2010 Smart Fortwo Sprinkle by Rolf Sachs

Smart took the "open your mind" slogan a step further with the unveiling of the Fortwo Sprinkle by Rolf Sachs at the Geneva Motor Show. If you don’t know who Rolf Sachs is, he is widely regarded as one of the pre-eminent minds in the world of creative design so it would have been pretty easy to expect that his prints would be all over this special edition Smart ForTwo.

And in some ways, it is.

The uniquely-designed Smart ForTwo is painted in white combined with seemingly random splashes of color. The creative play of colors even includes the white rims and the interior – because you know what they say among the chic circles: art knows no boundaries.

Press release after the jump.

Press release

The world-famous Swiss designer Rolf Sachs has taken the smart slogan "open your mind" literally and has come up with his own ideas to design a smart fortwo for the Geneva Motor Show. He used his unique splashing and marking technique as an unusual means of expression to create an enthusiastic and lively look with fine splashes of colour. Rolf Sachs’ white designer vehicle is also decorated with splashes of colour. The creative play of colours even includes the white rims and the interior – because art knows no boundaries.

Smart Fortwo Sprinkle by Rolf Sachs

smart and Rolf Sachs are a great team as both the young car brand and the work of the unconventional designer are characterised by new ideas, joie de vivre and responsibility towards the environment. This is why Rolf Sachs has once again been commissioned to design the smart lounge at the Geneva Motor Show and give it a special ambience with his own personal style.

Rolf Sachs is the son of wealthy industrialist and photographer Gunter Sachs and has lived and worked in London since 1994. Rolf Sachs is regarded as one of the big names in the creative design scene.


I think making this car plain white will make this look good, the prints of the car makes this car dirty looking

Each sprinkle comes with a range of fun accessories that can be attached to the magnetic dashboard. They include a vanity mirror, personalised voodoo doll (with sharp pencils to exorcise potential road rage) and clip-papers.

The print is a big foul. Sorry, but I think you must exert some more effort on this one.

Well this is a good alternative to Motor bykes does it? Much safer and fun to play with I mean to drive with.

Pretty neat. Well although it may seem great when displayed or something, I wouldn’t really be driving such car. I mean it looks like I just got off a construction site or something when moving and far away. But the art is great, only if it is still.

I’ve seen this cute model before but not with the print. It looks awful. What were they thinking about doing this kind of stuff.

well it looks like a canvas that is being used for painting, IMO it was a quite simple art.

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