Smart Fortwo

Smart Fortwo

The 2012 Geneva Motor Show was a pretty busy show for Brabus, with them not only focusing on updates for high performance sports cars, but also for tiny models like the Smart Fortwo Cabrio. Their latest package is called the Brabus Ultimate 120 - and as its name suggests - it will increase the Fortwo’s output to a total of 120 HP.

The car will be painted in an intense metallic red and will feature a pretty cool aerodynamic kit that includes new front spoiler, side sills, and Brabus Widestar fender flares in the front and back. It will sit on a new set of 18" "Platinum Edition" forged wheels combined with a height-adjustable Brabus coilover suspension kit.

The interior was covered in Mastik leather with red contrasting seams that match the outer skin. Brabus also added a new set of Recaro Sportster seats wrapped in the finest Brabus leather and their seat shells are painted in the same color as the car’s exterior.

Under the hood, the three-cylinder turbocharged engine has been tricked to deliver a total of 120 HP at 6,000 rpm and a peak torque of 118 lb-ft available between 2,250 and 3,750 rpm, unparalleled in this vehicle class. As a result, the new Ultimate 120 will sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just 8.9 seconds and will be capable of a top speed of 106 mph.

You may think there are plenty of special editions for the Smart ForTwo already, but it seems Mercedes does not agree as they have unveiled a new one for their lineup. Called the Smart Fortwo Sharpred, the new edition will be offered in both coupe and cabrio. Prices will start from €14,490 ($19,200 at the current exchange rates) and sales will begin in May. Only 1,800 units will be produced.

The new Smart Fortwo Sharpred will be distinguished by a striking contrast of elegant black and extravagant red used on the tridion safety cell and door mirrors. The front apron and rear trim panel are grained and the side skirts boast a high-gloss black finish. The model will be offered with a special set of 15" 3-double-spoke alloy wheels also painted in black.

The interior also combines black an the seats with red double stitching on the seats and the instrument panel. The standard equipment includes the audio system basic and exclusive floor mats.

Smart has announced the first details on the facelift version for their ForTwo line-up that will go on sale at the beginning of April 2012. The model will be offered in Pure, Pulse, Passion, Brabus, and Brabus Xclusive versions with pricing starting at €10,275 (about $13,500 at the current exchange rates).

With the new model, Smart has focused on offering a more dynamic appearance for the car, thanks to a larger radiator grille with integrated logo, striking front aprons in a new design, horizontally arranged LED daytime driving lights, muscular side skirts, and modified rear aprons. The chrome-colored logo is now positioned directly in the black radiator grille, while the air inlets under the number plate have been combined into a single unit. Smart is also offering a choice of three new alloy wheels, three soft top colors for the smart cabrio and new exterior colors.

The interior has received a new, high-quality package in crystal grey, comprising a fresh leather/fabric combination for the seats, an imitation leather/fabric mix for the door trims and black imitation leather for the instrument panel in combination with a grey knee pad.

The engine line-up remained unchanged: a 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine for the petrol models, a 102 HP for Brabus version and one 0.8-liter cdi turbodiesel.

After four years out on the streets, the Smart ForTwo deserves a new generation model. To their credit, Daimler is preparing to accommodate with the debut of their new ForVision Concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

The new concept vehicle is intended to show two things: the new design direction that Smart is undertaking and new technologies that the company is readying for their future models. The latter was made possible by Smart’s collaboration with BASF, the world’s largest chemical company, in the development of several advanced technologies that will be used on the concept and any other future models that could follow suit.

For this particular model - the second Smart concept to come out this year after the ForSpeed - the whole idea was to build a platform for future vehicles. Among the new materials that were built into the car with the idea of future production use include revolutionary plastic wheels and carbon fiber-reinforced epoxy resin for the doors and the passenger compartment. The latter allows the car to reduce up to 50% of its weight compared to steel and 30% when compared to aluminum. The ForVision Vision Concept also carries a solar roof that provides an alternative source of energy for the concept’s electric drivetrain.

Since the ForVision Concept is still, well, a concept, expect the production version to be a little more attuned to the times. That’s not to say that it won’t carry all of the features of the concept version; it’s just that as far as concept-based production vehicles are concerned, it’s probably to temper expectations on the car.

Brabus, along with street fashion brand, WeSC, is headed to the Frankfurt Motor Show with another product of the Automotive/Fashion world. Their little collaboration yielded a tailor made Smart ForTwo Cabrio and a special set of headphones specially designed for the Smart by WeSC.

