brakes, Moser’s wavetrack rear end, and KONI’s latest double-adjustable shocks before both cars went to Charlotte Motor Speedway for a little one on one action. To watch the action, make sure you catch those episodes on March 17th and 18th, then again on March 24th and 25th on The Powerblock. Of course, if you want to be part of the action, then head over to the PowerBlock website, or visit the PowerBlock TV Facebook page where you can sign up to win the Ultimate Do-It-Yourself Package.

PowerBlock is holding a sweepstakes in which the winner will receive a complete Factory Five Mk4 Kit, complete with Ford Racing parts and Matco Tools, as well as a bunch of other prizes. All you have to do is sign up online to win. No purchase necessary.

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For full contest rules and all the wonderful fine print, go to http://www.powerblocktv.com/roadster/#!/rules

The history of the SVT (Ford’s Special Vehicle Team) began at the 1992 Chicago Auto Show with the unveiling of the 1993 SVT Mustang Cobra and SVT F-150 Lightning and now, as a celebration of their 20th anniversary, Ford has unveiled the 2013 Shelby GT500 Convertible at the 2012 Chicago Auto Show.

Just like with the coupe version , the GT500 Convertible is powered by a 5.8-liter supercharged V8 engine that delivers a total of 650 HP. When equipped with the optional Performance Package, the new GT500 Convertible is nearly 3.5 seconds faster than the outgoing model at Sebring International Raceway.

"The Shelby GT500 convertible is every bit the performer that the coupe is," said Kerry Baldori, SVT Global Performance Vehicles chief engineer. "All of the significant changes we made in the program were instrumental in delivering a convertible that could really shine on the track but can still be driven on a daily basis."

UPDATE 02/08/2012: This review has been updated with the official details and images of the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Convertible.

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Back in 1962, Carol Shelby built his first updated Mustang and now, as a celebration of their 50th anniversary, Shelby is offering a special edition Mustang in three different variants: the GTS, GT350, and Super Snake. Each model will be built in a limited run of 100 units, 50 white and 50 black, and will all be combined with gold racing stripes.

The most powerful version, the Super Snake, delivers a total of 750 HP and comes with a unique body kit, an upgraded interior, and a new set of wheels painted in matte black.

Prices for the new models are as follows: the Shelby GTS is priced at $19,995 for the V-6 and $24,995 for the V-8; the GT350 is priced at $59,995; and the Super Snake is priced at $59,995. All prices do not include the price for the standard 2012 Mustang GT or the Shelby GT500 for the Super Snake version.

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Its been a while since we last hear something about the Shelby GT500CR Venom by Classic Recreations . But now the car is back, carrying a different name: GT500CR 900S. The car is powered by a a 427ci V8 engine paired to a ProCharger F1-R centrifugal supercharger for a total output of 790 HP.

And just like with all the previous GT500CR models, with the 900S Classic Recreations did their best to keep the classic looks of the 1967 model. For this the changes to the car’s exterior have been minimal: it gets new authentic Carroll Shelby exterior fiberglass enhancements, sequential Shelby taillights, Carroll Shelby GT500CR emblems, and a Carroll Shelby Lemans racing gas cap. The interior gets Carroll Shelby signature seats, a woodgrain aluminum steering wheel and a 200 mph speedometer. A feature that you won’t find in the classic model is a new Pioneer CD player equipped with a customer subwoofer enclosure, four handmade component speakers and 1000 watt amplifiers.

Prices for the GT500CR 900S start from $199,000.

Some people really do have a twisted sense of imagination, don’t they?

We really don’t have any idea how somebody can dress up a Ford Cargo truck using the iconic Shelby Mustang as in inspiration. The people behind this piece of work, which was on display at the 2011 Fenatran Show in Sao Paulo, Brazil, apparently thought that it would be a fantastic idea to do just that.

So, against seemingly every fiber of sense known to man, they went and dressed up this Cargo 1932 with an orange paint finish and matching black stripes as an ode to the Shelby Mustang. Imagine all the brain cells that were roasted during this build. Of course, a creation like this features more than just a sketchy color scheme; it also needs a special new body kit - check - a dressed up interior - check - and a new suspension set-up - check. Heck, even the rear of the truck was designed to look exactly like the rear of a Shelby!

Speaking of the interior, the people behind this Shelby-inspired Ford Cargo saw fit to add black decoration materials on the interior, as well as a new set of sports seats and a sports steering wheel.

Behind all the questions surrounding Optimus Prime’s bastard cousin of a truck, here’s one thing we do know: When Carroll Shelby started his line of special Mustangs, this wasn’t what he had in mind.

Electronic Arts is in a giving mood these days, isn’t it?

Days after we found out that the publisher of Need For Speed: The Run was giving away a brand spankin’ new Porsche 911 Carrera S , it has now been brought to our attention that they’ll be giving away another car, albeit in a slightly different manner.

EA, in collaboration with Shelby America, will be auctioning off a special edition 2012 Shelby GT500 Super Snake "Need For Speed" Edition. The car is the same one that will be gracing the cover of the highly-anticipated NFS: The Run video game and even better, it’s going to be a playable car in the game.

