2011 Skoda Octavia vRS

People usually associate the name Skoda with a family sedan that focuses more on fuel economy and not so much on performance. Those people are going to get the shock of their lives as Skoda is preparing a special Octavia vRS sedan for the world famous Bonneville Speed Week on August 13-20, 2011.

The Octavia vRS was built to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its iconic vRS performance flagship badge and to achieve breaking the 200 mph barrier. Skoda has done this with the Octavia’s standard 2.0-liter four-cylinder TSI petrol engine by swapping the standard turbo with a specially designed turbocharger from respected component firm Garret. Adding this turbocharger has dramatically altered the vehicle’s output by adding a tremendous 380bhp and 170 lb-ft of torque for a total of 600 HP and 26-28 PSI of boost pressure.

As if the engine updates weren’t enough, Skoda has also spiffed up the exterior of the Octavia with some aerodynamic updates. The vehicle has received a new sub-frame which houses a race prepared intercooler, a reinforced roll cage, a parachute, fire extinguishers, and a window cage. It was then lowered almost 80mm closer to the ground.

Robert Hazelwood, Director for Škoda UK, said: "The 10-year relationship between the UK and the vRS badge has been extremely successful. This is a landmark anniversary and going to Bonneville is a fitting tribute." He adds, "It’s an ambitious project which might surprise a few people, but Škoda is all about engineering excellence and this car is pushing that to new limits."

UPDATE 08/16/11: We already said that Skoda is the one of the last brands that you’ll associate with breaking 200 mph, but this Octavia vRS proved us wrong in a hurry when it recently hit a top speed of 202.15 mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. The event corresponded with the brand’s UK branch celebrating the 10th anniversary of the vRS performance badge. Kudos to Skoda for the remarkable achievement; maybe next time they’ll start producing supercars that can routinely eclipse 200 mph on any given day. Just a thought.


Despite looking luxurious, its design is most definitely fitted for it to be on the tracks.

This is such a cool sedan. The performance is not that impressive, I guess it is because Skoda concentrated more on the fuel economy rather than the performance. There are few updates on the engine.

This sedan looks cool. I can’t believe that this car hot and has a sixty horse power. The wheels are cool like the stainless blade attached on it.

The graphic was very sporty and the exterior design was perfectly fitted to a race track. For me it looks very artistic on that design. I’m so impressed with the speed performance of the car.

Wonderful design, the graphic was very sporty and the exterior design was perfectly fitted to a race track. I’m amazed to the wheel of this car, quietly impressive. I bet for this car, with a strong engine power.

It looks very artistic on that design, and I’m quite wondering on what will be the interior of this one will look like. However, I must say that I’m so impressed on its powerful horsepower.

I like the covering, its design give life and beauty to the car. Very complemented car. I want to see how it can do the speed race.

Skoda produced an impressive amount of power. Its kind of shocking that they are not offering an economical vehicle this time. I’m so impressed with the speed performance of the car . 

Hell! The delivered power output of the car is kind of powerful. I’m so impressed with the speed performance of the car. However, I think its kind of less powerful when it comes to its torque. 

Funny it’s like an advertising car. They should have not put that 10 years in its body design. Sorry to say this but I don’t like its concept.. I doubt it if it would be good hit in the market..

By simply looking at the designs of the car, we will surely notice it is the 10th year of existence of Skoda VRS. As of right now, it is one of the few sedans of Skoda because most of their vehicles are actually for family purpose only.

Well, the boost in the engine performance of the car is quite impressive. BTW, this design was made in the celebration of 10 year anniversary of this vehicle. Hell, it seems that the Skoda Octavia has reached it first decade!Congrats.

Is this a racing prototype or something? I’m really impressed with the speed performance of the car. With their attempt of breaking the 200 mph. I bet this vehicle would be reliable!

I wonder why they put the 10-year design on that one. I think it means that they are celebrating something. Good for them. By the way, I like the wheels of the car. It fits for a race car.

I’m really surprised about this idea. Even though many people will hesitate using it. They can at least try. I can’t believe that they are now entering the race. It’s the start of something new.

Well, I think that they do have a good chance once they enter the race. A lot of folks might doubt Skoda’s capabilities, but I have seen what their cars can do and I think that they would actually be able to pull it off.

It would really be a good idea if Skoda would actually join this one to races, that would certainly show how well it performs. But I think they are already on it.

Yes I’m also surprised about this new movement on Skoda. As said above, it was known as a manufacturer of Sedan - a family friendly car. But now, they’re on a race? amazing!

I wonder what kind of upgrades they did on this Skoda. As far as I know, they really did a lot of worik here to make sure that the car would actually perform much better.

It’s looks good!!..I remember the movie i watch before "Initial D", they had the same features and appearance."Initial D", is one of the popular anime movie in Japan!

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