This special Smart will be sparkling in gold shades throughout the exterior - part matte, part high-gloss - with all of the colors created for the Swedish label by automotive tuning firm, Brabus Brabus . The gold paint has been combined with black wheels and black leather seats with crossways quilting that bears the unmistakeable signature of the street style experts.

This special Smart by WeSC will be offered with air conditioning, a leather BRABUS sports steering wheel with steering wheel gearshift, the turbocharged 100 HP engine, and plenty of other features. Aside from the automotive additions, the most impressive feature for the new Smart is the 32-ohm headphones from WeSC, giving a nod to the car’s look, as can be seen in the perforated black ear pads and high-gloss golden highlights.

Smart already used us with lots of special editions for their ForTwo model. And today is time for another one: the smart fortwo pearlgrey. As it name suggests the model is painted in an exclusive exclusive graphite metallic paintwork in combination with a silver tridion safety cell and silver alloy wheels. The model is priced at €14,490 ($20,500). The model will go on sale in November 2011.

The interior gets an exclusive leather package in crystal gray. This special leather is also being used on the top part of the instrument panel in black imitation leather with contrasting light gray seams, a knee pad in crystal gray imitation leather and door trims in a combination of crystal gray imitation leather and fabric.

The list of standard equipment will include: softouch automatic gear programme, electric windows, air conditioning with automatic temperature control and a transparent panoramic roof with sun-blind among other features.

Mercedes Italy has revealed a new special edition model based on the Smart ForTwo Cabrio . It’s called the Brabus Le Bleue and will be limited to only 60 units on the Italian market only.

The first thing that will distinguish the special edition is a plain dark blue metallic paint and special alloy wheels Brabus Monoblock VII 6-twin-spoke 16-inch front and 17 "rear. On the interior, the model will add a soft beige color, with contrasting leather seats and door trim with blue stitching and the Brabus logo. The list of standard equipment includes: navigation system with integrated multi-media touch screen display, CD / DVD player, iPod interface, USB and Bluetooth hands-free.

Like with all the other Brabus models, the new Smart ForTwo Cabrio Le Bleue is powered by the same 102 hp engine that accelerates the car from 0 to 60 mph in 8.9 seconds and reaches a top speed of 96 mph, with fuel consumption and emissions of 5.2 l/100 km and 119 g / km of CO2.


We all know that Kobe Bryant takes helicopter rides to go to his home games and jumps over Aston Martins like nobody’s business. What we didn’t know is that he could also fight crime, armed only with a basketball and...a Smart car.

In a market that’s as huge and as basketball crazed as China, Smart played it perfectly by tapping into one of the most popular basketball players in the world to be the brand’s resident ambassador and crime-fighter.

The new ad aims to educate Smart owners and more importantly, would-be owners on the merits of driving a car as small, agile, and city-ready as the ForTwo . Heck, if a 6’6" basketball player with spider-like legs can take down a fleeing art criminal, who says that you wouldn’t be able to do it too.

Check out the video of the Black Mamba and the Smar ForTwo in crime-fighting action.

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After previewing two of their Geneva-bound works – the Brabus Rocket and the Brabus SLS – the German tuning company has released the first official photo of their third and final Geneva offering: the Brabus Smart ForTwo Ultimate.

For a company that specializes on upgrading Mercedes and Maybach vehicles, Brabus doesn’t always get to work on Smart-branded vehicles. As a matter of fact, the Smart ForTwo Ultimate will only be the second Smart vehicle to be tuned by Brabus, after the Ultimate 101 back in 2006.

Details behind the overall package are still being withheld, but unlike the two other vehicles headed for Geneva, Brabus Brabus decided to release a photo of the Ultima Ultima te Smart ForTwo in all its glory. Looking at the photo, you’ll notice that the car comes in the same matte gray body finish as the two other vehicles. There also appears to be some hints of carbon fiber on the car as well as some fancy – at least as far as Smart standards are concerned – set of Brabus machined-alloy wheels on the car. While they have yet to release information on what’s under the car’s hood, we’ve been informed that the Ultimate Smart ForTwo will also come with a modified engine.

The Smart Ultimate, together with the Brabus Rocket and the Brabus SLS, will make their debut at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. Be sure to check back with us to find out more information on this decked-out Smart ForTwo when details become available.

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