Just in case you need a brush-up on the car, the 2012 Shelby GT500 Super Snake is powered by a 5.4-liter supercharged V8 that can produce upwards of 800 horsepower. As far as the special edition muscle car is concerned, the word is that it’s going to come with an output that’s in the 750-horsepower area with a special Wimbledon White paint finish and custom gray stripes. The model will be equipped with a Ford Racing handling pack, including dynamic adjustable dampers, lowering springs, tuned stabilizer bars, and front strut tower brace. These features will be combined with a unique fiberglass hood, "Shelby Shelby " lettering across the rear deck lid, official "Super Snake" vehicle badges, and a customized two tone Black interior.

As for the auction, the event is still a long ways from today - late 2012 was the date we heard - but nevertheless, expect it to garner a truckload’s worth of attention from Mustang aficionados everywhere. Proceeds from the auction will go to the Carroll Shelby Foundation, an organization that helps kids and young adults with serious illnesses to gain higher education.

Save up your money, folks. You have a year to replenish your ’bidding funds’ and we suggest you start putting in some of those greenbacks in your piggy banks now.

As their name obviously suggests, Classic Recreations is an American tuning company that specializes in taking the iconic cars of yesteryear and turning them into modern models. Their creations feature the latest in today’s technology mixed in with original and classic looks. The company’s latest project doesn’t deviate from that description as the team over at CR has taken on the task of building the legendary 1965 Shelby G.T.350.

Classic Recreations did plenty of work on the car at their facility in Oklahoma, including a complete restoration work on the car’s body while also outfitting it with today’s technology. It’s a car that will definitely cater to old-school aficionados, as well as modern-day torque twisters. Sure, it won’t come cheap - the base price is $119,000 - but anybody knows there’s a certain price to be paid for speed, power, and nostalgia. The Shelby G.T.350CR has all three of those qualities wrapped in one awesome package.

Find out more about the Shelby G.T.350CR after the jump.

It’s quite possible that the Mercer name may not spark any type of recognition with the younger crowd. After all, this company was an American automobile manufacturer that produced cars before World War II and are probably not mentioned in any of the history books handed out in most classrooms. For the short version of the story, Mercer was responsible for the Mercer 35 Raceabout which was produced back in 1910 and considered the most admired sports cars of the decade. This vehicle was capable of hitting a top speed of 90 mph, which at the time was quite a feat, and was admired so much that Carrozzeria Sibona-Basano ended up building a modern interpretation of it in 1965.

The Mercer Cobra Roadster was a one-off vehicle commissioned by the Copper Development Association from Virgil Exner’s designs in Esquire. Its design was drawn up by Virgil Exner and Virgil Exner, Jr. and was built using a Cobra chassis, number CSX2451.

The special Mercer-Cobra Roadster will be put to auction on August 20, 2011 in Monterey with an expected draw of $800,000-$1,200,000.

See what makes up a 1.2M Mercer Cobra after the jump.

Source: RM Auctions
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The Car Show: Season 1 Episode 1

Following the debacle of a first episode for Top Gear USA, The Car Show comes at us again with hilarity and automotive variety in their third episode of the season.

In this episode, Adam Corolla (comedian and car enthusiast), Dan Neil (automotive columnist for The Wall Street Journal), John Salley (4-time NBA Champion and actor), and Matt Farah (SmokingTire.com) take part in a number of segments that made us laugh at loud, literally. Mixed in with the good times and "Lambo-quality comedy," the guys take part in a test comparing the automated driving versus actual driving in a 2007 BMW 328i sedan , a comparison of the Audi R8 and the Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport , and an interview with racing legend, Pete Brock.

The fun doesn’t stop there as the boys go through their 0-60 and Adam’s America segments, as well as a trip to North Carolina for some dirt track racing.

Hit the jump for details on The Car Show: Season 1 Episode Three.

When the name Carroll Shelby is brought to our attention, the first thing we all think of is the legendary Shelby Cobra , a car that has to be considered as one of the most popular and iconic in automotive history.

That car propelled the name Shelby to staggering heights. So much so, in fact, that Shelby has become a licensing juggernaut within the industry, having been involved with a number of companies - Classic Recreations and Superformance come to mind – who specialize in building replicas of the iconic vehicle. The latest company to strike a deal with Shelby is Felt Bicycles, which released a special edition line of cruiser bicycles called ‘the Shelby Cruiser’.

The bicycle is made from Felt’s very own hydro-formed aluminum tank frame that also comes with a three-speed Shimano Nexus internal gearing and 36-spoke wheels wrapped in “blue dot” tires to assimilate the look of racing tires. Each of the limited edition bicycles will also come with its own individual badging and serial number to ensure its authenticity. And to ensure that the Shelby image exudes in the “Shelby Cruiser”, Felt decided to splash the iconic Wimbledon White paint finish and accentuated by Guardsman Blue racing stripes in honor of Shelby’s iconic two-tone finish.

If you’re interested in scooping up this limited edition bicycle, you can get one through Felt Bicycles and its retailers for a princely sum of $999.

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