Smart Fortwo

Smart Fortwo

Smart is offering its customers the possibility to customize their Fortwo in 33 exclusive designs, that include: "Flying Flag", "Modern Flame", "Double Sport Stripe", "Graffiti", "Rainbow" and "Butterflies". The new program is called "smart foryou customization programme" and includes unique graphics that can be applied to the body panels and tridion safety cell.

Customers will be able to purchase individual elements, packages that include designs for front, side and rear body panels, and full body wraps. prices will range from £50 and will go up to £1900 for a full ‘Carbon smart’ body wrap.

Gary Savage, Managing Director Mercedes-Benz Cars UK, said: ”Many owners see their smart as an extension of their personality and smart foryou allows them to show this to full effect. The added style of smart foryou optimizes owners’ enjoyment of their cars but for business users it can be an invaluable addition to their company, providing a very cost-effective means of advertising that is both mobile and very eye catching."

It seems that the new generation Smart ForTwo has received lots of special editions lately. Just the other day we spoke of the new ForTwo Lightshine Edition , and now Smart has revealed the NightOrange edition. Painted in a combination of bright orange and elegant black, the new NightOrange edition will go on sale starting February 2011 in two petrol versions and a diesel version. Both coupe and cabrio versions will be available.

For the exterior, the new NightOrange edition combines an exclusive orange metallic finish with black insertions on the headlamp trims, black mirror caps, and roof. The same black and orange theme continues on the interior with a mix of leather and fabric seats in black with an orange sport stripe in the middle, black door trims, a black instrument panel, and a black 3-spoke sports steering wheel with steering wheel gearshift and gear knob.

The ForTwo NightOrange Edition will give the customer a choice of three engines, including a 71 HP petrol engine with micro hybrid drive technology, an 84 HP petrol engine, and a 54 HP diesel engine equipped with a diesel particulate filter.

Smart UK is celebrating the beginning of the new year with a new special edition Fortwo . Called the ForTwo Lightshine Edition, this new model emphasizes the enhancements to the latest new generation smart Fortwo and reaffirms the cdi model as the CO2 world champion for combustion engine vehicles.

"The smart ForTwo Lightshine Edition epitomizes the values of smart, the model offering an unrivaled fusion of eye-catching style, comfort and environmental compatibility in a fun-to-own and drive package," said Gary Savage, Managing Director of Mercedes-Benz Cars.

"Based on the cdi, the ForTwo Lightshine Edition demonstrates how the innovative brand continually evolves to meet customers’ requirements, the special edition being the perfect choice for today’s car buyers who wish to drive something that is both unique and entertaining but who do not wish to compromise on economy, practicality and affordability."

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There must be something going around because it seems as though a lot of tuners have been showing an increased interest in small cars lately. And while the Fiat 500 is the most loved model, it seems that the Smart Fortwo has also started to catch tuners attentions. Romeo Ferraris, whom you might remember from their tuning package for the Corvette Z06 , is offering a kit for the Fortwo that improves both the car’s appearance and performance.

Thanks to the addition of a new sport air filter and a re-mapped ECU, the three-cylinder 1-liter engine’s output has been increased by 23 hp and 32 Nm of torque for a total of 98 hp, while the 800 cc engine version gets an additional 21 hp and 20 Nm of torque

Next to the engine upgrades, the package also includes new 17 inch, black alloy wheels, different carbon inserts, leather and Alcantara for the interior, an updated dashboard, seats, and an instrument panel.

We can’t say this package thrills us or even excites us in any way, but it’s not a bad gig for a vehicle that was lacking to begin with.

Usually when it comes about tuning a model, in general you expect to see significant power upgrades and exterior and interior updates. But Lorinser will bring at the upcoming Essen Motor Show an Easybrid package based on the Smart Fortwo that adds a retrofit electric hub motor with 30 kW (41 HP) additional effective output.

Easybrid® supports the existing fuel- or diesel engines of the individual cars and renders an additional power of approximately 30 kW (about 41hp) for improved acceleration- and final speed outputs. At the same time, the consumption- and CO2-levels drop. As electric engines are very powerful and their maximum torque is reached after only one revolution, it is also possible to move these cars solely on an electric basis.

With this retrofit solution, Lorinser does not only cover all advantages of modern hybrid acceleration, but also allows the driver to choose his operational mode. Apart from the combination of both engines, he can also opt for either the sole electronic or sole combustion engine. The driver can therefore decide if he wishes to use fuel or electricity or a combination of both.

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Smart has unveiled at the Paris Auto Show a special car2go edition, featuring brand new telematics hardware, a new control unit with touchscreen, and a solar roof developed especially for the smart.

