Ferrari has been involved in motor racing for as long as anybody can remember and throughout those years, the Maranello-based outfit has relied on a partnership that has lasted the test of time and technology.

It’s not a coincidence that every Ferrari race car that has participated in any kind of race since time immemorial has had one distinct logo stickered to it apart from the Prancing Horse. That logo belongs to Shell .

When Enzo Ferrari decided to create a racing team, he knew exactly the kind of technical partner he would want on-board with him. Since Ferrari and Shell formed their alliance – that’s somewhere around 450 races – the two companies are still together, each finding a common purpose and passion with the other that has enabled the two companies to stand side-by-side through every challenge, tribulation, and of course, through all the champagne-soaked victories.

Check out this four-minute video of the heart of Ferrari that is Shell.

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You would think that an oil company would be all for gas-guzzlers and oil burners, vehicles that would keep the cash flowing and allow those companies to maximize profits. However there is one member of the crude retailing community that is more focused on getting the most out of every drop, as opposed to selling every last one.

The Hague based operation, Shell Oil, is committed to making the most out of the limited fossil fuel, that is why they have partnered with the Scuderia Ferrari in order to push the boundaries of both performance and efficiency. The pair work together to develop fuels that burn more proficiently on the racetrack and lubricants that allow the rotating parts of the highly sophisticated Formula 1 car to move with less friction and be less of a (parasitic) drag on the machine, allowing it t to be even more fuel efficient.
Shell’s efforts at conservation are not limited to the F1 circuit.

The oil company is also the title sponsor for the Shell Eco-Marathon, a competition whose record holders have achieved the equivalent of over 7800 MPG from their fuel-efficient forward thinking machine. The Shell Eco-Marathon is held in various locations around the globe, and invites students to design, build, and test their unique vehicles, all with the same goal, use the least amount of fuel to travel the farthest distance possible. The student design teams develop vehicles that run on conventional fuels like gasoline, ethanol and diesel, as well as futuristic concepts like solar power, hydrogen and other bio-fuels.

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A very impressive commercial for the Sheel Ferrari F1. An imppressive car using the best fuel in the wolrd. The result: a dadly car. Enjoy the tour arround the world made in a F1 Ferrari car.

A very impressive commercial for the Sheel Ferrari F1. An imppressive car using the best fuel in the wolrd. The result: a dadly car. Enjoy the tour arround the world made in a F1 Ferrari car.

Getting more mileage out of your tank makes sense not only for your pocket; it also puts less strain on the earth’s natural oil reserves. Follow our FuelStretch 10-step program and it could help save you fuel. Drive smoothly - Aggressive driving can use as much as a third more fuel than safe driving. Avoid accelerating or braking too hard and try to keep your steering as smooth as possible. Use higher gears - The higher gear you drive in the lower your engine speed is, which can (...)
Eighty-five days after leaving tropical Brazil and criss-crossing the continents of the Americas , the Ferrari Ferrari Panamerican 20,000 arrives in New York City today to complete an arduous 20,000-mile journey led by Ferrari’s latest supercar and fueled by Shell V-Power premium gasoline. As the two Ferrari 599 GTB Fioranos complete the “mother of all road trips” today in the Big Apple, they also write another chapter in the long technical relationship between Shell and Ferrari. A Shell Technical (...)
Imagine a car that gets the equivalent of 6,792 miles to the gallon. Sound impossible? A student team made this a reality earlier this year at the Shell Eco-marathon Europe. And now in the United States, students can be part of a groundbreaking effort to help change the way the world uses fuel…and lead the next generation with their ingenuity. After many successful years in Europe and the United Kingdom, the Shell Eco-marathon is coming back to the U.S. as the Shell Eco-marathon Americas. (...)
The Ferrari Panamerican 20,000 road challenge will stop at Shell stations across the United States to refuel with Shell V-Power as it makes its way from Brazil to New York City in two all-new Ferrari 599 GTB Fioranos. The tour will cover 20,000 miles in just 85 days, including a stop in Los Angeles where local car lovers can get a glimpse of Ferrari’s most technologically advanced road car as both Ferrari Ferrari s refuel for the next leg of the adventure. In addition to this first look, auto (...)

A vehicle is tipically the largest or second-largest purchase made during a lifetime. So it’s important to make informed decisions about car care, including what you buy at the pump. All gasoline brands contain the minimum level of detergents required by government standard, but that level is not enough to prevent the build-up of power-robbing carbon deposits in some engines.

On September 30 Michael Schumacher won the Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai driving a Ferrari featuring Shell V-Power. This you might know it, but do you know that you can find the V-Power at over 300 selected petrol stations nationwide and that is very similar to the one used in F1 racing cars? Shell’s technical manager Mike Copson said the technology used for the F1 cars is passed on to the mainstream fuel for normal cars: “We have an enormous pool of scientists who work to ensure the (...)
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