2011 Smart Brabus Tailor Made by WeSC

Brabus, along with street fashion brand, WeSC, is headed to the Frankfurt Motor Show with another product of the Automotive/Fashion world. Their little collaboration yielded a tailor made Smart ForTwo Cabrio and a special set of headphones specially designed for the Smart by WeSC.

This special Smart will be sparkling in gold shades throughout the exterior - part matte, part high-gloss - with all of the colors created for the Swedish label by automotive tuning firm, Brabus Brabus . The gold paint has been combined with black wheels and black leather seats with crossways quilting that bears the unmistakeable signature of the street style experts.

This special Smart by WeSC will be offered with air conditioning, a leather BRABUS sports steering wheel with steering wheel gearshift, the turbocharged 100 HP engine, and plenty of other features. Aside from the automotive additions, the most impressive feature for the new Smart is the 32-ohm headphones from WeSC, giving a nod to the car’s look, as can be seen in the perforated black ear pads and high-gloss golden highlights.


I didn’t actually expect it to see on the market, but I was really hoping smiley I can say that I am so fond with small cars like this, they are absolutely very striking and satisfying!

The style of this car is simple but We do not know if what is the performance of this car. I cant wait for the details of this car.

I wonder if smart had any plan to put this one on market production, well this concept of them is really cute and unique. I would really have this one for myself.

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