The solar roof delivers a total power of 100 Watt that is used to supply power to the telematics, and also to continually charge the car’s battery. This allows the alternator to be decoupled whilst driving and fuel consumption to be reduced by up to 10%.

"The car2go edition is fitted with a completely new hardware generation that makes the fully-automated rental process even more convenient and secure. The telematics, which are the most efficient car sharing telematics in the world, have been optimized for the requirements of car2go, and were developed in cooperation with the Ulm-based Daimler TSS GmbH among other companies. The new-generation technology is completely integrated into the vehicle both visually and technically, At its heart is a new control unit with a large touch-sensitive screen. The car key, which was previously kept in the glove compartment, is now securely stowed here. There are also convenient slots for up to four chip cards (e.g. for refuelling or for entry to car parks)."

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The Paris Motor Show is only a few days away and we’re already beginning to see a lot of special edition vehicles that are going to be introduced at the auto event.

Not to be outdone by its competitors, Smart is bringing their very own special edition ForTwo , one that, apparently, is hemmed in reusable cardboard. Say what?!

No, this isn’t some half-baked joke that we just thought of this morning; it’s actually the real deal. The cardboard ForTwo is the brainchild of artist Sarah Illenberger, Smart, and CD Cartondruck AG, all of whom brainstormed about the idea of putting reusable cardboard on the car’s exterior and interior. We’re not entirely sure how this works given that cardboard, no matter how “high-quality” it seems to be, don’t exactly inspire confidence when you’re out on the road. Nonetheless, we give these guys some credit for their creativity, imagination, and, well, that’s pretty much it.

If you’re having a difficult time wrapping your head around the justification of the car, then you’re not alone. At the very least, we’ll probably get some explanation from these guys at the Paris Motor Show where the car is expected to be on display in all its cardboard glory.

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Smart has reached 10 years of sales in the UK, and to commemorate this important milestone, the Daimler-owned brand is releasing an exclusive edition of its ForTwo model.

Dubbed as the “gb-10” edition, this model will only have 100 units produced in a number of different variants, including gasoline engine coupes (50 units), gasoline cabriolets (10 units), diesel coupes (30 units), and diesel cabriolets (10 units).

Each model, regardless of fuel and style versions, will come with a silver metallic paint finish with a red design prominently featured on the vehicle’s tridion safety cell. In addition to that, all 100 cars will also come with LED daytime running lights, a third brake light courtesy of Brabus, and 15-inch alloy wheels.

As far as the interior of this special-edition ForTwo is concerned, each of the 100 units will come with Rosso red heated leather seats that have the name “gb-10” embroidered on the headrests. The red leather seats are then complemented by a black alcantara-finished dashboard with the instrument surrounds accented a silver finish.

Despite being classified as a special edition, the “gb-10” edition Smart ForTwo comes at a base price of just £10,695 (around $16,671).

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The public seems to do many things that they regret, and buying a Smart car appears to be one of them. At just 61 inches high and 106 inches long, the Smart would seem to be the perfect city car, but many have lost interest.

The little automaker’s sales aren’t doing so hot at the moment. Many people who thought the Smart was a neat idea and a great city car have realized that it actually wouldn’t work for them.

In 2009, the company sold 14,600 vehicles, down from 24,000 in 2008. So far this year, sales are really bad, as they are off another 60 percent.

In an attempt to turn things around, Smart is trying to rejuvenate the brand. The company has hired Jill Lajdziak, the former general manager of Saturn, to boost marketing.

Marketing might not be the only issue, as owners of the car wouldn’t want one again. According to CNW Marketing Research, 8.1 percent of Smart owners in New York wouldn’t buy another Smart. In San Francisco, only 19.8 percent of owners would buy the car again.

The Smart car does have some serious issues, like the terrible automatic transmission. The gearbox is rough, but it does deliver decent mileage.

So, Smart is going to have a lot of work on its hands in order to revive the brand’s image. Look for more advertisements and product placement for the company.

Source: MSNBC, CNW

Smart has already revealed details on the new generation Fortwo mini car. However until it goes on sale this fall, German customers will get another special edition based on the current generation to satisfy their Smart thirst. It is called the "Limited Silver" and will be priced at 12,990 euro.

The "Limited Silver" Fortwo will be offered in either a stylish silver or a gray metallic exterior paint. It will get a smart radio 9 with MP3-compatible CD player, a lockable glove box, and the smart drive kit for the iPhone as standard.

ThisSmart special edition will be distinguished by new 15" Brabus light metal wheels "Monoblock VII", Brabus LED daytime running lights, a Brabus LED brake light, and the "limited silver" logo in the mirror triangles. It will be available with the environmentally friendly micro hybrid drive (MHD) unit that develop 71 HP and gets the new start-stop system that helps reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions significantly.

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